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  1. Come on Nick. I am old enough that I do know my colors but l can't tell gloss from flat by looking at the bottle. The key thing now is we have to be more careful buying paints. A good thread. Also, I have over 160 bottles of MM paint. I can't tell them all apart.
  2. What a fantastic job you are doing Bob. Keep up the good work.
  3. Nice Bill. Love the airplane plus you did a good job on the NMF. Good panel differentiation.
  4. Just got back from seeing the Tom Hanks movie, "Bridge of Spies". The wife and I both loved it. Good characters and an interesting story. Lots of good references to the late 50's time frame. Cars, women's makeup etc. were correct. Being a modeler, I was annoyed that they used clips of a U-2R for the movie instead of the earlier models but I was probably the only one in the theater who knew. I was still in college when Powers was shot down and the government said that a weather recon airplane went off course. My roommate and I both laughed because a 3-view of the plane had been published a couple of years earlier in a model magazine. The 3-view said that "it is rumored that the plane is used for high-altitude reconnaissance over the iron curtain".
  5. Welcome Harry. You will find a friendly group here. What do you build? Show us some of your models.
  6. RIP MJ. She was always happy and helpful. We will miss her smile at the Nats and for the efficient way that the IPMS office has been run these past years. I hope that Ed has his cigar put out by the time she gets there to meet him again.;-)
  7. Just received my issue of the Journal. Great job. The photos of the winning models were spectacular. Also, as always, I enjoyed the column by "Dem Brudders". Lots of good photos in the column including good ones of Mark Deliduka and Scott Bregi. Great issue.
  8. At one time, SAM Publications gave a discount to IPMS members. Not sure if it is still available.
  9. Damn Dave!!! Those are really impressive. Very well done.
  10. Welcome Bob. I am sure that you will find a lot of similar folks around here. What do you build?
  11. Phenicies five and dime store in Constantine Michigan. They had a good selection of Revell and Aurora kits plus the usual Pactra paints. I thought that I was really pushing the envelope when I started painting a black rectangle around the molded-in pilot of the Aurora models.
  12. Ed, was the Revell kit one of the four box scale kits that had plastic stands that swivelled 360 degrees? I had all four of them mounted to the wall of my bed room.
  13. On the same subject, I purchased a shirt and it was supposed to be sent to me when you got more stock. Still haven't received my shirt.
  14. Probably the key word is "Elder". Not sure about the "statesmen". ;-)
  15. John, your IPMS number is a good illustration of how long you have been a member. The 14K series was a good one.
  16. Congratulations to all of the incoming officers. I feel like the organization is in good hands for another year.
  17. Gorgeous model. Well done. Love the Polish markings.
  18. Great job. Love the cockpit. Realistic natural metal scheme plus, very nice but not overdone exhaust staining.
  19. Mine was an old F9F Panther - circa early 50s.
  20. Over 60 years ago, I went to the local five & dime store in Constantine to find lots of Aurora kits. Later, I got into flying models and stopped building plastic models for a while. After I got married and moved to Detroit, I got back into plastic. I found the most fantastic plastic model hobby shop that I had ever seen - Wings. He had imported kits from England, Germany and Japan!! Shortly after, Jerry Campbell started Squadron Shop on John R. I passed by there 2 or 3 times a week on my way home from work and my collection soared. Now, my only LHS is Hobby Town. I must say that the people there are great. They will get anything for me that their distributors have - and fast. Since they also have all the paints etc to keep my hobby going, I use them whenever I can.
  21. A great addition to a modelers library. I got mine from the old John R Squadron Shop - 50 years ago!!! Good grief.
  22. Impressive project. Looking forward to seeing progress. Also, lots of potential schemes with the MiG-21 and the Mirages, also the SAAB. In case you get bored, you can add a half dozen different versions of these models. ;-)
  23. OK Phil, How did you find the Clipper instructions on the Airfix Tribute Forum? I clicked on "Airfix Civil Aircraft Kit Instruction Index" . From there, under 1/144 kits, I clicked on "Boeing 314 Clipper 1967" and got a message that "The requested topic does not exist.". Just an old guy trying to figure out what I did wrong. Thanks to you and Ron, by the way, for the info.
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