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  1. Not sure if a bass player is considered a musician, but I can slap strings.
  2. What about PE cage masts that are in some ship kits? On a few kits that is the only option for cage masts.
  3. I hope someone can help me out with this. At the last Nats there was a vendor that had wooden bases that had a countries flag painted/imprinted on the top. Does anyone know the name of the vendor? Thanks.
  4. I think the best way to learn what the judges look for is to become one. Ask to tag along with a few judges, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. The last show I went to I volunteered to judge and I had a blast. A lot of times the shows can get long, but it definitely breaks it up when you judge. If you don't feel like judging, simply ask a judge to check out your model and let you know where you can improve. Most of them are very willing to help you out.
  5. I vote for the causal attire as well. This society consists of a plethora of people. Rich and poor, blue and white collar. I, for one am not sure if I own a sport jacket (my wife would know better) and the only time I ever wore a tie was for my wedding. Wear what you are, not what you're trying to be. If I remember correctly I wore a hat to the banquet, not to try to dress down, but because the tickets were sold when I got there and someone gave me one just before it started. I figured a hat is better than "hat hair." And as for the dressing up for a job interview, yes, that is very important. However, as a business owner, if someone applied for a job with my company wearing a suit and tie, I would probably pass on him because I'd be afraid he couldn't do the work that needs to be done. Just my .02
  6. Kaspar Gutman on the Maltese Falcon. I love a dark porter. I do understand your frustration. I should have researched my facts before I started this thread. However if no one asked questions this forum will go away quickly.
  7. I've been to quite a few local ipms shows and one nationals. I've never had anyone walk up to my builds and say how bad they were. I've only met encouraging people so far. The only time that I was berated was when started this thread. A very friendly man told me all the things I did wrong, but he's from New York so I'll forgive him. :) I'm very much a satisfied "customer" in ipms and plan on enjoying it for many years to come.
  8. Is this only for the Nationals or do the local show have the right to decide if this category is in their contest? I'm curious because in many of the smaller shows ships already have the smallest amount of entries. I've been to many shows where I won by default because there were only three modelers that entered. I like the idea and maybe more people will enter because of this new rule.
  9. I thought about getting an offsite hotel, but since I had a ton of points on my credit card I thought I'd use them on the Hyatt. I practically stayed for free. Splitting a room wasn't really an option because I didn't realize I could get off work till about 10 days before the show, which is why I couldn't get a ticket to the banquet. Next time I'll have to ask around and meet some of you guys. I'm not an expert modeler, I generally win awards by default (I do model ships and usually there aren't a ton of entries), and its nice that when people look at my model they don't snicker behind my back. One of the reasons I didn't do all the seminars, etc. was because it was hard to leave the model room, I could have looked at them all day.
  10. WOW!!! Was i taken to the woodshed. I apoligize for offending you and I will try to respond to kind and gentle response in kind. 1. I didn't realize that the bids were open to the public. I drove to the show by myself, stayed by myself, and generally hung out by myself. I knew precisely 3 people there, so I had to "make" some new friends, which I did. Since it was my first show I had no idea what to expext. I've been to many one day shows, but at this one I was a little overwhelmed. Yes, I'm sure it was mentioned that the bids were open to the public, but I must have missed it. 2. I was NOT trying to insult Omaha. I'm sure they and Phoenix had great presentations. I'm also sure they did not have bikini clad models...........that was a joke. I'm very sorry to Omaha for even implying that they would so that. My wife thinks we model builder are all geeks....I am.....and we wouldn't know what to do with a bikini clad woman anyways.....I sure wouldn't. 3. I must have done a shocking lack of research about the processes of IPMS. I was a member before, but never really knew this forum existed. I simply got it for the magazines. I have no chapter that is close to me (100 miles to the nearest) so I don't have a ton of people to ask/talk to about these issues. I guess I should have looked over this site and researched thing before I asked my question. However you were NOT required to answer me. So far Gil and Rusty have and have answered my questions respectfully. 4. The most egregious statement I made was that Omaha was in Iowa. I apologize profusely to both states of Iowa and Nebraska. Its almost as bad as saying Chicago is in Australia. I know that if someone said that my hometown was in the state of New York I would be just as irritated as you are. Mainly I would be angry because, unlike most New Yorkers, I can drive safely and under control.........that was also a joke........kinda. And yes, Mr. Filippone I know you live in New York, because I RESEARCHED IT. Yes, i'm getting the hang of it. I hope to go to as many Nats as I possibly can in the next few years, and I will endeavor to see and do as much as possible. And I will most certainly go to the bid presentation next time........maybe the Los Angeles club will have dancing monkeys to use for their presentation.......................I"M JOKING!!
  11. I went to the Columbus show this year and had an amazing time. I was a Nationals virgin and I'll be going again at some point. I had some questions about the show so I thought I'd ask. Does the show always have to be at a hotel/conference center? I was at the show at the Richmond Speedway (can't remember the name right now) and thought that that would be a great site. Not far from historical stuff and plenty of space. I've read on this forum about how much it cost to put on a National convention. Well as a business owner I always think, how to lower costs, but keep the same quality. I had lots of points on my business card, so I got to stay at the Hyatt in Columbus for free. However, since all the rooms were sold out for months, if I had paid full price I would have shelled out $500+ for two nights. That in itself could keep some people from attending. How is the bid for a future show done? Flashy powerpoint listing all the pro of a certain venue, or is it done with a model in skimpy bikinis talking about Omaha is the Las Vegas of Iowa? My nearest show is a Gold, Silver, Bronze show. Not my cup of tea, but would the Nationals ever consider this? Thanks for your time guys.
  12. Got mine today too. The "Nationals" edition is very well done. Plenty of photos. This is my first mag, and I hope to learn more from the mags over the next year.
  13. I recently renewed my membership and I saw that it said on the paper that i recieved that there may be some discounts available. What are these discounts? Are there any online hobby shops that give membership discounts? Thanks
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