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  1. Cables and hoses look right from this angle. Would need to see better photos of the left and right sides to be sure though......
  2. I am just up extremely early in the morning. No one else awake. So I can focus on a build for about four to five SOLID hours with very limited distractions.
  3. Here's a few shots of the completed model. A pretty good build even though quite a bit of the plastic was extremely brittle and a bit hard to work with. Turned out quite nicely!!!!!
  4. Looks GREAT!!! How did it fight you ever step? Also, where did you find the figure for the photo?
  5. Here are a few photo updates as the build continues.....
  6. It's a dark and lonely job......but someone HAS to build them!!!!!
  7. And currently on the workbench is this 1/16 scale 1912 Henderson. So far a very nice kit. Although, because it is a bit on the old side some of the parts have proven to be a bit brittle.....
  8. Here's the 1/10 Academy Electra that's currently on the workbench.....
  9. Here's what's currently under construction on my bench.........The 1/10 Academy Electra-Glide
  10. I am fast finding that out. Fortunately, I got the Testors as part of a 3 model lot. Wasn't really looking to double-up but I have no regrets about it.
  11. Which one is staring at you from the bench??.....
  12. A couple of my builds. Two Heritage Softails. One IMEX and the other is a TESTORS. With that said I can say that both of these are exactly the same kits. Right down to the directions.......
  13. Agreed!!!! I am already at the workbench........
  14. Thanks for adding me. I have been building models off and on for around 50 years now. Hope to meet quite a few people here and am looking forward to sharing some of my builds!!!!!
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