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  1. Way to go Ed. Based on your photos, the finish is flawless. Sorry I missed the B o'H show.
  2. I agree. The boxartden site could sure save me a lot of shelf space.
  3. The key thing in the above discussion is that Greg and Gil are both happy with their P-40 birds. That should be the prime outcome of our hobby.
  4. Wow. Very impressive! Well done but I agree with Gil. Send us a photo in 6 months.
  5. Thanks for passing Neil's message. Looking forward to their new kits.
  6. Looks like a good start. I was going to provide reference to my build of the C-46 a long time ago (http://clarescorner.com/C-46.html) but reading my notes, I noticed that I had contacted you before building the model. Have fun. I still love the overall, mean look of the C-46.
  7. Looks good Ed. If you can't find a base for it, you could mount it on the hood of an old Pontiac or Oldsmobile. :-)
  8. A copy of this initial review was sent to Neil Yan of HK. Following are his comments on the review and on the kit. Quote; Thank you so much for your review of B-17E/F. I can see there are lot of effort you made on this large plan. For this release. we will only provide the B-17E and F version. and there is no early G part included. I am sorry for the sample we sent that with some part from late G version. as there are many sprue and parts involved. For this release, we will provide 3 options parts and markings for modeler to choice and build. There are B-17E Chief Seattle, B-17F Knock
  9. I was going to suggest the same thing as Noel. The material is easily painted and stays in place readily.
  10. Today is a good day to buy things from the UK. I bought the C & C 2017 calendar at a good price. The exchange rate moved in the right directions for dollars.
  11. Looking great so far. Good job on the fuselage seams. Waiting to see the Navy scheme.
  12. Great looking model. Well done. I love the ANG special schemes.
  13. Glad you enjoyed the article Phil. I volunteered to do this kit out of the novelty. During the build, I had to do a lot of research to find out just who was Captain Harlock. I wanted to sound somewhat knowledgeable with my write-up. I kind of like Anime but I had not known of Captain Harlock. I took the model to our local club meeting last night and three of our members enthused over the build. They said "You built Captain Harlock!". It is amazing what all we modelers pay attention to. One of our members will be buying Kei's bird for his wife. She likes pink planes.
  14. Welcome Andy. A good looking kit of the Indy racer. Having spent half of today watching the latest Indy race, your model is very appropriate.
  15. Ordered mine from Squadron on Monday. Looking forward to adding it to my building schedule.
  16. Welcome Richard. I am sure that you will find a great group here. Lots of hints and tips plus they can always answer any questions that you may have.
  17. Looks great. Where did you get AK Extreme metalizer aluminum paint? Are there some other shades?
  18. I recently forwarded to Piotr of Master Models links to some reviews of his recent products. He was pleased with the IPMS coverage of his product line-up. He also mentioned that he will be releasing sets for "all of the Sukhoi family" this coming May. Something to really look forward to.
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