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  1. kpatterson

    Help - "Metalizer" Metalic Blue

    Alclad does make a transparent blue and green. That's how I always do my Interior on Japanese aircraft. Spray the transparent blue/green over the metallic coat. You will want to mix a little of the transparent green as well to get the correct shade whether its the Alclad or Tamiya colors. I suggest trying out on a piece of scrap before committing to your model to get the shade you're satisfied with. -Ken
  2. kpatterson

    Link for Membership Renewal

    tried that link and I get this autosearch site http://autosearch.zoominternet.net/search/?q=http%3A//www.shopipmsusa.org/category-s/100.htm&r=http%3A//forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php%3F/topic/17764-link-for-membership-renewal/&t=0 the shopimpsusa link worked back in november when i payed the recharter fee for my club -Ken
  3. kpatterson

    Link for Membership Renewal

    Link for membership renewal seems to have disappeared. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks, Ken
  4. kpatterson

    Polish Sopwith Camel

    Bill, Nice Job! The rigging looks great! Ken
  5. Best B-58 model I've seen! -Ken
  6. All, I have two 1/48 Hasegawa kits for sale: F-14D Tomcat $45.00 + shipping F-4C/D Phantom $35.00 + shipping Continental US only. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks, Ken
  7. kpatterson

    Hasegawa 1/32 Focke-Wulf FW-190A-8, Hans Dortenmann

    James, That really looks awesome! How do you like the AK paints? I bought a couple of their washes and metallic shades at the Cleveland model show but haven't tried them yet. -Ken
  8. kpatterson

    Back in the saddle: 1/48 Hasagawa A-4M- DONE!

    Gil, Lookin real nice so far. I always love the aggressor schemes. -Ken
  9. kpatterson

    Model Master Label Changes...And It Ain't Pretty

    Fun never stops huh?. Yes, we know it contains harmful stuff and "most" of us are not going to drink it. So just leave the warning label where it was! I like to be able to read the color and/or FS number without the help of my new and shiny bi-focals or as it looks by the new label an electron microscope!
  10. kpatterson

    1/32 Revell F4F-4 Wildcat

    Great job Gil! Love the F4F -Ken
  11. kpatterson

    The Duke Completes a 1/72 scale Saturn V

    Mark, I saw the might Saturn V at the Nationals. It caught my attention when I walked into the model room! Really cool build. -Ken
  12. kpatterson

    TIE/LN Fighter

    Here is my TIE fighter I just completed this evening. It is a Revell snap together stripped and repainted and converted to a "glue model". Scale is unknown but may be 1/32?? I did all of the normal build stuff, parts clean up, seam sanding, etc. This is my first sci-fi model as I usually build aircraft. I lit the cockpit and engines with LEDs which are powered by small coin sized batteries in the base with a micro toggle switch. I added some Waldron 1/48 scale instrument dials to the cockpit but are hard to see even with the hatch open. I painted with Model Master light ghost gray and added a dark gray acrylic wash. Dry brushing was done with a lighter shade of Vallejo medium gray mixed with white. I did some weathering to the solar panels with a very diluted Model Master light gray sprayed in a random pattern with the airbrush. The base and stand were painted semi gloss black the misted with Alclad II magnesium to give it that metallic sci-fi look. I quickly took the photos on the workbench with my phone. Sorry for the messy workbench Thanks for looking, Ken
  13. kpatterson

    B-24H "Bangin Lulu"

    Thanks guys for the kind words. Joseph, it is 1/72 but this thing still has an 18 inch wingspan! Kevin, when we presented it to him he was overwhelmed with emotion he broke into tears. Ken
  14. kpatterson

    F-16 Polish Aircraft..Kosciuszko Squadron Honors

    Outstanding! Really well done F-16! -Ken
  15. That is so cool! Thanks for posting -Ken