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  1. This is a good looking Panda kit. Who provided it to IPMS for review?
  2. This looks like a really great addition for ship models.
  3. I agree with the comment on the eye and also, what a great base. Great job.
  4. Wow!! Looking great Ron. Waiting to see the rest of the build.
  5. Great looking model. Sometimes you spend too much time with reference material and can't enjoy the finished product. I love your model, regardless of some perceived imperfections.
  6. Great job. It sure captures the movie photos and your washes really kill the "black blob".
  7. Good job as well as comments Ron. Well done.
  8. So sorry to hear the bad news. El was a great person. Mike, your message was exactly to the point.
  9. Wow!! Great work Gil. I too love the interior. Looking forward to following your progress.
  10. Sounds like we need to check out our stash of enamels and duplicate any that are running low.
  11. Like Gil says. A majority of airbrush problems relate to the brush not being cleaned properly and/or the paint not being thin enough. Fill your brush with thinner and try to paint a sample part or even paper. if this works well than probably your paint was not thin enough.
  12. Looks good Gary. It sure looks a lot like some of the products that they used to make in Northern Indiana. Well done plus a good series of "how-to" steps. Our of curiosity, What the heck do you use black pepper for in building models. ;-)
  13. Our club has two FB pages in addition to our web page. One is a public group run by one of our members, but you have to be a member to post. It is used for general comments on new tools etc plus reminders of upcoming meeting subjects, contest reports and general comments. The other is similar run by our treasurer. Since starting these FB accounts, much less is posted on the club web site.
  14. I just received a note from Fred Medel of Tamiya America, He said "In the article it’s mentioned the other texture paints are discontinued. Actually, we are in the process of bringing those to the US market as well. They are currently available in Japan, but we need to have the remaining texture paints tested and relabeled for the US market requirements. Hopefully really soon…. Fred" Something to watch out for.
  15. Ray, just a quick question. Why are you not looking at enamel paints? I have probably over 150 bottles of Testors Model Master paints. They offer a complete range of colors for specific uses and general colors. I like enamel paints because I feel that they stick to the surfaces well. Also, I had bad experiences with some of the early acrylics causing fish-eye effects when the plastic still had a little bit of release on it. I use lacquer thinner to thin most of these colors. It does a great job of thinning and helps the paint stick even more. For most of the colors, I thin them abou
  16. One area to look is at the WW I Modeling page; http://www.wwi-models.org/ If nothing else, go online with the group and ask for the info that you want. I am continually impressed with the knowledge in that group.
  17. Quote I think that over time, as you attend more and more shows, you'll find that while the contest is fun, the camaraderie and friendships you make combined with the fun of shopping the vendors outweighs any awards you might take home. Best of luck! GIL :smiley16: Unquote I agree with Gil completely. One other thing to remember is that most model contests have a vendors' area tied in to the contest. These are usually the largest hobby shops in the state for the day. Lots of great stuff - new kits, old kits, accessories etc.
  18. I too use lacquer thinner to thin paint to that I can spray it. I also use it to clean the brush. I do NOT use it to thin paint in the bottles. Like Ron side, that causes them to turn into a congealed mess. I have a pint of Testors thinner to thin paint in bottles. HTH
  19. Welcome back to the hobby John. That is a spectacular model. Thanks for sharing.
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