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  1. Very nice, Ron - love the 1/72 Dragon Sherman kits (the older ones).
  2. It appears by the response in this forum that it is probably my local USPS carrier. I'm not real fond of having to confront them on this, but it seems to be required. I received another kit today from Lots of Models. He packaged it well with wrapping in a sturdy Priority Box. When I got it, the box looked like someone sat on it. The Asuka kit is fine, but the box has been squished so it can't sit in a stack of models. I love the Asuka box art (the illustrated ones, not the kit photograph ones).
  3. Curious, for those who don't care about the box of a kit - if 2 copies of the same kit were sitting on a shelf, one with a beatup box, the other a crisp clean box, would you gladly pay the same retail amount for either kit? Or, if 2 vendors at a show had the exact same kit for the exact same price, one with a damaged box, the other with a perfect box, which one would you pick?
  4. Might be possible that some USPS hubs handle packages differently, but still the shippers should consider this when packaging. I received an order from Hannants and one of the boxes was squished. It was going to another buddy of mine, and he didn't care. I've received orders from Ebay sellers from Japan and China, both of which I received damaged kit boxes. Recently, I received an order from Sprue Brothers with a couple damaged boxes. I always put in the order instructions to please package carefully because I really like the box art. Mind you, this is not a slightly dog eared corner of the box; these are significant smashes where it looks like someone punched the box.
  5. There seems to be an increasing trend by the online stores and Ebay sellers to disregard the beautiful box art of the kits when selecting and packaging ordered product. I love the box art as much as the kits themselves. There is a large amount of effort that goes into the design of these boxes, yet online stores do not care. This is another downfall of losing the local retailer. I'm refraining from online purchases now especially ones where I desire very nice undamaged box art. I returned a 1/32 Tamiya F4u-1A Corsair the other day where the seller promised the box was like new and he'd package it well. The kit came packaged in a box no bigger than the kit box itself. Needless to say it was damaged. I returned it for a full refund. Those boxes are beautiful, I don't want a damaged one. It's one thing if I'm paying yardsale prices at a local show where I'm less picky about the boxart, but if I'm buying new, I want the box art to be nice. Imagine all the "Apple" folk purchasing new iphones and ipads in damaged boxes - would they complain?
  6. Thanks Eric, I've already previously registered for the Nationals and, after reading your reply, just now registered for the Pima tour. thanks again, Michael
  7. Anyone know why the Pima tour registration is not working? The link takes me to the IPMS store, but there is nothing on the page. I just got cleared yesterday from the Pima lady, and she said there were plenty of spots open for both 10:00 and 2:00, so I don't think tour is closed. thanks Michael
  8. thanks Eric, I think it has something to do with various web browsers. I was able to "right" click on the contact links, and then copy the email address
  9. Ron, none of the contact links work on the convention staff page.
  10. Come join us for our IPMS Middle-TN Model Con When? November 18 Time? 8:00am - 4:00pm - Judging starts 12:00 noon Where? Rutherford County Agricultural Center - 315 John Rice Boulevard - Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Contact? Alex Robinson - alexrobinson1226@gmail.com Tom Winter - a333driver@gmail.com Food? Yes, we will have an awesome food truck from Smokin Buttz www.facebook.com/SmokinButtz/ Show Flyer is attached
  11. very nice good photography too with good depth of field
  12. Got it yesterday. This issue looks really good!
  13. Come join us this Saturday, November 5th for the 35th annual Middle Tennessee IPMS Show! 9:00am - 5:00pm Rutherford County Agricultural Center 315 John Rice Boulevard • Murfreesboro, TN 37129 1st 2nd 3rd style judging Amazing Vending! alexrobinson1226@gmail.com We got an awesome food truck this year from Smokin Buttz BBQ! www.facebook.com/SmokinButtz/
  14. Hey guys, when will the September/October 2016 IPMS Journal be mailed?
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