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  1. I thought long before writing what I am about to write, but finally decided that I would do so even if I take flak for it, or risk crossing a line. I do not understand why this question was started here on the IPMS/USA website, or what it has to do with GENERAL MODELLING, All About Building Models. How does asking this question relate to building models? We are not supposed to bring politics into discussions on this site, but that is where this thread appears to be headed where people state their personal biases on what they do, or do not build and then make comparisons to current politics as justification. I do not believe that anyone has deliberately tried to be insulting, but I have read comments that I believe are biased and if I were thinned skinned could cause insult, and for that, and the above reason, I do not think that these types of discussions belong here on a modelling site such as this one. I feel that this discussion should be shut down before it goes any further, if for no other reason that it has nothing to do with modelling. Thanks for reading, John
  2. Len, Made my reservation at 4:00 EST, no problems. Took all of 3 minutes. See you in July. John
  3. I too saw some models in the 1/35 scale closed top that I thought should have been in the vignette category because of more that 2 figures with Mark Ford's best tank coming to mind. I spoke to Dave Kahn about this and was informed that Mark had pinned the extra figures to the base and that they were removed for judging. Smart! Later at the awards ceremony when the slide of Mark's tank was shown, sure enough, the extra figures were not there. It pays to ask. John
  4. Mike, I would like to let you and your crew know that I, and my 2 travel companions had a "grand time", and would like to thank you very much for all your hard work putting the show on. BTW, this was my first time in Nooga, and I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks again, John Walker
  5. Noel, Exactly. Well said. John
  6. Noel, His name is Chris Lloyd-Staples. A search of AMPS will give his contact info. John
  7. David, I guess that it must be a regional thing because in my 39 years with the society I have never (that I can recall) anyone here in New England expressing the attitudes you describe regarding IPMS competition, and I belong to 3 clubs here (two in Massachusetts and one in New Hampshire). However, I have on many occasions talked to people who either never joined, or were past members who let their membership lapse who stated in one form or another that they just didn't want to be bothered with us. They were content to be exactly as they were. Again, not because they thought that we were a bad organization, or that we "nitpick", but because they had other priorities, such as their camera club, or taking the kids to soccer practice, and modeling was low on their list. Whatever. I believe that what Bill was trying to say is that if the only face we show to the community is us discussing the negative side of competition, then why are we surprised that the average modeler shies away? I say it has nothing to do with us at all, I believe it is because the average modeler, that guy you see buying models at your local shop, or who stops in at the local contests, is just not that into our side of the hobby. There is no use chasing these folks and arguing that we are a great organization, they are not interested. It doesn't matter what we offer, they are just not interested. We need to stop tilting at windmills and realize that the people that are interested in IPMS are well aware of us and are current members, those others are also well aware of us, but just aren't interested in joining. An afterthought, one other thing that may be at work here are the specialty clubs that have sprung up over the years, such as AMPS, the car clubs, model RR clubs, figure organizations, etc. I know of one old time member who scratchbuilt ship models that dropped out years ago when he joined a group associated with the USS Constitution model builders' guild. I run into him now and again and we greet each other with a friendly handshake, but he is not coming back to IPMS because he has everything he needs right where he is. Then there are other friends that are into AMPS (as am I), or belong to the local and national model RR clubs that are more than content where they are. There are also 2 brothers from my town that belong to MassCar. They used to dabble with IPMS, but we could never compete with MassCar for their attention. What could we offer that they don't have in spades right where they are? Now I could see some of the members of these organizations having a negative concept of our organization, but what of it? They are them, and we are us, and if the twain never meet, what of it? In closing, and my final words on the subject, I say we just enjoy what we have and never mind what others think. Model on, John
  8. Bill, I'd have to agree with much of what you are saying regarding the excuses that we hear about joining IPMS and participating in contests, mainly nitpicking, but I think that it is really something else that keeps most modelers from either joining the national organization or entering contests. That is that they don't really care about competition, or winning awards. In other words they don't build for competition. If you look at who enters our local contests you will see that it is the same folks year after year. Whereas there are members of our own club who bring in models quite regularly to the meetings, but don't even show up at Patcon, let alone enter. These members just like sticking pieces of plastic together, having fun, hob knobbing with other modelers, and couldn't care less about awards. Yet there they are at the monthly meetings. Then you have members such as myself who used to enter quite often at the National and Regional levels, but just got tired of building to rules (note: not competition, but rules!) where I couldn't build the model the way I wanted, couldn't enter it as I wanted if I did ( such as more than 2 figures with a tank, open hatches without a figure in them go into open top, something like a dead tree trunk higher than the tank puts it into vignette). I almost stopped going to the Nats because it just wasn't fun. I did quit judging. Then I decided to just build as I want and the heck with competition. I'm enjoying my hobby a whole lot more, and how! I now go to the Nats just to enjoy the models, seminars, shop, and drink a few beers with friends. So what am I saying? As you point out it is just a small number of members who even participate on this forum . I believe the vast majority of members are silent because they are satisfied with the way things are, and are happy with what they get out of the society. Whether that is full blown competition, or just going to contests to look at the models or shop. And those who are not members who say we nitpick are just using that as an excuse to not join because they are not that interested in what IPMS is all about and don't want to get into an endless harangue about joining. Not that they really think we are bad, just that modeling is a way to have some fun, but there are other interests that are more important to them. I feel that if you look at where the society is now and has been for many years now you will see that it is a varied group with each getting what they want out of their membership with just a very active handful engaged in these discussions. We all, as members, have the right to discuss whatever we wish, expound whatever views and opinions we wish, and discuss issues from whatever angle as we see fit, but I don't see that anything discussed here will ever change anything because I don't really believe the vast majority really cares about any of these issues. In other words they are content with what is and couldn't care less if others don't agree, or join us! My two cents, John
  9. Mike, I just made reservations at the Staybridge, unfortunately is does not increase your room night count as I cancelled the reservations I had at the Marriott. The reason is that there are 3 of us staying together and the Staybridge double suite is a much better fit for us. However, I thought that I would post this to let folks know that a room has opened at the Marriott for 8/7 through 8/11. John
  10. Thanks Nick, You are correct in that Hasegawa did issue 2 variants with the front end separate. I have kit #AP46 which states that it is for the Finnish B-239. I got my information regarding the profile from a club member who is Finnish and does a lot of 1/72 scale Finnish A/C. I do have some info on the B-239, including some from Jim and the more I compare the kit to the drawings the more I am convinced that my friend must have the other Hasegawa kit (F2A-2?) which I do not have. I do have the Squadron book, but can't locate it at the moment. I am mostly an armor builder (as Art Loder and Bill Ellis will tell you), but occasionally I dabble in A/C, so I was not prepared to dispute my friend, or question him as to which kit he used. I am just going to build what I have and use some decals I picked up at the Finnish Air Museum back in 1993. Thanks for your help, and I wish Jim was still active with you guys in NENY as I always enjoyed talking to him. Maybe some day. Thanks again, John
  11. I was just recently told that Hasegawa got the front end of their 1/72 scale Finnish Buffalo 239 wrong in that it slopes down too much effecting both the fuselage and cowling. I'm told that it matches the F2-2 rather than the F2-1. I'm also told that the 239 had a different engine than the F2-1. I have tried to find a solution online, but no luck. Can anyone confirm that the front end is indeed incorrect in the kit, and if so, is there an article somewhere showing how to correct this? Thanks, John
  12. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. Just signed up for the banquet. John
  13. Michael, If you go to the Nats site and open the banquet box it states that this year's banquet is an Italian Buffet, and there is a photo of Italian dishes that are labeled, but most are out of focus, hence my question. There is no further explanation of what the buffet consists of, and for $53 I'd like to know. Further, the word buffet usually (at least here in MA) implies that you get up, get in line and serve yourself. However, over the years I have been involved with similar events with this gang and I'm not sure I want any part of that (the BBQ at the VA Air & Space Museum many years ago comes to mind). Can someone associated with the banquet please enlighten me as to what to expect? Thanks, John Walker
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