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  1. Reservations worked just fine, I'm in at Embassy. Thanks Len
  2. Tony, I went online and looked up AZ Models Bf 109 H-0 #AZ7540 and there were images of not only the instructions but also 3 color schemes. Give that a try. I don't know if AZ has any more information than Richard Franks, but it is a start,
  3. Tony, Looks like you picked a tough one. According to Richard A Franks in Airframe & Miniature #11 the Bf 109 H-0) (Pre-production) may have as many as 6 built, but it is unknown if any were actually used operationally. No photos of these aircraft are known to exist, but based on documents the following are known: Based on the G series (some say the F-4/Z Daimler Benz DB605E (some say DB601E) Wingspan extended to 21.9m Extended tailplanes Wide track undercarriage fitted Fixed tailwheel, long oleo leg and covered recess Fitted with GM-1 power boost system Provisions to carry a camera (maybe R-3, or flat ports like G-8) No provisions to carry a 300l drop tank Note: It is claimed by some that one of these(W/Nr 110073) was used in the photo-reconnaissance role by Fernaufklarungsgruppe 123 in May 1944 The profile shown in the book only shows the crosses in the 6 standard positions and the tail swastikas Not much help, and it may be that you already know much of this, but possibly you could find a photo of Gruppe 123 and work from that. Also, I believe AZ models offer this kit in 1/72 scale, so you could look to see what they think the aircraft looked like. Good luck. John
  4. Could be James. We'll know for sure on the 23rd.
  5. I have been waiting to see if anyone else noted and would have commented on it, but so far no one has. Back on June 2 in this thread Joe Porche stated "So happy to at least had a little part in making this bid happen" Now a quick check shows that Joe is the regional coordinator for S. CA and the northern part of NV. Could it be that we may be going back to CA by default? That is if no one else is bidding, a CA location that usually would not be competitive would, as the only bidder, be awarded the 2024 convention. Could it be Joe? Or am I putting 2 + 2 together and coming up with 5? But, if so, I'm up for it! See you all in Omaha.
  6. Actually David, to carry your thought further, neither paint, not glue is included in the box!
  7. I tried that 3 times and I got the same results as you. The message was that an email had been sent, but none had been sent.
  8. I just tried to make reservations at the Embassy Suites and they told me the system is not active yet. Is there a delay?
  9. I may be wrong, and I do not want to put words in James' mouth, but I don't think he was asking or referring to IPMS Nats where it seems those categories are fairly well covered. I think he is more referring to local contests which may be more entrenched in traditional genres, such as planes, ships, tanks, etc. At our local chapter, IPMS Patriot Chapter, we have many modelers that are either into wargaming (fantasy or historic), Gundum, Star Trek or other sci-fi, or have a crossover interest along with their traditional modelling. At first only a couple, but as word spread amongst their fellow modelers outside of our club we then saw more at the meetings which lead to a large uptick with these models in our monthly show and tell. As a result we added several categories to our yearly contest, Patcon, for wargaming, Gundum, etc. The first year we added these categories we were astonished at the turnout! Not so much with war gaming figures, but the Gundum filled nearly a whole row of tables. We had to scramble to fit everything in. The youngsters, casual visitors, and a few old hippies in the club loved them (I think it's the colors!). We didn't need to expand or split categories as we judge figures, dioramas and vignettes using the G-S-B method and, since these were added to that segment of the contest, we had plenty of awards on hand. I think that we started a trend as several other clubs in the area also added categories for these. We haven't had a contest in the last 2 years, so I can't say for sure which way these categories are trending, but if I had to guess I'd say they are here to stay. Having said the above, I am myself a more traditional modeler with my own very parochial likes and I personally dismiss all else (one reason I am not a club officer or judge anything but armor). But the club is not all about me (although I have been working on that for the last 40 years!), so we welcome all and as long as I have a place at the table I'm happy. However, not all clubs are the same, different demographics, likes, etc., so each club is free to determine their on path. There may come a day when the tide turns against my interests and I no longer fit in, but hey, I was modelling long before I ever heard of IPMS Patriot, so that's life. John
  10. Just a thought, but since these are posed photos, how do we know that the crewman in the loader's hatch is in fact the loader? Perhaps he is the gunner, and the loader is the person taking the photos. Now I don't know if the headset wiring can extend from the gunner position over to the loader's hatch, but then again who knows if it is even plugged in. This looks to me like a photo to send home to the folks, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more photos with the loader in place and the gunner, or another crew member gone. An example, yesterday I had a friend that I grew up with in Lynn, MA visit from San Antonio (where he is on the City Council) with his wife. We hadn't seen them in quite a while, so my wife and I took them to dinner out in central Massachusetts to a 250 year old mill turned into a restaurant, very picturesque. After dinner we lined up 3 at a time for photos, each time with someone new doing the photos. So a question! In those 4 photos, who drove the car? Just a thought. John
  11. Hey Bill, That was my friend Roy's Huey. We still chuckle about that one, especially when he makes a comment about one of my models not being correct! John
  12. Beautiful models Bill, especially those natural metal finishes, smooth as a baby's bottom! What are you using, and how do you apply it?
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