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  1. I was just wondering when we could expect to see the list of this years seminars. I know we still have 2 1/2 months to go, but well, you know 😀 John
  2. Beautiful models Bill, especially those natural metal finishes, smooth as a baby's bottom! What are you using, and how do you apply it?
  3. I'm looking to purchase an AZ Models 1/72 scale Bf 109 G-10 Diana kit # AZ 7501. If anyone has a copy of this kit that they will part with please respond with a price. Thank you, John Walker
  4. Len, I'm sure you and the team are as disappointed as I am, but on the plus side now I have more time to finish a model. Take care all, John
  5. We have pretty much the same here in MA. In my town there is no penalty for not wearing the mask, but if you don't, then you don't get past the front door.
  6. I just went online to Hays County, and this is the same order that Judge Becerra issued on Thursday that took effect yesterday. It is still set to expire on 7/20/20. Basically the order states that persons 10 and older entering a public space are to wear a mask, but there is no penalty if you do not. The Judge is hoping that everyone complies, but if not then he may reconsider the no penalty, and add one.
  7. David, Having said that I was done with arguing about masks, I do have this last to say. In an earlier post I mentioned that the Hays County Judge currently has a mandatory mask policy in place that is set to expire on 7/20/20. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I'd bet that the mandatory mask order gets extended. So all of this may be academic. Hope you do come to San Marcos. I'd like to get to meet you in person if for no other reason than to show I'm not such a big jerk. Take care, John
  8. Jim, I was sitting here thinking a response to Kevin, but you beat me to it and hit every point I would have made. Kevin, People disagree, you may be correct, you may not be. You make decisions for you and I'll make decisions for me. OK? John
  9. Chris & David, I don't disagree with either of you about protecting others, and I'm a bit insulted that you would think that I would be so cavalier about the health of others. I'm not adverse to wearing a mask. The point I was trying to put across is if a mask can keep the virus in why won't it keep it out? See what I'm saying? It can't be both ways, IE: keep the virus in but not out. As an engineer things like this bug me. It may constrain cough spittle, but if you can breath through the mask it won't stop the virus. And Chris, my point with David's paint example wasn't to compare t
  10. David, If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself as in your paint fumes example above, why do you then need others to wear a mask too? How does that further protect you? Honestly, at this point I'd like to just say let's agree to disagree. This is going pretty far afield and neither of us is going to convince the other of anything.
  11. In my last post I edited my comments regarding the comparison of this this virus to the flu and didn't properly check my final version before sending. I'd like to clarify so that I am not misunderstood. What I was trying to say in response to David's 5-6% figure for Covid 19 fatalities as opposed to the flu was that he was comparing apples to oranges in that for the Covid 19 he was using only the confirmed number of cases for the denominator whereas that for the flu uses an estimated number. In this last flue season (10/1/19 - 4/4/20) the CDC has estimated that there were between 39 and 56 mi
  12. David, Actually that data is current to yesterday, 6/21/20, they are for the entire county and I have no idea whether they are for people inside, outside, or whatever. They are the data for all of the county. Masks? I didn't say anything about that, but as a matter of fact the local judge has ordered that masks are to be worn in enclosed spaces open to the public. However, that ruling expires on 7/20/20, with the option to renew for another 30 days at that time, so we shall see. Further, your statement of 5-6% of those catching the virus and dying is misleading in that you are only includ
  13. I have been following this thread for a while now and have refrained from commenting until now, but it seems that the comments are getting more and more strident, spikes, hot spots, whatever. So just for giggles I went to the IPMS Nats 2020 website and read Len's update on the Covid 19 written on 5/23/20 and near the bottom is a highlight to go to the City of San Marcos Covid 19 website (actually for the whole of Hays County). It has some very interesting information there under the Covid 19 Update box. For instance there have been 52 hospitalizations for Covid since 3/4/20 (I had to go to the
  14. I thought long before writing what I am about to write, but finally decided that I would do so even if I take flak for it, or risk crossing a line. I do not understand why this question was started here on the IPMS/USA website, or what it has to do with GENERAL MODELLING, All About Building Models. How does asking this question relate to building models? We are not supposed to bring politics into discussions on this site, but that is where this thread appears to be headed where people state their personal biases on what they do, or do not build and then make comparisons to current politics as
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