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  1. Love the tiger markings on the second decal sheet. Is that Argentine markings? or Iraqi? Interesting kit. Wrong scale but interesting.
  2. It looks good Ed. Great paint job and the BMF came out excellent.
  3. Impressive looking airplane and model. Well done.
  4. Scans are on the way. One of the more interesting Corsair sheets.
  5. A great looking model and a big thanks for carrying us along with you during the build. I think that you are crazy ;-) but it is a great build.
  6. Looks like a great book Tim. Also, a really interesting little ship.
  7. Lots of great schemes. Waiting for the 1/72 version. I love the Tiger Meet versions and I didn't know that Iraq had them. I have the Malvinas version in my collection but love the others.
  8. Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. I was happy although a friend had planned on buying a kit from me. I guess the key lesson of to get to the vendor room early and buy early.
  9. Just to show how much modelers love Future floor wax, check out Amazon. Look up "Johnson Pledge Floor Care". Once you have the Pledge showing, check the "Frequently Bought Together" note. It has been showing Micro Sol and Micro Set Setting Solutions. Must be a lot of us buying it this way.
  10. The whole secret to get an OptiVisor of some sort. One advantage of 1/72 is that you can store more models on a given shelf. Also, I have a Rat Fink model among them.
  11. Welcome aboard Bob. Good looking models. Racing cars are always fun plus, it looks like you do a fun kit from time to time.
  12. Very impressive!!! It will be a shame to apply the body and cover much of this detail.
  13. Great looking model Ron. What did you use for the rigging? It looks very realistic.
  14. A good looking build Z. It really has a used look. Well done.
  15. Check out the method that I used for spraying in the basement. http://clarescorner.com/Spray_booth.html I had good luck with this simple booth. The filter collected the overspray and seemed to collect most of the fumes from the solvents as well. In the interest of full disclosure, I now use a Pace Spray Booth and I have plumbed it to the outside through the rear wall of the house. This is the overall best solution.
  16. Man!! Have you checked the Testors display at your LHS lately? There are still a LOT of colors. They seemed to have eliminated the Russian stuff but most of the other colors are still around. When I saw this list, I checked out my LHS and found that they had sold off most of the eliminated colors separately. I spent about 15 minutes looking at the racks before I found this out. Keep the faith. Plus, it always helps to have a good stock of your own.
  17. Thanks guys. It is off to the work bench again.
  18. What is the best way to straighten resin parts that are warped. I have some missiles that have warped fins. The fins are thin so I want to be cautious. Should I use hot water or just try to over bend them so that they are straight? Looking for suggestions.
  19. Mike's son got it right. Also looking forward to the movie.
  20. I just heard that Larry has passed away. No details so far. Very sorry to hear the news. He served IPMS well.
  21. This is an interesting kit. I advised Mr. Kimura of MRC about the review. He was pleased and advised; Thank you very much for the review. Academy is trying to appeal to new clientele by introducing their multi-color molded parts that can be snapped together. The model can be painted should the builder wish to do so. It is a wonderful starter project for kids and grandkids to work together.
  22. Wow!!! Great job Ron. Impressive looking model and also the real tank is neat.
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