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  1. I recently finished my build of the Tamiya SOMUA S35 French light tank. I built it as a BeutePanzer using the DEF Models conversion set. Model is painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with primarily oils and pigments.
  2. Lately my preferred online hobby shop has been EBay - sad to say. I can usually find what I'm looking for at a good price. Pay attention to shipping times and cost and you can usually find a good deal.
  3. I recently finished this conversion. The KV-2 was used as a test bed for the ZIS-6 107mm gun to evaluate for the KV-3 and KV-5. The project was cancelled but a few photos are available of the test fire demo. I decided to build this as a what-if production version. Model is detailed with Voyager Fenders, Aber Barrel, Fruil Tracks, and Eduard PE. The parts that make the gun mount unique are designed in 3D... and printed on a Form 2. Finished Model. Additional images can be found here: KV-2 with 107mm
  4. I was able to finish this the other day. Additional images can be found here: T-70 743(r)
  5. I've always liked the Soviet Light Tanks, especially the angled ones like T-30, 40, 60 and T-70. I picked up this kit last year at a swap meet for $10. I already had the Aber PE set because I used the bins for the SU-76i. The kit bins are pretty bare so I just left them off. I found a photo in German service with missing bins as reference. $10 kit. Aber PE and Jordi Rubio Barrel. The barrel cost more than the kit. I believe theses really are some of the smallest parts I have ever worked with.
  6. With so much time at home I was able to finish this one. Additional images can be found here: MK44 SternenKnight
  7. Rental car companies will gouge you with fees on the toll road charge. I think you can purchase toll coverage from them at time of rental.
  8. I think I am able to call this one done. Figure is Tahk with Alpine head. Correct T41 grousers were designed in 3D cad and printed on a Photon printer. Additional images can be found here: M3 Lee Late
  9. John, the original post was from 2014. Chances are the photos are no longer on the web image host.
  10. Dave, Thanks for the update. I just had a fried print some parts on a Photon. Amazing quality but brittle. I really want one of those but no place for a proper set up. Keep us posted on your progress. Will be cool to see some printed parts from your project.
  11. I *think* it's done. It's a difficult finish to pull off. As I understand, these Stugs rolled off the rail cars and into the lines. There wasn't a lot of time to get banged around and missing fenders. The ice packed roads and snow covered landscape kept these pretty clean. I think we are so use to seeing tank models covered in dust and mud.
  12. Kharkov F8s were painted the Tropen 2 Scheme 8020/7027. They were intended for the Mediterranean conflict but were shipped to the eastern front. I've never painted this scheme before and its more complicated than I thought it would be to get the colors right. I found some recipes online but they looked off. I kept adjusting and after the third time I finally got it right. To adjust the base color, I first applied a wash and filters. Next I used the hair spray technique to add the distressed white wash paint effect. Next I went back with AK Washable White to add some mapping. O
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