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  1. In regards to I-4, II-3 and II-5... I have a few potential entries that would I would like some clarification. I design my own parts to be 3-D printed. These are conversions to represent drawing board concepts for WWII Soviet SPGs. The 3D parts are used in conjunction with traditional scratch building techniques. The silhouette is changed substantially from the original kit. How would these be categorized? Would these be entered under 228, 229, 200-C or 821? Thanks, BK
  2. What a unique looking vehicle. Nice finish.
  3. The tracks were super tedious. Make sure you have a good pair of cutters to trim the end connectors.
  4. The M3 Lee is one of my favorite tank designs. I'm not sure why but the funky asymmetry and ridiculously high profile sure make it unique. I started a Tamiya Lee build back in the late 80s but it ended in a withering hail of pellet gun fire and fire crackers. :lol: This is the MiniArt M3 Lee Late - no interior kit. It's build pretty much straight from the box with the excepting of adding a few welds and additional casting marks. All PE is included in the kit. I added copper wires for the lights. The road wheel bogies are a fussy assembly so I glued them together on a flat surface. The tracks are super tedious 79 links per side, my sanity and neck could only manage around 25 at a time so it took many days to get both done but they do remain workable. The fit around the drive sprocket is very tight and can only imagine it is going to get worse with paint. The rear tension wheel is kept loose to tighten the tracks later.
  5. Dick, I didn't know but asked on the Star Ship Modeler forum.
  6. I stared this project in 2017 and it sat on the shelf of shame in the primer stage until a month ago when I finally dusted it off to finish. I based the turret on this drawing... but updated the design to have later type production features. The unique turret parts were designed in 3D CAD and printed by Panzer Concepts. The mine roller is the old MB models white metal and resin garage kit. It required more work than the whole rest of the model to clean up. Model is detailed with Royal Model PE and Resin set, Fruil tracks, Eureka tow cable, and an Evolution figure. Additional images can be found here: T-34/122
  7. Nice projects. My dad served on a Pershing crew in the late 60s. Back then I think it was the tracked transport. That bunker needs a 1/72 figure to provide a sense of scale.
  8. Finished this one too. Added a Tamiya with Alpine head.
  9. Both of those are very nice. I like that camo scheme at top.
  10. Finished this one recently Additional images can be found here: ZiK-20
  11. Very nice! I hope to make it to SM next year.
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