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  1. Nebelwerfer Arming Wires ?

    Is this what you are looking for? http://www.primeportal.net/artillery/yuri_pasholok2/15cm_nebelwerfer_41/
  2. MaK 1/20 Super Jerry

    I started this one a couple of weeks ago. It's built mostly out of the box with the exception of replacing most molded rivets with after market ones and adding welds made from epoxy putty. I also replaced the plastic tube halves for the tri-tube launcher with aluminum tube. I'm looking at replacing the tri-tube with a box launcher from a prior Goblin build that has fallen apart. Not sure, I like both but only have one kit. :-\ ;D
  3. Super Pershing - Sort of.

    Thanks Rob!
  4. Kurganets 25 APC

    I've been wanting to build modern armor for some time. I also wanted to build something OOB for a change. The online reviews for the Panda Kurganets APC were very positive for this kit so I picked it up at the LHS when they had a sale. It was a pretty straightforward build with only a tiny bit of putty needed. They missed a few weld beads which I added with Archer resin welds and missed a few panel lines which I scribed in. The tracks were a tedious chore to trim off the sprue and clean up the burrs but snapped together quickly. There is a molded in rear hatch that instead of having a panel line has a weld seam. I didn't notice this until too late so I'm just going to have to live with it. Something to watch out for if you tackle this kit are the front tow hooks. The kit parts have a prominent block on the back that raises the parts over the front armor plates. I could not get this to line up properly. I checked what images I could find to see where I went wrong only to find out the large block should not be there. The tow hook plate should sit flush on the front armor plate. I trimmed the chunk of plastic off and it finally matched the reference photos. I kinda like how it looks without the spaced armor panels and may finish it this way. The remote turret has a lot going on.
  5. Super Pershing - Sort of.

    Thanks everyone! I fixed the post height on the MG mount.
  6. KV U-19

    I had some time off around the holidays. I spent a bit of it being productive on the U-19. Detailed with Value Gear details and MiniArt figure.
  7. KV U-19

    This is one of those odd Russian tank designs that just caught my eye and needed to be built. In 1942 there were several proposals to mount a heavy howitzer on a tank chassis to deal with heavy concrete defensive fortifications. One of the proposals was to mount a 203mm B4 howitzer on the chassis of the KV-1 tank. The project didn't make it past drawing phase and was rejected for obvious reasons. I designed most of the casemate and gun mount in 3D CAD and had a few of the more complex parts 3D printed. Cleanup wasn't that bad. The supports are pretty small at the contact point and fortunately some of the parts have a cast texture. I made 2D drawings for the flat parts and cut the sides from sheet styrene stock. The hull assembly was pretty straight forward. I used Fruil tracks. I think I'm about 1 link too long and will adjust. Additional info on the U-19 can be found here. http://tankarchives.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/soviet-heavy-assault-guns.html http://tankarchives.blogspot.ru/2015/12/green-elephant.html
  8. Super Pershing - Sort of.

    This isn't a historically accurate build. I took some liberties and mated a reworked split hatch turret to a production hull. I picked up the Tamiya Pershing and AA Super Pershing resin conversion for cheep at a swap meet. The casting texture on the AA turret was so nice (except for the pin holes that keep popping up) I had to use it. I also used the front armored plates and skipped the rest. I used a Black Dog resin set for the fender stowage and used misc. stowage and epoxy putty for the rest. The barrels are RB models, track tool and tool box handles are TMD. PE is a combo of Eduard and scratch. The tracks are Fruil and they only included two lefts so I'm a little bummed by that. It's not technically accurate but I've been having fun with it.
  9. SU-76i with extras.

    Thank you Tony.
  10. Kit Bash Hover Car

    The other weekend I was getting burned out by all the tanks I've been building recently and I wanted to have some fun again. I picked up a 1/35 resin car kit for $5 at a local swap meet and started digging thru the boxes of spare parts. Obviously I was inspired by the retro-future hover cars of Alejandro Burdisio. Still a bit of work to do.
  11. SU-76i with extras.

    Thank you Mark!
  12. SU-76i with extras.

    Still working on the SU-76i. It's not finished-finished yet. I still want to add a little bit more stowage and touch up some areas that you only notice when you post images online. :lol:
  13. North Africa AS.42 Sahariana

    Nice build and finish. What scale?
  14. Rocket V2 engine to scratch

    Impressive scratch building! Wow.
  15. KV-5 Takom

    Family line up.