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  1. Thanks Bill. I've added a few small items like light, horn, and grab rails for infantry. The figure is from MasterClub. it's a nice natural pose that fits well with the tank.
  2. And here is my current progress. I added MasterClub Tracks and lots of MC rivets. I used the Royal Model fender set but it was a bit simplified. I had to add the missing angle iron sections from Albion Metals extrusion. Nothing like buying aftermarket for your aftermarket set. The tow shackles are from Aber. Eduard PE was used for the basics like vents screens and hatch details. Other bits are scratch built. I still need to add some additional details but getting close.
  3. Progress with the casemate assembled and some welds applied. Tracks are just place holders. Model has been detailed with an Eduard PE set. Welds are Miliput epoxy putty.
  4. There was mention that there was some confusion at the factory over which KV hull they were suppose to use. Production of the KV-1S hulls were just starting but this design bureau didn't get the memo. I decided to base this ZIK-20 on a KV-1 with flat rear hull - it was what I had in the stash. The KV went together quickly even with all the clean up required.The roof was also 3D printed but had a slight bow from the build. Hot water did not straighten the part out so I glued it to a piece of 1/8" acrylic.
  5. I sent some of the parts to be 3D printed These are printed on the Form2 3D printer using a "dental" resin which can print finer details. The downside is it's more brittle and more prone to warp from UV. I'm kept them stored in a box in the closet until I got primer applied. I was super excited the barrel rifling printed. There is suppose to be a small gap around the recoil mechanism cover but it filled in on the print. I will need to carefully scribe this detail.
  6. I have been working on this for the past few months. This is my attempt at the KV ZIK-20 SPG. A concept that only got as far as a wooden model. The design came out of the same program that ultimately lead to the KV-14/SU-152. The development history can be found here:ZIK-20: Assault Alternative The goal was to mount a 152mm gun into the hull of a KV-7 since that design path was a failure. It's a questionable design. Most of the ammo was stored in the floor which made it uncomfortable for the crew and the fuel tanks were mounted in the in the front corners of the casemate which would make things unfortunate for the crew. It has a crew of 6 with four crammed into the slab sided fighting compartment. I created the 3D CAD drawings in SolidWorks based on the few drawings of the ZIK-20 that are available. Most of them don't match up to one another so I had to adjust some of the features to line up. As far as I know, there is no top down drawing of the roof plate. The locations for the top hatch, vent, and rotating periscope, and fuel caps are interpreted from cross-sections. I added the periscope sketches where possible, added a second crew hatch and rear loading hatch to make life easier for the crew.
  7. Thanks Mark! It could be a while before painting. I'm still adding a few greeblies here and there.
  8. Nice build. I would not have known it was 1/48.
  9. This is what I have been working on for the last few weeks. Love these kits. This makes #6. The base kit builds like this: MK44 AmmoKnight. But I glued on a few greeblies and used lots of putty. To get to this point. I'm still tinkering with tiny details but the majority is finished.
  10. Thanks Bill! I could have pushed the earth effects a little more, but I wanted to get on to other projects! 😀
  11. Thanks Mark. Appreciate it!
  12. Thanks! I wish I had the set up for SBS photos but I work at the diner table most of the time. 😑
  13. Thanks everyone! I forgot to post a few images of the completed Kurganets-25. It appears in the February issue of Military Modelcraft International so I'm limiting the number of final images for now.
  14. Thanks Mark A lot of these Soviet concept tanks are available in smaller scales. http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/category/40/ussr.html
  15. I get that. I was just referring to my preference and not the human condition. I don't get a lot of bench time so anything I can do to shave a few hours off a project the better. Thanks!
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