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    1:35 and 1:72nd scale Armor and All Ferraris!
  1. And what exactly are the Theme awards? All it does is divide what ever it is up by date!?
  2. I am asking because it did not state if the convention decal was a special category or not!
  3. As stated in the rules the theme awards will be stand alone categories. What about the "The Past Presidents’ Award for Best Use of a National Convention Decal" award? will this be a stand alone category or will it be selected from all the other categories?
  4. Scheduling and times are still being ironed out. As soon as it is written in stone it will be posted. This has traditionaly happened within the 30 day window before the start of the convention. There is still plenty of time left! Scott A. Bregi 2014 IPMS USA National Convention Promotionals and Raffle coordinator
  5. None are planned at this time. There are tons of places in the area for those that wish to go and explore on their own.
  6. Sponsorships are now up on the website! http://www.ipmsusa2014.com/categories.htm
  7. Or anything that I can use as an alternative. I have the Pavla interior and was looking for any other aftermarket sets available for use with the classic Heller kit. Thanks! Model building is Fun!........Model building is fun.......model building is a %$@#&%? *&&^$%% ^$!#%?"!
  8. Gentlemen this is the product I used to rig the Gladiator... I get the grey color as it resembles the steel color of the real thing http://www.cabelas.com/product/Fishing/Fly-Fishing/Fly-Tying/Thread-Beads-Eyes|/pc/104793480/c/104721480/sc/104340780/i/103886280/Uni-Thread-80/743793.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fthread-beads-eyes%2F_%2FN-1100440%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_103886280%3FWTz_l%3DSBC%253BMMcat104793480%253Bcat104721480%253Bcat104340780&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104793480%3Bcat104721480%3Bcat104340780%3Bcat103886280
  9. The last Biplane I built was the classic Hasegawa 1:32nd scale Curtis BF2C-1 as a young teenager back in the '70's! This Airfix kit is so well engineered. All the struts are molded into the proper angles and the outer struts were jigged by the X shaped sprue in between the struts. You remove them after you glue the wings together!. All the rigging holes are marked. I just had to drilled out (I used a #86 drill bit). I have had a lot of outstanding modelers here in the club that were a great inspiration to me to give it a try!
  10. Here is my Airfix (new tool) Gloster Gladiator in 1:72 scale. I only added the requisite rigging. It is built Out of the Box This is my First biplane in over 40 years! More pics here... http://public.fotki.com/ScottABregi/my_modeling_projects/airfix-gloster-gladiator/ Enjoy!
  11. Clarence.... The rivets are just as they come in the kit. I just had to redo a few along the mating edges. I use Tamiya Extra Thin cement. What seams that needed puttying were done with Tamiya Basic grey putty. All seam work was then over painted with Surfacer 1000 to seal them. Interestingly the light at the base of the fin was a kit clear part but I instead put a drop of epoxy in it. It then sagged and formed the reflector and thus was painted chrome silver. I then just had to add another drop of epoxy too level it. The model was painted in Testors Model master ADC Grey and coated with Tamiya Semi-gloss clear and the panel lines were given a wash of artist oils thinned with Turpenoid! After that drys you just take a table napkin moistened in Turpenoid and just wipe off the excess! Scott
  12. Here is my Trumpeter 1:72 scale F-105D. It has an Aires resin cockpit and some detailing added to the main gear wells and the parachute well. More pics here:http://public.fotki.com/ScottABregi/my_modeling_projects/f-105d/ Enjoy! Model building is Fun!........Model building is fun.......model building is a %$@#&%? *&&^$%% ^$!#%?"!
  13. AKKKK! I found a boo boo that I fixed. Can you spot it?
  14. Tamiya 1:72nd scale Mosquito NF Mk. 30 Night Fighter., 416th Night Fighter Squadron, Twelfth Air Force, Pisa, Italy, Nov. 1944 It sports an Aries resin cockpit (modified for the AI Mk X/SCR720 radar system) and 20mm gun bay, Pavla two stage Merlin nacelles and Paragon exhaust shrouds. White Ensign Colorcoat paint with Barracudacals and Superscale decals. Serial number is custom printed on my computer using the RAF Truetype font and the Testor's Decal System More pics here: http://public.fotki.com/ScottABregi/my_modeling_projects/mosquito-nf-mk-30/ Enjoy! Model building is Fun!........Model building is fun.......model building is a %$@#&%? *&&^$%% ^$!#%?"!
  15. ......Command and Service Module) found that the SM assembly sequence to be screwed up? They do not tell you the (correct) orientation of part E8 and part C5 will not fit as it is designed. If you plan on installing the CM you must insert it (part C5) inverted with the center post up. and it wont fit as it is designed with out removing the tab, for which they don't tell you about! I installed part E8 upside down ans it would not let you install part E1 due to the notches in the end of the part. Install it with the punch out marks facing outwards! If you install part C5 as per directions you must install it on top of part E$ that shows a non-existent notch for the tab on the bottom of part C5. But this gives you no definitive alignment for attaching the CM. There is a hole in the heat shield of the CM that aligns with a post on the "back side" of part C5. But they don't show you that in the instructions! OK Rant mode off.......
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