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  1. I have been wanting to model Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet for a long time. I am not a fabrication wizard, though, so it has proven to be an elusive dream. I've been forced to resort to available model kits The closest I have been able to find is Hasegawa's rare 1/32 scale all-transparent Sabrejet. (If only they had given this treatment to their Starfighter!). And that was only the BEGINNING of the scavenger hunt. I needed a similar scale Wonder Woman. The best I could do was a 3 inch vinyl figure (closer to 1/25th scale, I guess, but she's an Amazon, right?) of the New 52 WW. I wanted a more c
  2. Wow, a Mig-28! No one has been this close before!
  3. I found what I was looking for, so this post is now moot. I can't seem to delete it, though, so here is a funny cartoon... http://www.boomandzoomgraphics.com/redmenace.html
  4. I managed to find what I was looking for, so this post is now moot. I can't seem to delete it, though, so enjoy this cartoon, instead...
  5. If you really want one, I will be offering one of the models, among other things, in a kickstarter following the completion of my cartoon, in an effort to raise money for the next one :m1helmet: Stay tuned to fritzthefox.com to keep abreast of things. (That day is still on the horizon right now)
  6. One reason you don't see too many shiny metal spaceships in older movies is because the reflective properties of the aluminum can be a nightmare when shooting in front of a blue or green screen. Here's a chromakey test I threw together today. You can see that there are some spill problems. The stand is too much in shadow, and causes some reflection headaches, as well. Fortunately, the stand will be a non-issue for the real shoot, since the plane will be on a wire. The first photo is undoctored. The second one is how it appeared in the editor with the chroma key applied and generic sky backgrou
  7. As promised, here's an update, and something you don't see every day: twin twin mustangs. I received my decals, which turned out to be a good news, bad news thing. The bad news is that when you order from websites written in Japanese, you can never really be sure what you are getting. What I had hoped were going to be dry transfer decals turned out to be waterslide decals, instead. The good news is that they were very, very good waterslide decals, so they looked much better than the kit decals I had tried. I also used a few custom decals printed by Fireball Modelworks, which turned ou
  8. I can't complain about Revell's service. I just had them ship me a part I needed in less than two weeks. I even told them I had simply lost it and would be happy to pay for a replacement, but they charged me nothing. The only correspondence I received was auto-confirmation of my form submission, and email that it had shipped (which I received the day it arrived in the mail lol) Keep in mind that email is a notoriously unreliable form of communication and, if all else fails, pick up the phone.
  9. What scale is it? On smaller scale models, panel lines would mostly be invisible, anyway. (The fact that most model kits include them is more of an aesthetic than a realistic choice) I would let photo reference be your guide. If you want to rescribe them, you certainly can...just find some scale drawings to guide you. But for smaller scale aircraft, they probably won't be missed. Alternatively, if you are planning an aluminum finish, you could be truly masochistic and foil it one panel at a time. Ultimately, I'd say do whatever you want. It's YOUR model. :m1helmet:
  10. I like the wood grain, too. Is the lozenge pattern a decal?
  11. Just a brief update: I finished foiling the second aircraft (I'm making two, since something bad could conceivably happen to the model during filming), and now I'm working on the decals. Obviously, this plane requires custom decals, but I was not at all happy with how the inkjet decals I printed worked out. Despite clear coating the sheet, they wrinkled and ran when hit with the water/microset. And the decal film looks bad on the aluminum. So I am attacking the problem by commissioning some Alps-printed stuff for the custom markings and using as many dry transfer generic markings as I can find
  12. I was never sadder than when the USAF and Navy decided to paint everything in low visibility colors. This model reminds me why. Beautiful!
  13. This build requires a bit of back story. I'm a cartoonist. Most of my cartoon work is devoted to aviation subject matter. One of my most popular and enduring characters is Fritz the Fox. I've been working on another animated Fritz cartoon lately. (If you've never heard of Fritz, you may enjoy his aerial hi-jinks...follow the link in my signature, if you are curious) This cartoon is a tribute to creature features and cold war films of the fifties, so it seemed only natural that it should include one cheesy miniature shot. Here's a bit of concept art for the cartoon... Fritz's mount in
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