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  1. aAzZ09

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Paul, it’s looking good. Future Floor Wax has been known in recent years as Pledge Floor Care instead. So when you buy it don’t expect to see the old Future label anymore. Once you get the hang of using it you will find it very valuable. Go to You Tube and there are plenty of how to’s for using this product. Happy Modeling. Mark
  2. Nice work Ron! Happy Modeling. Mark
  3. That cockpit is coming along nicely, Nicolas. Razorback Mustangs are interesting. Happy Modeling, Mark
  4. Stuart, Michael is right. It sounds as if you have too much paint on that paint brush. Dry brushing is the way to go on those panels. Try practicing on a scrap of plastic with an indenture if possible. That will give you a good idea what Michael is talking about. Take his advise about joining an IPMS Chapter if you have one nearby. The members can give you a helping hand. Happy modeling! Mark
  5. Great job Ron. Mark
  6. That would be great Nick. I will check that out. From the photos I have, it appears that the RAF chose large “buzz” or serial numbers for the Tempests and other aircraft at the end of WW II. The ones I have are too small and were left over from past projects. A photo example of what I’m looking for is illustrated below. Many thanks! Mark
  7. Thanks Gil. I may have to go online for those sheets now, or find pictures of a Tempest II without the underwing serial codes, which in RAF service are very scarce. The Mk. II model came out at the end of WW2 to replace some of the Mark Vs and Mark VIs. The photos tend to show mostly post war markings of RAF Mk.IIs stationed in Germany and the Middle East. The Mk. II later served as the prototype to serve the Royal Navy as the Sea Fury used in the Korean War and the surplus models sold for air racing. Mark
  8. I am converting a Napier Sabre powered Eduard 1/48” scale Tempest Mk. V to a Bristol Centaurus radial engined Tempest Mk. II. Due to illnesses in the family, I have not had the time to research the online hobby shops lately. I am just now getting the chance to do that. The letter and number decal sheets I have are simply not big or quite accurate enough to cover the bottom port and starboard wing areas. I could modify the decal sheets I have by grafting pieces of other decal sheets to the ones I have. Rather than do that, does anyone know offhand where I may find more accurate lettering/numbers online? Many thanks guys and stay safe. Mark
  9. Wow! Alberta, Canada? What a beautiful place! I skied at Lake Louise, Alberta back in 1983. Loved it! It is an experience I’ll never forget! Welcome aboard Rej! Mark
  10. And that’s an order! Thanks Sgt. Ermey! Ha! Mark
  11. Welcome back Dave. If it’s modeling you’re after, you’ll find plenty of it here. Feel free to ask any questions. We’re here to help. Stay safe, and happy modeling. Mark
  12. Nice work Chris. I read the book, “MiG Menace Over Korea” by Yuri Sutiagin and Igor Siedov, which illustrates the story of one of Kramerenko contemporaries, Nikolai Sutiagin. This Mig-15’s markings, of course, are very similar to Sutiagin’s. It was reported that Sutiagin was in a dogfight with Glen Eagleston during 1951 and Eagleston’s F-86A was heavily damaged in the shuffle. Eagleston made in back to Kimpo but the Sabre was a write off. Mark
  13. Way to go Gil! Great work! Mark
  14. Good point Ed. The legal ramifications and fiduciary issues are readily apparent. Taking Len Philhofer’s COVID-19 report, I may have to bow of the Nats out due to a weaker heart problem (atrial fibrillation) which I cannot at this time, reschedule a future surgery at this time to correct it. The past results from this condition have left my immune system more vulnerable, and near 70 years of age my recovery is not all that great, unfortunately. Stay safe everyone. Best regards, Mark
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