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    Aircraft, civil and military from 1930 to 1955. Interviews with former professionals from this era have made it come alive.

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  1. Way to go, Gil! Nice work! Mark
  2. Welcome aboard Mike. If you need any help feel free to do so. Mark
  3. Nice work David! The cockpit is coming along very well. Mark
  4. Very nice Flying Fortress! Is Monogram or another company releasing a new B-17 in 1/48” scale? Mark
  5. Welcome aboard! We hope to see your work sometime. Mark
  6. Welcome aboard! The 3D printing work is impressive! I am fascinated with all the possibilities of this technology. Mark
  7. Wel done! Keep up the good work David! Mark
  8. aAzZ09

    F9F-5P Progress

    Nice work! Keep going! Mark
  9. Way to go, David! Nice work! Mark
  10. Very nice display of aircraft models Joe! Welcome! Mark
  11. Very nice Corsair! Keep up the good work! Mark
  12. Great job so far! Been there done that: Mark
  13. Nice going, Gil! My father and I worked at LTV (Chance Vought) many years ago at the Grand Prarie plant. We had F4Us on the flight line (surplus) as late as 1956 and they were parked on the ramp next to Hensley Field. I am old enough to remember that. My father started working at the old Vought plant on Long Island, N.Y. back in 1929 and knew many of the folks that worked there. Mark
  14. Way to go, Duke! Keep up the good work! Mark
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