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  1. This is great advice. Thinking of trying out one of these.
  2. This is very true. According to the current NCC, the main goal of contests is to have one and be profitable. What are some better goals of a contest? Pick winners and losers. Do we need to re-evaluate what makes a model a winner? growing the hobby. Can the way a contest is ran entice more members? improve the skills of the contestants. Rather than having contestants leave not knowing why they are "losers," we could do better to provide feedback. Be the most prestigious contest in the nation. how do we make winning the contest have more value? Many people do not care about winning. What are some other noteworthy goals?
  3. The rulebook does not state anything about hierarchy of errors and what is valued above others. Your analogy would be great if our models could walk. "Throughout the judging process, the first and most important things for judges to consider are the basics. Typically, the judges' first cut will identify models that exhibit flaws in basic construction and finishing such as open seams or gaps, misaligned parts, glue marks, or poorly applied paint. Often, it is this ranking of the models on the basics that will determine the final outcome in the category being judged. Only when these basics don't allow for a clear-cut ranking do the judges begin to look deeper. (The next sections cover "the basics" for each of the major classes in IPMS competition.)" This is taken from the rulebook and you will see that they reference all of the basics and not pointing towards alignment as the highest regard. I would challenge you to create a point system on where all of the errors rank. Are they all equal? Just because it is listed first does not mean that it is the most important and only observed part. If that would be the case then we would only read Genesis. Maybe I am naïve. How is an open system bias? Don't they use a specific rubric to be graded on a theoretical standard? In a court of law, they do have laws for sure. There are things that are objective with that. What you fail to see is that the punishment can vary widely. Maybe a cool weathering job is considered a "first time offense" or maybe giving points based on military service. Hell, you could even plead insanity. The other part where the Judge in a court actually makes a good point is that a judge interprets the law. They look at precedent and other factors to weigh in. Granted, not exactly a criminal court but maybe legislative/constitutional. the rule book is like the constitution. The rules are set forth but interpretation changes from time to time and amendments are changed. Also, wasn't the Titanic build correctly are more of a series of unfortunate circumstances?
  4. You are right. It definitely is not just construction according to the rule book. The problem is that in the meeting you stated "construction first." That makes construction over finish which is your bias. Sorry, I was wrong about being elected. How did you get your title? Was it appointed by NCC?
  5. Jim and Dak, I love the passion that you both have for the hobby. Jim, you state that we should be judging on what the best crafted model is. I agree. How do we do that. Yes, the easy way is alignment because it can be measured. I get your point of view. What I think you fail to realize is that what the majority would differ considerably. No one buys a magazine because "wow, look at that alignment." Yes, it can be hard to judge based on likes. Keep in mind that it is not being judged by one person but generally 3. What if that was expanded? The problem I see with the way things are is that winning an award at IPMS means less than being "judged" by other contestants that come by and tell me what they liked about it. Some in the hobby may see a great reward from a perfectly constructed model, but the hobby means different things to others. This also comes to the awards. Cool looking awards are a lure but there is more to the value. Do Olympians have more motivation based on the look or scrap value of the metals? I also like how you see success as number of entries in the contest. That may be one way of looking at it. Have we looked at other goals other than sheer entries? Number of new members? Number of Juniors? Satisfaction from surveys? It just comes off as the one cable company in town thinking that they are doing well because the sales figures are doing fine. You may say that your role is an administrative role but you have an elected title. You also set the direction for how the rule book is interpreted. You also represent the organization in these forums and social media.
  6. That is very helpful. Was hoping to get more specifics but it was a very tough category. I am kinda glad my categories to judge were easier. I also appreciate how detailed you all were getting. Do you remember which of my entries was my best?
  7. Interesting, I will have to double check that. Thanks for the clerification.
  8. That is a good idea. I was not sure which of my three was the best and I had the room. Curious to find which the judges deemed best of the three.
  9. I took a look at the 1/32 models last night and did find some things that I did not notice on the table. The flaps fell down a bit and the gas tank shifted in transport. Noticed a few seams that might need corrections too. The 1/32 spitfire had the landing gear perfect but one of the resin wheels was a bit forward. Not sure about the 1/48 category but I imagine it was very close.
  10. The two spitfires are mine on the mirror. Helping out with space. All 3 1/48 spitfires were in the same category I believe. I may have moved one to OOB. I was on the fence about the anonymity. I would hope that it would not sway anyone either way in the judging process.
  11. I get that. This goes out to those that were at the event and saw it and especially those who judged that category.
  12. No, I am not one of those guys.... I just want to find out what was wrong so I can improve with my models. Can anyone tell me what flaws there were on my entries?
  13. Any ideas on what the impact is going too be in attendance? Just curious. I will attend and abide by what ever regulations are set by staff.
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