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  1. Thanks, Mike Moore, but I've already booked the rooms I need at the Day's Inn. I just wanted everyone else to understand what I was told when I called.
  2. I called Monday evening, and the Marriott told me they were full. I could have a room for Wednesday and Thursday, but had to move out by noon Friday. Big help. So I then called Day's Inn. All rooms with two Queen beds were gone. Only rooms with a single King bed are left. I booked 2 rooms - one for me and one for my vending business partner. I'm willing to bet that at least 40% of the rooms booked will be cancelled before July 1st, but both the Marriott and Day's Inn refuse to keep waiting lists....
  3. What's the easiest/best way to get from the Airport to the Hotel WITHOUT RENTING A CAR?
  4. Steve Collins, I just made my reservations online with no problems. In past years, I have been "late to the party" and have asked the hotel (by phone) if they have a waiting list for the event. Some did, others didn't. You might want to keep this in mind. I suspect it will be FAR easier for the Hotel to keep this list than the host chapter.
  5. Nice Work! But we used to own a 4-door 63 Nova. That conversion is well outside my level of talent. Has there ever been a kit of a 4-door 63 Nova?
  6. I was a vendor at the Gateway (St. Louis) Invitational last September and was warned that an individual was walking around trying to do this. The models on the table had belonged to a deceased friend, and we were selling them on behalf of his widow. My partner at the table and I decided upon a price that we would accept. When he finally appeared, he asked if we were interested. We responded by asking him to make an offer. It was about half of what we had decided on - which would still allow him a substantial profit had he taken it, AND would have helped our cause as well. But he acted insulted that we would "gouge a fellow vendor". We didn't budge, and he left. There's no way I would undercut my half of the transaction just to make him happy. Stand up to these people and they'll go away....
  7. Just bought two of these 1/72 Stratos 4/BAC TSR.2 kits, which include markings for one fictional Anime A/C and all 3 factual RAF Airframes. All the anime stuff is on one sprue - if you ignore that one sprue, you can build a stock TSR.2. Now all I have to do is decide whether or not to buy any after-market stuff....
  8. Neither the category list nor the sponsors for each category are there yet. I've asked, but have yet to see anything but a link that doesn't go anywhere. I'm sure they'll correct this soon.
  9. Sad news, indeed. I got to know Jim when I was 2nd VP, and always made time to talk with him. He never turned down any of my requests. When I consider how many strong egos we have in IPMS/USA, Jim stood out as one of the most humble, genuine people I've ever met. He was truly overwhelmed at the growth of IPMS/USA, particularly the number and the extraordinary quality of entries at the National Contests. He always deflected the attention and the accolades, but there was a "proud papa" type of sparkle in his eyes when we discussed the past and ideas for the future of the Society. We didn't become real close friends, but every chance to sit and talk with him is a treasured memory. Rest in peace, Jim. You will be missed by everyone in IPMS/USA.
  10. Good Work! That's why Hypothetical is a category, for those who like this angle. I will never forget the Space Shuttle painted in Thunderbird markings years ago....
  11. Generally, I'm about 70% accuracy. I've talked to professional aircraft painters who have proven to me that 2 samples out of the same can 15 minutes apart will be slightly different. So I don't care about shades of a color when I judge, but if an aircraft is usually grey and you paint it yellow, I'll start looking for your documentation to back it up....
  12. Vlad, I see you and your team of photographers almost every year (I missed a couple recent ones) and you guys get better each time. Congrats on a job very well done, and please keep it up. When the photos are projected during the banquet, the models are clear and easy to recognize. I almost don't need to bring my camera anymore, because I know every model will be covered. Mike
  13. I know this will irritate a lot of people, but so what... Verlinden's style of highlighting aircraft panel lines with dark wash. (A) There's a Mil-Spec (I don't have the number at hand) that states that 2 adjoining skin panels can't have more than 1/10 inch height or linear gap between them. Do you realize how small 1/10 inch is in 48th scale, let alone 72nd? (No self-respecting crew chief/plane captain lets his plane get anywhere NEAR that filthy. I accept some shading differences for REMOVABLE panels, but not for the riveted ones. My 2 cents worth....
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