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  1. Clearly an antique toy P-38. Nick Filippone
  2. From what I can see, that looks like the result of water/ moisture in the line. You need to install a water trap between the air pressure source (presumably a compressor or compressor- pressure tank combination) and your airbrush. Good luck. Nick Filippone
  3. I am going to play devil’s advocate here and suggest that, respectfully, you have done a beautiful job on this cockpit, but are unnecessarily driving yourself mad with this trivial molding error. I submit that, first of all, the picture of the real seat shows that the edges of the cushion are not against the metal frame. So the cushion must be convex in cross section if viewed from above and, therefore, there should be a gap at the edges. The simplest solution to an issue that probably nobody would notice anyway is to get some Perfect Plastic Putty, put it into the gap, and when dry, sculpt a cushion like shape, set back from the edge of the kit cushion on all three sides and then paint it an entirely different colour than the cushion already there. Do not try to paint it the same. Most people looking at it, including Judges, will have no idea it is anything more than a second layer of padding. Or a wedge of plastic, again a different colour, would accomplish the same thing. Strictly speaking, accurate? - not quite. More than acceptable to even close examination?- definitely! Remember, this is supposed to be relaxation and fun - not a source of stress. Regards, Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  4. The National Vendors are just as much our “customers” as the registrants or walk-ins. They are the main reason, myself included, why many people attend the National Convention. They may not run the show, but their enthusiastic presence and financial support is vital to its success. No such decision potentially restricting their reasonable profit should be even considered without their input. Nick
  5. Last summer, it took me 36 hours to get from Austin, Texas to Albany, New York, most of it spent waiting for the much vaunted airline industry to get its act together. I could have driven it faster myself. Add to that the fact that it is getting harder and harder to find a safe place in the cabin to put even a small box of entries. The two great advantages of being a subject of His Majesty: a Parliamentary system of government and a great train system. Where can I sign up? Nick
  6. This is very sad news, indeed. I discussed modeling and IPMS related issues with him on many occasions. I think we all could agree he held and expressed his opinions with the vigor and passion of someone who really cared about this hobby and this organization. He was always honest and forthcoming. He was always friendly to me. I will also miss his contributions to discussions on this Forum. Respectfully, Nick
  7. In the face of this deepening crisis, especially the disappearing leadership at both the E Board and the NCC positions, then those remaining to manage IPMS/ USA must assume a caretaker role and concentrate on the one and only important task facing the Society this year: the planning and carrying out of the National Convention and Contest in Madison. Policing social media, rethinking how to judge any contest, how to award winners- now or in the future, challenging the freedom of expression rights of the Journal Editor, electronic journal vs. printed, cogitating on how competitive we should be, etc., etc., etc. are all, now, unimportant compared to Madison! This will mean that the rump E Board will need to suppress their collective egos, admit that the Society was not ready for the changes the leadership sought (and certainly, in many cases, not accepting of they ways they were rationalised and then rolled out), however well- intentioned, and put all their efforts into recruiting a complete and competent as possible NCC who will administer the National Contest in Madison exactly the way we have always done it! There is no time, no Society-wide will and no apparent man power to implement drastic philosophical and procedural changes in the National Contest for this year. With the likely ad hoc Head Judges team we will we lucky to cobble together and who may be unfamiliar and inexperienced in their role, by sticking with well known and successful procedures, the line judges will at least have comfort in the historically successful. With this, we, the experienced troop of National Team Leaders and Judges can support each other and fill in the knowledge gaps in operations if and when they appear. It would be grossly unfair, disrespectful and ungrateful to Jeff Herne and his team to sabotage the 2024 Nationals over silly ideological differences in which most of the membership and most of the National registrants have little or no interest. Let us set aside, at least for now, all these discussions and differences and concentrate on another successful Nationals. Respectfully submitted, Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
  8. Gil and I in agreement on something- it’s going to be a great year! 🙀😉🤔
  9. But there also are built-in inequities in our current “land rush” system. What about the person who is working (some of us sometimes do work on Saturday) or is otherwise unavailable or unable to get to a computer or use a phone for those critical, apparently, precious few minutes, after which all the most desirable rooms are gone? What about those who struggle to make the website work even if he or she is on time: those, for example, who didn’t know you could not book a Tuesday through Saturday night because that was not how the block was set up and by the time he or she figured it out, it was too late? What about those who called and got an incompetent reservation clerk, hung up, called back, got a knowledgeable clerk, but it was, again, too late? What about cyber challenged folks who just can’t do such things on-line: you know- older people (like a significant portion of our membership) for whom operating a computer is not second nature? A system that simply allows members to make their reservation as soon as 365 days (the usual start date for hotel reservations) before the show date rolls around would remove all this grousing. It would reward those who show individual initiative and assiduity, always admirable traits to be rewarded. It would eliminate the overloading of the reservation process in those first few minutes that it would seem no reservation system can handle. An additional benefit would be reducing the work for the host chapter that is required in setting up and monitoring an “equitable” reservation process that will never satisfy everyone, despite their best efforts. As has been cogently pointed out, you cannot fit (legally or comfortably) 700-800 people into 150 hotel rooms. Regardless of what system is employed, there will always be a lot of disappointed people, many of whom will need someone to blame. With the system I am here suggesting, if you miss out, you got no one to blame but yourself! Nick
  10. If you tried to book a reservation from the 16th to the 20 th, it would not let you probably because the block was only for reservations from the 17th the 20th. I ran into this problem last year when booking for San Marcos. I had to book the Wed. to Sun. then add the Tues. after. Nick
  11. Gil, That looks great and a nice way to recall one of my favorite childhood TV shows. Do you know if anyone does those markings in 1/72 scale? I would like to do the the KP kit in that scheme. Nick
  12. In fact, the number of judges who could recall from memory were and how lights and inspection panels were arranged on each P-40 variant can be counted on the fingers of one elbow. This is one of the main reasons why we are exhorted NOT to use such accuracy issues as a criteria in evaluating entries. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  13. How about when you bought most of you kits at the hardware store or drugstore? Or, in order to make flat paint, you had to decant the solvent off a bottle of Pactra flat brown, then decant the solvent off the top of some other gloss colour, and replace it with the Pactra flat solvent? (Yes, it actually worked! ) Or worse, to make paint flat, just add Talcum Powder. Yuck. Nick
  14. Linden Hill Decals lists a couple of sheets in 1/72 scale.
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