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  1. Weren’t those Russians our allies when they won those medals? Nick
  2. Certificates are generally regarded as small beer. We have only ever used them for “Honorable Mention” or other feel good awards. Most contest entrants I have discussed this matter with expect a substantive award for their registration money, along with the recognition. Nick
  3. Dak, How do you “revitalize” old, crinkled, yellowed, off register (and probably inaccurate) decals that either shatter when placed in water or don’t stick and don’t conform to surface detail? You must be the Dr. Froederich Frankenstein of decals. “More Solvaset, Igor!” Nick
  4. What self-respecting craftsman would be expected to use unusable decals on a project he or she takes any pride in? What competent judge would do anything but wonder why any sane modeler would think 50 year old decals could be made to work? All such a requirement would accomplish is to discourage modelers from tackling interesting old kits because they could not possibly make the markings look good. The NCC has too much good sense to give that idea any thought. Nick P.S. Consider the impact on old kit sales. Why buy something you could not possibly decently finish?
  5. Dak is right. It’s not rocket science. It is hard work, however, to obsessive- compulsively set aside any bias you may have, ignore what you “like” (or don’t like), and conscientiously and scrupulously apply the judging criteria to each entry-as a team. I would also submit that, perhaps, judging is not a good fit for anyone who thinks that they can pick the winners 98% of the time after the first walk through. That kind of “Pride ….goeth before destruction.” It also is a disservice to every entrant in the category and inevitably tempts one to ignore what is a clear mandate given every year to every judge- evaluate each entry carefully. Nick
  6. And how you fairly decide what to pick as best is by scrutinizing, as a team, every entry regardless of how long it takes! Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  7. He ruthlessly seized power in “ The Night of the Bloody Xactoknives!” 😉😂 Anonymous (for fear I might be next to ‘disappear’ )
  8. Darn those specifics! They always annoyingly get in the way of what one of my teachers called ‘ hasty generalizations.’ Some prefer heat. I prefer light. Nick
  9. For your information, Dak, the members of my chapter are working together to organize what will be much more than a “decent regional!” IPMS Northeast New York will celebrate the 50th anniversary, not only of Region One’s first Regional but IPMS/USA’s first Regional. Noreastcon@50 on 29 and 30 April, 2022 in Latham, New York (near Albany) will put the lie to yet another of your sweeping generalizations. “No one” Dak? Consider getting your facts straight before disparaging every member of IPMS/USA! Nick
  10. Dak, it sounds like you are suggesting an acceptable/ unacceptable standard as the only criterion for an award. It does seem very exciting. It would be like a Pass/ Fail course in college. One’s efforts might have earned an A or a D-, but the world will never know, including the student…er…builder! Nick
  11. Of course, you cannot determine which of a builder’s multiple entries is the best without scrutinizing all of them. It can be very time consuming but I think it is important to maximize that builders chance of placing by selecting the best of all his entries. Nick
  12. My post was in response to Dak’s proposal for a contest without the contestants actually contesting. Of course we Aircraft Judges look at everything. As you ship judges do, that is how we divide the wheat from the chaff, even if some of the chaff is still quite good! Nick
  13. But how would the judges decide what deserves to be recognized and what does not, since as you say: “… it is not simply a participation award. Not everyone will win and the Judges would not be required to give all out in a category?” One way or the other, the Judges are going to have to critique every entry in your system, and some may not be good enough for “recognition.” Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  14. That’s a bit of an exaggeration,Dak. For years, the National Organization has had in place a sensible and reasonable and responsible policy about what it feels might be offensive to most. We still have plenty of entries and entrants each year with less and less entries that are inappropriate, thus demonstrating that sensible, reasonable, responsible people actually can reach a consensus policy that works. And it is important that we have done this successfully because, as has been oft repeated, what is in our contest rooms is viewed by the public and reflects on us as an organization. We should be conscious, therefore, of staying within the bounds of ordinary good taste and commonly held sensibilities. Nick
  15. The Registrants should remember that they ARE getting a lot more for their money. The difference between the walk in fee and the registrants fee covers the cost of the trophies, the contest room tables, the contest room, the tables clothes, the judge’s pins, etc. None of those things are free and if the members want a contest to enter (and experience suggests that they do) then they are going to have to pay for it, like everything else in life. How much cheaper would the National Convention be put on without a contest? Personally, I would not bother to attend a Convention with no contest and a vendor room and “display only” tables. I am quite willing to pay for the excitement and possible reward of the contest. Whatever the walk-ins pay is gravy! Nick
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