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  1. SkyKing, thanx for stopping by. I can't agree with you more! The first contest I entered ( A Regional event up here near Toronto ) with this Shuttle, it lost to a fictional Star Wars model of a Y-wing. A fictional vehicle is in competition with an actual, Designed, Engineered, Flown vehicle ... oh well, that's Life eh? I participated in the 2009 NATS in Columbus and we Real Space modellers had 53 models entered and we, for the first time, got the category split! Rusty, many Thanx! ;^ D Stikpusher, that's how I felt researching this model, all those images of Challenger and Endeavour and Columbia being built, wow ... such a shame it is no more ... ;- ( Mark, thanx for your wonderful comments! Looking at this model again gives me a sense of accomplishment. The end result is most satisfying and I learned a whole helluva lot about this vehicle. It's a lovely feeling when someone who has built this kit or is familiar with the Shuttle and has the curiosity to look at this model a little closer to see all the detail they expect and they're pleased to see it included ... well, that's my goal! One more thing, the kit has something like 25 or 30 parts (not including it's payload) and my version has over 2,500 pieces ... ;- D Thanx again Gents! Pete
  2. Firstly, I've read your other comments on my other threads and just want to Thank You for taking the time to view and comment on my builds! Stikpusher, I only had a couple pix of the LRV build. I like to visually show what I did rather than use words, so I'll be brief. Everything was made from styrene, Aluminum Foil and such ... except for the wheels. I found them in my local LHS, since closed ... ;- ( ... and they are wood and the exact correct diameter for me! What luck! I determined the scale dimensions and got to it. For Reference, I watched a lot of Spacecraft Films EVAs, viewed photos from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal and the book Virtual LM, which has a section just on the LRV ... the High Gain antenna was remade using a Zip-loc baggie coated with Future. The one pictured was just painted with Gold paint and I didn't like it. This poor photo shows the frame and the steering/driving links as well as the centre control console. I also made a 3D LRV from Vincent Meens and Shapeways in 1/48 ... more out of curiosity to see how mine fared in comparison ... My scratch built version is on the bottom ... and it compares really well. you can see the High Gain is a little more transparent on mine. Plus my scratchbuild represents Apollo 15 and the 3D version is Apollo 17 ... that little antenna on the rear end is the clue. Mine's on the bottom ... the little 3D print was a quick build but pretty fragile. Now, I did it 2 or 3 years ago and the technology and material used, have improved, so it may be much sturdier now. And they BOTH look really good! I hope this helps Stikpusher .... and if you have any other questions, just fire away! Pete
  3. I'm really pleased these are all getting posted ... continuing ... ... adding Fuel tanks and wiring to the PB ... ... I had just one MLG deployed and detailed it too ... as well as it's open door ... ... the Cutaway Payload Bay door with gold Thermal insulation ... still more details to include ... the Radiator panels are from Real Space Models ... even the RMS, Canadarm, got detailed ... ... a new End Effector, cameras and decals ... ... about to install the SSMEs ... and you can see a few clamps used to attach the PB Doors ... almost done ... the Aft bulkhead ... notice Hinges, Handholds. The surface texture all over this Shuttle and seen on the OMS pods, are First Aid tape. ... some of the First Aid tape on the Starboard wing ... it gives a really nice, accurate look ... with SSMEs installed ... Okay, I think that's enough for y'all ... if you're still here! ;- D Was this a fun build? YESSIRREE! The amount of research I did was very satisfying! Which is one of the reasons, this is ONE of my favourite models. I've got just one more model to post on these pages, and it's one of my faves too! Till then ... Thanx for lasting this long! Pete
  4. Oh ... good. They all got posted ... to continue ... ... the Nose RCS section being started. I stretched some tubing ... ... getting there ... ... and dry fit ... ... building the Aft Structure ... ... starting the Port Wing structure ... ... a Sub-assembly dry fit ... ... Crew Module dry fit ... Startracker Bay and Hatch too ... Notice the Payload Bay door structure too ... starting to install the Payload Bay details. These are just dry fit, I had to install the Purge lines first ... ... installing the Plumbing which will attach to the SSMEs ... ... the Crew Module almost done. I've included open manuals, accurized seats, stowage bags on the ceiling ... even though they're almost not seen ... ... before it got glued in ... ... more Payload Bay details ... ... I even opened up the Payload Bay vents even if they're under the opened doors and not seen ... ... are there too many pix? ... let's see if these get posted ...
  5. This is one of my favourite models ... it took over a year and a half to build. Here's a couple overall views and then I'll show a few of the build images ... tell me something, do you guys ever post WIP threads here and if not, where on IPMS USA are they posted? I had started by building the guts of the SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) The Engine Bell is from Real Space Models, the rest is copper wire, styrene rod and tube and various other materials. The Aft structure had to fit and support my Engines ... and it did. Every bulkhead had to be built ... ... the Aft bulkhead and to the right, the body flap partially done. ... the Body flap ... ... one of the OMS pods with a Fuel tank ... ... the Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder ... ... the Mid-Deck, with Airlock and toilet ... ... and with the cockpit ... ... let's see if these all get posted ...
  6. Mark you're very generous with your positive remarks and I really appreciate 'em! Thanks! I only have 2 more models to post on these pages and they are BOTH my favourites. Both took a lot of time and when they were done ... man, what a good feeling! Till next time Pete
  7. A lot of other items had to be scratch built too, like ... the CMs Docking Probe ... the Plume Deflector supports ... ... the High Gain antenna ... ... the Large Radiators and Handholds for the SIM Bay plus all those new surface details ... ...another view of the new surface details. Using styrene disks and Aluminum foil ... ... the Umbilical Connection cover had to be built and installed ... ... and DONE. This was another satisfying build ... plus it tapped into those old, old memories which was a really nice bonus! Thanx for popping in and taking a peek! Pete
  8. When this kit was re-released a few years ago, I bought one. I had built this kit in 1968, on a Saturday afternoon, while listening to WKBW and Simon and Garfunkel's brand new song, Bridge over Troubled Water. This was always my favourite model and played with it constantly ... back then. ;- D I also had scored a trove of old LMs and parts off of eBay and thought of displaying the original kit, and my heavily modified version, side by side at Model Shows I wanted to show the viewer a Before and After of the same kit. They could compare the fit of the original kit and see what can be done, hopefully to inspire kids into the hobby I was also intrigued by the folding Landing Gear of the old kit's design and wanted to keep that feature ... so I could play with it! ;- D This was gonna be depicting Apollo 17 so a lot of scratch building was involved ... for instance the folded up LRV on the side of the LM was included. I used the New Ware Update set as well, but little details like the RTG, and Landing probes, had to be created. I also wanted it to fit inside the SLA ... The inside of the SLA was highly detailed too ... This is the ebay score ... after using Easy-Off to remove old paint ... and then after being washed ... A new Heat Shield had to be built ... ... and the BPC was made ... and off to page 2 ...
  9. Okee dokee Mark ... I'll take a look! :- ) Pete
  10. Thanx Mark ... Thanx John ... with little bits of wire, or tape, or strips of this and that, our imagination interprets these as correct and enhances the overall look of our little miniatures. Plus, for me, when these events were televised, in B&W, over 50 years ago, I was one of those that were up at 3 am to watch these EVA's, so building and researching these models takes me way-y-y-y back to when I was just a kid ... but this process, and their completion, really gets those Endorphins firing! ( wasn't Endorphin a character in Buckaroo Bonzai? ) ;^ D Thanx again Gents! Pete
  11. This is the EVA Models 1/35 LRV, Resin and PE kit. It was my first Resin and PE kit and is still holding up well, a few years later ... The S- Band antenna was made from a Zip-loc bag. It replaces the kit's wire mesh item. The tall antenna on the rear end is specific to Apollo 17 and was made with styrene and an Aluminum tube. It's a Diorama depicting a specific Station on their EVA. I also added a few more details form various materials for seat belts and covers on the Batteries and stuff like that. Both Schmitt and Cernan ... Schmitt's visor was scratched and he had it half raised a lot on their EVA's. As part of my research, I watched hours of their EVA's on DVD's from Spacecraft Films ... it still amazes what the USA did 50 years ago ... re-e-e-e-markable! Till next time! Thanx for stopping by! Pete
  12. Thanx Mark! I love the way little pieces of styrene, placed in a specific spot is interpreted by out brains as a Widget or a significant 'thing' ... or Greeblies / Greebles. and when it works, O-o-o ... perfect! I saw your Atlas and Saturn V ... do you have a built thread on 'em ... I'd love to see your process and issues with the kits. Pete
  13. I've built a few Shuttles and as inaccurate as they all are, being based on prototypes, I like to modify 'em to make them look a little more accurate. With this little AIrfix, I've built up the Payload Bay, and opened up the Payload Bay Doors. Using New Ware PE for the REVELL Shuttle, the Radiators give it a nice look. All my Shuttles have the Bay doors open and the Payload Bay displayed. To me, this is how the Shuttle looks most of the time up there! The details were all built from scratch including the Ku Band antenna. The PE radiators and hinges were from New Ware. The FWD and Aft Bulkheads were built up too from scratch. The fit of these kits is really poor, but the molds are all 40 and 50 years old, so we have to expect this. Needless to say, sanding and filling are part and parcel to a nice build. Fitting the PB Doors ... lovely detail here, too bad they got covered up! Starting to built the new Payload Bay ... The kit's PB was replaced. The length of pipe was used to form my PB. The realistic Belly decals were made by a fellow modeler and really add to the accuracy of this little model. The RMS, Canadarm, was modified from the lit too ... Thanx for taking a peek gents! Pete
  14. Yessir! The event is fictitious, but the hardware is actual ... that's how I measure my satisfaction, " ... does it look like the actual thing, YES? Then carry on mate!" Thanx Mark! ;- D Pete
  15. Thanx a lot Mark! ... I really do appreciate your comments! ..... re the Models, I do try to get that realistic look to them. Little details that the viewer doesn't even notice, I enjoy placing, because, you know, I know it's there. Like putting all the details, switches, gauges, in a Plane's cockpit even though it's gonna be closed right up. And when someone like you 'notices', it makes it all worthwhile. So Thanx again! ..... just between you and me, are these boards usually this quiet? ... and as you're one of 2 who have responded, do you have a real interest in the Space program or are you a moderator and you're participating as part of your job? ;- D I wanna post just a couple more threads and these will be my favourites ... and up here, near Niagara Falls Canada, we're getting 2 feet of snow today, so I can spend some time building up my Apollo 10 LM. ;- D Pete
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