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  1. Nicely done! I built the Revell 1:570 kit in the mid 1960s using Pactra gloss enamel paint (... the only kind available at my local drug store/ hobby shop) plus, an assortment of Aurora ship models; long ago consigned to the landlubber's version of Davy Jones's locker. Nice work, as usual!
  2. Nice Idea! Reminds me of the scratch built models that appeared after the debut of Star Wars............... Squadron Shop in Elmhurst. Illinois had a 2 foot long model inspired by the blockade runner while another Chicago hobby shop one block south of Belmont- on Cicero avenue - had a Revell X3 modified into a craft similar to the X wing. Looking forward to seeing your completed model.
  3. No worries about retrieving the kit from your Shelf of Doom. Damage on a tank model- especially Russian tanks- somehow always seems normal Nice work on that kit !
  4. Beautiful work on the camouflage ! FWIW.........somewhere I read that the Palmer kit was supposed to be based on the US 3-inch M1902 field gun rather than an actual French 75, so that may be why it doesn't seem correct.
  5. Adding a figure for scale is something I may wish to do for a future car model as the kit is not the standard 1/25th scale. I'll need to check with the chapters holding the contests for how they judge. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Indeed ! Great job ! I've never seen the Aurora kit ; only the Lindberg VTO. As I have a few Aurora kits of the same vintage in my stash, I can guess how much work you went through to correct the model outline, much less add internal details. Really nice seeing a well built example.
  7. Beautiful ! I especially like the brass and wood spoke finish.
  8. I had that kit as a child; the model long ago assigned to a land fill. That is quite a re-build ! More accurately a near complete a scratch build. Conjures up memories of Rooster Cogburn or the Outlaw Josey Wales cranking the feed mechanism. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed model. Gatling Gun
  9. I did not know that Aurora AH-56 Cheyenne in 1/72 scale was re-issued. Looks very nice! I'll hafta go out and pick up one.
  10. Congrats on the swap meet haul! ANY kit for less than $30 these days is a good deal. Lock Downs here meant no swap meets for a while. Not even sure from the local club websites if any occurred in 2021. Actually, a Wally Mart selling kits in my area will be past tense as soon as the clearance items are gone.
  11. Instant Star Fleet at a local Wally Mart as for time to finish 'em before a Chicago area contest arrives when summer chores beckon..........
  12. Sounds bad...... Perhaps the events discussed in the movie Ghostbusters ( 1984 ) by Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore will finally come true.............😁
  13. Ditto ! Thanks for that hyperlink !
  14. Testors Clear parts cement? Thank you ! I intend to make a support for the parts. I only need to keep the three pieces in place while I do measurements.
  15. I have a large and thin model car kit plastic part that has been broken into three pieces. While I may eventually permanently glue it together for use with the original kit, I would prefer to temporarily glue the parts together with the clear canopy so that I can duplicate the exterior multi-curved surface. The measurements would be used for the creation of a either a male or female vacuum form mold ; used to create one clear part as a replacement for the two original kit parts. Question; Is it possible to temporarily glue the three opaque pieces and clear together without harming the plastic ? Anyone able to recommend a glue for the task?
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