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  1. It might have ! Stanton Hobby used to be a fun place to visit as it had a big Caravelle airliner hanging from the ceiling along with other RC aircraft and lots of Aurora models stocking the shelves in the 1960s. Another of my favorite hobby shops on the north side of Chicago was Pilot Hobby Ron does really nice work on making the older Aurora kits worth building, as shown by his M 46 Patton and Stalin III as well as stirring up some fond childhood kit building memories 🙂
  2. Really nice! I never owned the kit but am not surprised that you stated the kit was poor, considering the era. You mentioned using metal in the construction. IIRC, someone mentioned in an interview some years ago that the sheet metal used on the actual craft was so thin that you might have been able to use Reynolds Aluminum Foil- if not for the fragility of the model. 😉 Thanks for posting the photos. Brings back memories of my childhood -summer of 69- watching the news coverage of the launch and landing.
  3. A shame; they made some really nice kits. I wish I had display room for that scale. Should be interesting to see how Evil Bay prices fare over time. Old analog tape decks ( R2R and Cassette ) along with old tape have been rapidly climbing in bidding price since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Nice work on that old kit ! I still have an Aurora B-36 ( purchased at the Long Out Of Business Stanton Hobby on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago ) but used Rub N Buff, which was all the rage back in the 1960s as natural metal finishes as we now know them were non existent and builders were limited to Testors Silver Enamel and maybe some model company's brand name paint. Despite complaints of Rub-N-Buff finishes never drying, the finish on my model survived well but the kit is no longer in one piece due to multiple moves since childhood. One of these days, I gotta restore it along with my 12 O'Clock High B-17 formation kit. I do still have the 12 O'Clock High Box but not the B-36 box. .
  5. BUMP ! Add tracks and you could have a Wild Wild West tv show prop, a Steampunk build...............or a post WWII Soviet prototype tank. 🤔 Looks very nice !
  6. Thank you for posting the information! I've owned the product since the Disco era ( 1975) but never knew about the creator.
  7. Nice seeing that ! I never knew the kit existed. Looks really nice!
  8. Beautiful work ! I never knew a BF 109 flown during WWII could look so good in those colors. You might just start a "What If " trend for Axis aircraft
  9. Amazing kit ! I can't help but think back to the minimal kit details in models I saw in drug stores during the late 1960s.
  10. I've seen plastic sheets in the window / storm door section of Menards as well as Home Depot but it appears thicker than the clear plastic sheeting I saw recently in food stores. I may bring a micrometer to measure the stuff I have seen and compare thickness- though I admit I will get some odd stares from employees . Now that i think of it.............McMaster Carr may have something- I'll need to check thicknesses compared to what i saw in stores. https://www.mcmaster.com/acrylic
  11. I recently bought a stand alone shelving system but have not yet located a source of optically clear, lightweight acrylic for cutting and fitting as dust protection. I am currently checking what modular LED lighting is available for illumination. I have seen very nice , clear acrylic recently installed in store checkout isles during the Covid-19 panic; wish I knew who makes the sheet plastic.
  12. Nice work on that old kit; evokes some good memories of building Aurora kits. Thanks for posting the photos.
  13. Thanks for that mention of Molotow chrome...............been wondering how I would cover up exposed plastic on 1/12 scale Monogram car parts .
  14. My first tank kit was the Aurora Panther........the box did not survive my childhood........; my instructions are dated copyright 1956...........plastic was grey and may have been the version in the hyperlink below: Aurora Panther Tank
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