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  1. No worries about retrieving the kit from your Shelf of Doom. Damage on a tank model- especially Russian tanks- somehow always seems normal Nice work on that kit !
  2. Beautiful work on the camouflage ! FWIW.........somewhere I read that the Palmer kit was supposed to be based on the US 3-inch M1902 field gun rather than an actual French 75, so that may be why it doesn't seem correct.
  3. Adding a figure for scale is something I may wish to do for a future car model as the kit is not the standard 1/25th scale. I'll need to check with the chapters holding the contests for how they judge. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Indeed ! Great job ! I've never seen the Aurora kit ; only the Lindberg VTO. As I have a few Aurora kits of the same vintage in my stash, I can guess how much work you went through to correct the model outline, much less add internal details. Really nice seeing a well built example.
  5. Beautiful ! I especially like the brass and wood spoke finish.
  6. I had that kit as a child; the model long ago assigned to a land fill. That is quite a re-build ! More accurately a near complete a scratch build. Conjures up memories of Rooster Cogburn or the Outlaw Josey Wales cranking the feed mechanism. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed model. Gatling Gun
  7. I did not know that Aurora AH-56 Cheyenne in 1/72 scale was re-issued. Looks very nice! I'll hafta go out and pick up one.
  8. I am very sorry to hear that news.
  9. Congrats on the swap meet haul! ANY kit for less than $30 these days is a good deal. Lock Downs here meant no swap meets for a while. Not even sure from the local club websites if any occurred in 2021. Actually, a Wally Mart selling kits in my area will be past tense as soon as the clearance items are gone.
  10. Instant Star Fleet at a local Wally Mart as for time to finish 'em before a Chicago area contest arrives when summer chores beckon..........
  11. Sounds bad...... Perhaps the events discussed in the movie Ghostbusters ( 1984 ) by Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore will finally come true.............😁
  12. Ditto ! Thanks for that hyperlink !
  13. Testors Clear parts cement? Thank you ! I intend to make a support for the parts. I only need to keep the three pieces in place while I do measurements.
  14. I have a large and thin model car kit plastic part that has been broken into three pieces. While I may eventually permanently glue it together for use with the original kit, I would prefer to temporarily glue the parts together with the clear canopy so that I can duplicate the exterior multi-curved surface. The measurements would be used for the creation of a either a male or female vacuum form mold ; used to create one clear part as a replacement for the two original kit parts. Question; Is it possible to temporarily glue the three opaque pieces and clear together without harming the plastic ? Anyone able to recommend a glue for the task?
  15. Beautiful work ! What was the source of those V1710 Allison air plane engines ?
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