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  1. Nice work on the figure. Very interesting and useful description of how you did the painting. I viewed the movie recently on the local Chicago station but that wasn't the only Christmas related appearance by the actor. One of my favorites: The Avengers Too Many Christmas Trees also had an appearance- again Dickens themed- by Mervyn Johns
  2. Really nice work; especially the old Sopwith - perhaps in danger from "Man's Best Friend"πŸ˜‰ and the Testors/Italeri 1/35 M47 's paint job that reminds me I haven't visited the First Division Museum since before the COVID lock downs.
  3. Definitely shows off the clean lines of that aircraft !
  4. Ron Bell's Aurora (Atlantis)1/48 M-46 Patton looked so nice, I bought the re-issue at Hobby Lobby for the closeout half price. Just when I'm gonna get the opportunity to build and paint it................πŸ™„
  5. I've heard a number of reports over the years that police departments are not legally responsible for protecting citizens Adding to that information - the increase in crimes around urban areas since March 2020 doesn't help. I do wonder if a local prosecutor may try to hold the security company's client responsible for any injury or death resulting from a break in. So far I have been unable to google any comments on that situation. A Security Company should , however, provide one extra legal layer between the client and those who are committing a crime ; better than an arrest for being directly responsible for what happens. Hopefully the security companies won't be stretched thin by area crimes.
  6. OMG.......I bought that Aurora Gotha re-issue version in a K-Mart back during the heyday of the Disco era. ...........also bought the K & B version but didn't build them as I had little info outside of the Profile Publication. Unlike the above hyperlink- I had to buy my copy at either Stanton Hobby in Chicago or Al's Hobby in Elmhurst - both long OOB. Plastic of my K&B version is blue and black while the plastic of my Aurora boxed kit is dark green and black. Based on what you were able to do with that Aurora Camel, the Gotha ought to be a smashing addition to your collection when complete. Aurora’s 1/48 Gotha G.V Bomber Review with Kit Release History
  7. Unfortunately, I am also aware of the risk of being hauled into court by either the injured individual or family members. I first learned of that in the mid 1960s as a child when an attorney gave my father advice about what he could do to protect his family in a similar situation; the only solution was moving. Chicago pays out a LOT of taxpayer money in lawsuits against the city.
  8. I am very sorry to read of what has been happening to ipmsusa2 A lot of that has been happening in the Chicago metro area starting in AD 2020 and two local TV stations have decided to broadcast early to mid 1970s Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Charles Bronson movies . As for homeless: Since the Covid Lock Downs- in the Chicago suburbs - I have been seeing old cars filled with trash bags of possessions and sometimes an aluminum and fabric lawn chair or bicycle strapped to the roof; the occupant sitting nearby under a sheltering store roof overhang. FWIW.......before setting any traps for critters, you might want to consult with an attorney about what legal problems may arise from such devices as I am reminded of various articles over the years: Booby trap killing echoes textbook case Just sayin' I Hope your situation improves.
  9. Looks really nice to me! I don't know enough about variants, but the first image that came to mind was a scene in the movie Bridges at Toko-Ri as the carrier was being maneuvered in port using the Skyraiders
  10. If that's the reason, I look forward to more chrome in future builds. πŸ˜‰ Both of you do a great job on your builds ! πŸ™‚
  11. By Grabthar's Hammer ! I can almost see those cute little aliens - with the really pointy teeth- now ! Looks great ! I gotta try that window technique for my old 1960s era Aurora and Lindberg kits at home awaiting rebuilding.
  12. I had the AURORA P-38 kit molded in OD in the 1960s, and the AURORA British Spitfire molded in that blue plastic. Looking forward to the restoration.
  13. Wonderful work on that old kit ! What did you use for the rigging and what method did you use to obtain the taught rigging ?
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