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  1. I really like the engine and especially the frame modifications !🀩 Thank you for posting the supply sources. Aftermarket for aircraft is something I've know about for decades but not car model aftermarket; some very nice items available from Future Attractions . I am guessing that cutting the rims in half was accomplished by making and using spacers for gripping the rims in a lathe collet chuck.
  2. I have not seen that version of the Airfix kit and look forward to seeing the finished model posted in your build logs. The Junkers will be a nice comparison to the 1/48 PZL-23B KARAS
  3. Nice ! I almost expect to see steam emanating from it. Not just nice to look at, but educational as well. I was unfamiliar with the brand and product until your post prompted me to do a Google search.
  4. Carlos, I have a Lindberg car kit re-issue and intend to add parts from Monogram and aftermarket manufacturers for a future Chicago area IPMS contest....maybe include a Lindberg aircraft in what if markings................ if I can ever spare time from the must do list of projects around the house. Maybe some day I'll build 'em and post photos but the build dates keep getting kicked down the road.😭😭 In the mean time, I can at least enjoy the results of other people's work. πŸ€—
  5. THAT is an old Aurora kit ?!!! AMAZING results ! I was unfamiliar with the kit even though I lived trough the Aurora era from childhood through adult. Only just read about it's Aurora vs Monogram variants here https://www.blindbatnews.com/2015/05/148-scale-comparison-a-7-corsair-2-aurora-revell-monogram-esci-hasegawa-hobby-boss/38065 Aurora kits were pretty much despised by the Chicago area IPMS members during the late 1970s and later. Your results coupled with Ron Bell's Aurora builds make me wonder if there shouldn't be a separate Aurora category in model contes
  6. Carlos, Thanks for the specifics about the Mr. Surfacer.πŸ˜€ You tube hosts two video for that Somua
  7. Very nice work on that kit. 🀩 I can easily envision Nicholas Moran ( Outside the Chieftains Hatch host ) giving a lecture on the vehicle. What version of Mr. Surfacer did you use?
  8. Before a local sporting goods store changed hands, I bought several tins of lead BBs for use as nose weights. I notice that Haendler & Natermann lead BBs are still available in 1500 ct quantities. Lead BBs might be useful as an alternative to chopping up larger lead items for cramped locations.
  9. I'm unemployed, but the Illinois Lock Down hasn't affected my hobby buying simply because I have more than enough kits to keep me busy for the next 40 years 🀐- especially the kits I wanted most - and being home with the Home Improvement stores considered essential and open for business meant that my money and time has been diverted into upgrades for my home with exterior first and interior during this winter. Given that the economic vitality of my home state is in free-fall, it will be interesting to see if any brick and mortar hobby shops survive until next year 😧 as I have seen an in
  10. FWIW...........a build in progress on Arcforums by member crobinsonh shows the nose filled but no specific weight mentioned: November 10, 2014 in In-Progress Pics
  11. Before COVID-19 Lock-downs forced more folks to spend more time on-line, my preferred source of old, OOP kits was via Thrift websites as bid prices were still reasonable. Somebody must have revealed the secret because bids on almost everything have gone up as though the buyer's lives depended upon obtaining the items; the biggest price jumps due to last second snipers. Sometimes bidders still miss a kit or two in their searches and final bids on a kit can still be reasonable. πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
  12. Beautiful work on that kit ! I also have the movie Murphy's War on DVD and can recall reading the promo article in Air Classics when the movie was in it's first-run ....................yes, I'm that ancient 😏
  13. Another lovely rendition of an old- and presumably out of date / only good for collecting - Aurora kit ! Seeing the model conjured up old memories of reading ( in a late 1960s Air Classics zine ? ) about Raymond Collishaw's experiences in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution after WWI. Thanks for posting the photos !
  14. Nicely done and with an attractive display base, too! I bought a second copy of the old HAWK XAB-1 "BETA-1" as a replacement for my old childhood build and notice that the Fantastic Plastic company once sold a resin 1/144 scale version. If I weren't up to my eyeballs in kits, the Northrop Nuclear-Powered Flying Wing Bomber would have been an attractive addition to my Pile O Kits as you have proved the kit builds up very well ! Thanks for posting the photos. Out of curiosity, have you also built the old AMT YB 49 or Italieri re-issue?
  15. We now return you to your regular programming........................🀫 As for the wonderfully finished product.............you must be a tough and very determined builder ! I never built that kit, but from what i recall of some old Airfix kits, the wing roots were a terror to blend into the fuselage. Must have been a Bear ( a much bigger Soviet aircraft πŸ˜‰) to fill in and sand the wing roots and empennage assembly to a smooth finish for seam free painting. 😧
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