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  1. Beautiful work ! I never knew a BF 109 flown during WWII could look so good in those colors. You might just start a "What If " trend for Axis aircraft
  2. Amazing kit ! I can't help but think back to the minimal kit details in models I saw in drug stores during the late 1960s.
  3. I've seen plastic sheets in the window / storm door section of Menards as well as Home Depot but it appears thicker than the clear plastic sheeting I saw recently in food stores. I may bring a micrometer to measure the stuff I have seen and compare thickness- though I admit I will get some odd stares from employees . Now that i think of it.............McMaster Carr may have something- I'll need to check thicknesses compared to what i saw in stores. https://www.mcmaster.com/acrylic
  4. I recently bought a stand alone shelving system but have not yet located a source of optically clear, lightweight acrylic for cutting and fitting as dust protection. I am currently checking what modular LED lighting is available for illumination. I have seen very nice , clear acrylic recently installed in store checkout isles during the Covid-19 panic; wish I knew who makes the sheet plastic.
  5. Nice work on that old kit; evokes some good memories of building Aurora kits. Thanks for posting the photos.
  6. Thanks for that mention of Molotow chrome...............been wondering how I would cover up exposed plastic on 1/12 scale Monogram car parts .
  7. My first tank kit was the Aurora Panther........the box did not survive my childhood........; my instructions are dated copyright 1956...........plastic was grey and may have been the version in the hyperlink below: Aurora Panther Tank
  8. I built the Stalin III long ago and it now exists only as a few remaining bogies in a scrap box. I still have the un-built Aurora M-46 and instructions in storage as it was purchased long before information was readily available. Thanks for the reminder..........I'll need to visit the First Division Museum to take photos after the Covid 19 emergency ends and the museum re-opens. BTW.............very nice work on that old kit ! M-46 Patton First Division Museum
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