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  1. I had the AURORA P-38 kit molded in OD in the 1960s, and the AURORA British Spitfire molded in that blue plastic. Looking forward to the restoration.
  2. Wonderful work on that old kit ! What did you use for the rigging and what method did you use to obtain the taught rigging ?
  3. Carlos Abe Shikes and Joseph Giammarino ran AURORA when the kit was originally designed and produced. I built a lot of their model kits as a child and have a few un-built Monogram re-issues purchased at Chicago area IPMS contests waiting for me to finish home remodeling.
  4. As far as I am concerned...............the completed kit looks much, much better than the result Abe Shikes and Joseph Giammarino would have expected to see at the time the kit was designed.
  5. Nice work ! I've never seen the kit outside the box and it looks really good! Been seeing a number of old kits built up in the forum looking far better than the age of the molds would suggest.
  6. Very nice work; especially the instrument panel ! I remember seeing the kit box on shelves in many, now long closed, Chicago area hobby shops but never saw the actual kit.
  7. Nice seeing something pre-war German civilian. I could be tempted by the Typ 170V Lieferwagen if I didn't have unbuilt kits waiting for either finishing or display space.
  8. Looks nice ! I don't see much in the way of civilian water craft models. The Puerto Rican flag was a nice touch and using the water balloon rings was an excellent idea ! I hadn't realized how old the molds were. Looks like those old Aurora model airplane kits finished - or being finished by other IPMS forum members - now have some company. Thanks for posting the photos. Really great seeing it !
  9. DANG ! Quite a change from an Aurora kit. Nice work !
  10. I used bottled Testors paints back in the swinging '60s as that brand was the only paint sold at the local five and dime. Didn't have an air brush until mid-high school. I like the dry brushing on the engine detail. Looking forward to see if you add rigging; I never did I am not even certain the Aurora kit instructions showed rigging.
  11. Per recent news reports, I expect federal, state and local regulations regarding Covid-19 and it's mutations to control gatherings of people for the foreseeable future despite the promise of vaccines. I am a registered geezer ; sez so on my property tax bill. and most of the IPMS local members that I have known since the early 1970s are at least a decade or more older and fall into the most at risk category. Generally, chapters held meetings in public buildings and were able to recruit as well as obtain funds via local contests. I just checked the website of one of my local Chicago area chapters and note that there is no mention of any potential meetings for this year due to Covid. I am presuming that the financial may be more of a problem without local contests - while the minimum number of members should not be a problem unless dues from all members cannot cover chapter financial commitments. My question is this: What is the minimum required ( financial payments to IPMS National and number of members ) for a chapter to maintain it's status as an official IPMS USA Chapter?
  12. Kind of ironic about Squadron as Covid-19 lock downs prompted even more people to buy on-line. Since March last year I have watched on-line bid prices of almost everything ranging from second hand model kits of almost every type; medium format and large format film cameras; silver face 1970s stereos, Reel 2 Reel and cassette decks with prices seeming to go crazy compared to the low pre-lock down days- and with no apparent end in sight.
  13. Ironically, I have only recently been acquiring an interest in car kits after decades of aircraft models. At least I have access to on-line building tips posted by various forum members now that Chicago area IPMS meetings have been shut down indefinitely due to Covid 19 and its various future mutations.
  14. For some reason, the first thing I though of was Capt. Eric Browns account of a sabotaged engine blowing up just prior to his taking off in a captured Arado 234. Nice results- doesn't look difficult to build now that you wrestled it into submission.
  15. Nice work ! Your HvH technique is definitely making that kit look good! I'll need to try the razor saw technique; a great idea that gives some texture for a wash application. I have a B17 Formation box full of 1970s era Aurora re-pops including the Camel and Dr-1 kits that I need to dig into when I am able to finish the current projects. Side note: I was unaware who did the art for that old Aurora Me-109. until today- but it convinced me to buy the model as a child. I was really disappointed by the scarlet red kit inside when compared to even the old Monogram model.
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