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  1. Welcome to the forum, Dmytro!
  2. Contact him via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vargas.lg
  3. Not going. Have fun guys, and see you all in Madison.
  4. Yep, Eric already pointed me in that direction. But it would be nice if the link that the amendments page claims to go to, did......🙄
  5. Sorry, I should have been clearer. The link in the e-mail works. The link that isn't there is on the voting page, right at the top where it says "Below is a summary of the 12 Amendments. We did not have space here to list all the changes, click on this link to read the entire Amendments with changes highlighted." That is the part that isn't working. I wish to read the full text before voting.
  6. That works - thanks, Eric!
  7. Just received the e-mail with details on how to vote for officers and amendments. The part about amendments states "We did not have space here to list all the changes, click on this link to read the entire Amendments with changes highlighted" However, there is no link that I can find. Am I just blind?
  8. Very well said, Gil. Especially this - "While WE in IPMS may know that's a misperception, printing an editorial column written by the IPMSUSA President in the IPMSUSA official publication that labels everyone else who doesn't JOIN and support us as freeloaders only strengthens that perception." Yes, he is entitled to his own personal opinion. But he is NOT entitled to voice that opinion in his official column in the official organ of the Society. Hiding behind "it's just my own opinion" is just not possible for an elected official. Full stop. Business 101 - don' t ++++ off potential customers.
  9. This conversion chart might be helpful: https://www.angelfire.com/ca6/modelci/hints/color.htm
  10. Good start! Looks as if its a very nice kit.
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