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  1. I am deeply saddened to hear this news. MJ was a terrific person, always kind and willing to help. She and Ed were true stalwarts of the organization. I miss them both. Blue skies, MJ.
  2. That's sad news. We owe him a huge debt of thanks for starting IPMS/USA; for all it's faults, it's the glue that's held US modeling together for many years.
  3. "Finally finished..." - it only took you three weeks!!!!! :o I'm lucky if I can finish one in three months at the moment.... Nice job and I like that colour scheme. :)
  4. Google is your friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers_Type_161 Also found a couple of reviews of the kit you bought. :) BTW, 37mm gun........!
  5. Zoom, zoom! Lovely car, lovely model!
  6. Interesting points, James. One company that is producing more new kits is Airfix, who seem to have taken the road less travelled and are making new moulds with good outlines and sparse detail for less money - just the sort of kit favoured by the budget-challenged Type I modeller you mention. Even the new 1/24 Mosquito is quite reasonably priced for what you get; I could see it easily topping $300 if it came from the Far East.
  7. Here's Baris' model: http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=12385 UAMF is found here: http://gregers.7.forumer.com/index.php
  8. But that's half the fun, Les! Anyone, including me, can build a decent model from a Tamigawa shake 'n bake, but it takes real skill to make a decent model from an old Airfix or Matchbox - and one day, I'll succeed! :lol: Depends what one wants from one's modelling, I suppose. Me, I have fun building the oldies, regardless of the results.
  9. Nice one, Tim - so what's that new weathering method? Looks fine to me.
  10. And I'm sure those are the same colours as well - many thanks Mike!! :D
  11. Sure is, Gil - camera hatch on the port side, radio hatch on starboard, though often used for accessing the cameras. Pavla has a camera set that includes a new hatch, while I had to cut the radiohatch out and create a new door. Better save the rest for the review...! ;)
  12. And my latest completion is the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire XIX. This one was done to review the recent Pavla resin sets, so look out for a review at this website shortly. :)
  13. Anyone know the correct colours (names and FS #s) for the two VFA-122 Aggressor-schemed birds? There's a sand-style F and blue E. TIA!
  14. I agree with Mike. There have been no rumours that I am aware of at the European boards I visit.
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