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  1. Nice! The barrel is very convincing, as are the various chains and ropes. Is it called a Parrot Gun because it's bright yellow? 😁
  2. Impressive! What are the dimensions?
  3. Nice work, Ron! According to Scalemates, this is a re-release of the 1977 Monogram 1/618 scale kit.
  4. My wife is actually thinking she'd like to come - she's heard lots of good things about that area of the country. I've never been to Wisconsin so it'll be a first for me. As for it being too far - well, that's true of anywhere for a lot of people, but them's the breaks. Just about anywhere WE want to go is one plane change away nowadays, and we aren't letting that be our excuse for not going. As I'm not intending to enter anything in the contest, it's a non-issue for me - I'll save all my entries for the next time Phoenix hosts....! 😁
  5. I'll second that! I thought the idea to have lunch delivered to vendors was a particularly nice touch.
  6. Cheers, Phil - I might just take you up on that!
  7. Cheers, guys. As I won't have a car, I won't be able to get out there. Guess I'll have to pay for an extra checked bag! 😁
  8. Will there be any facilities available to mail packages from the convention site over the weekend, such as UPS or FedEx? I remember there being such at some conventions in years' past.
  9. They can't have been too wide if the profile is correct (which is uncertain) - the artist shows the bands being between the underwing roundel and the serial, where in real life there wasn't that much space. It may have been that part of the serial was painted over. Without a photo, it's all guesswork. This is the uncertainty that surrounds many profiles - unless you can find the photo the profile was created from, you have no idea how accurate it is. I've looked through a bunch of my references and can't find any photos of Seahawks with those bands.
  10. I imagine those were there for some sort of exercise rather than an operation, as it appears these were there for a short period in 1953. Here's a Russian interpretation: http://www.wings-aviation.ch/32-FAA/4-Sqn/806.htm
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