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  1. rhester

    New IPMS/USA Website

    Jeez, You guys have NO idea how much work it takes to maintain the IPMS/USA website... You should give Eric a Gold Medal; at least it would be something he could cash in...But NO... you would rather take the website for granted... Let me tell you THIS: If you ignore it, it WILL go away.
  2. Dick, I, for one, would welcome any "how to" manual you might care to make... Your intention is superlative, and seeing as I am in the midst of making my own decals (thank you, Squadron for your paper) I for one would appreciate any alternative which might be available...
  3. rhester

    Help Request From Ipms/uk Member

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  4. rhester

    New Moderator

    Please join me in wecloming Mark Deliduka as the newest member of our Moderating Team!
  5. Guys, I've been busy working on IPMS stuff, and haven't been as timely as I should when it comes to our Forums... Please Welcome our new "Cars, Trucks" Moderator to the Forums... Matt LeBlanc! For three years now, he's been stuffing me with models, crawfish, and good humor - so I had to get some payback, and put him to work on the Forums just to get him off my back! Thanks, Matt, for pitching in and helping us out on the Board! Bob
  6. rhester

    Eduard Dh2 Rigging Info Needed

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  7. rhester

    F-102 Decal Inquiry

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  8. rhester


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  9. rhester

    Forum Skins

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