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  1. Dick Montgomery

    Hetzer Late - Academy, 1/35

    Muy Bueno! There is an annual show in San Antonio, Tx in February. A number of modelers from the Monterrey area are annual participants. Perhaps you can join them and enter this excellent model in the contest?
  2. Dick Montgomery

    1/32 Boeing P 12 E....Complete!!!

    That looks great! Looks like a fun project!
  3. Dick Montgomery

    Kinda makes me hungry

    As for lack of skills....I have enough skill with the smart phone camera to hide the major flaws on the Pancake. As for the props..... They are not the "typical" laminated blades, at least the pics on the Interwebs does not show them with that stereotypical appearance. I studied the interweb pics, selected the Vallejo colors that I keep on hand for such work, and matched the pic colors to the Vallejo paint colors...……..more or less. I don't worry about exact match-ups. The blades were shot with a Tamiya yellow due to the fact that there are two yellow bands on the prop tips, and a large yellow "plate" at the base of each blade. The blades had the color bands on the tips applied in the usual fashion, with masking tape and airbrush. I masked over the white band on the prop tip in preparation for hand painting the wood effect. (I have a new appreciation of Tamiya tape!) I started "wooding" the blades with a thin coat of the lightest color, followed by applications of 3 different darker colors, all applied fairly thinned out. All the time I kept checking the interwebs pics (which, by this time I had downloaded to my laptop) to use as a reference, paying attention to the length, width, and intensity of the different colors in the pics, and trying to mimic those same lines on the blades. Once all the paint was dry I dipped each blade in Future and then set it aside to dry out. I avoided dipping the blade deep enough to get that metal plate at the bottom of each blade covered....wanted it to be fairly matt in appearance with some "chipping" of the yellow revealing a "metal" finish" to the plate, itself. Applied the "logo" decal, and gave each blade another Finish bath, and the result was...…...well, you see the result. I've done other Special Hobby kits and I find them to be well detailed, with a "fit" that is quite good. I've also found that if one doesn't study the instructions (not in English, but the universal language of drawings and illustrations) thoroughly, one will have trouble sooner or later. Decals were quite good. Not for the beginner, and it certainly challenged my skill level. Be careful with the canopy parts and don't stress them when removing them from the parts tree, or when masking them. They are a bit thin. Test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit, test fit. Did I mention its wise to test fit? Great Fun!...……..and quite tasty with Maple Syrup!
  4. Dick Montgomery

    Kinda makes me hungry

    Just finished the Special Hobby V-173 Flying Pancake. It's a 48th scale kit and its a beauty. One needs to know that there are no locating pins/holes for the gear struts but there is engraved detail that clearly shows where the gear struts fit to the underside of the Pancake. Lots of excellent detail and a clean, tight fit. My building skills were not up to the task but the project was very enjoyable.
  5. Dick Montgomery

    IPMS/USA National Convention 2020

    Don't forget Kent Black's BBQ right there in San Marcos. And also Hays County BBQ along the southbound lanes of I-35.
  6. Dick Montgomery

    Best clear flat you've ever used

    80% Tamiya Clear Flat + 20% Future.
  7. Dick Montgomery

    2019 convention website

    Bookmarked and Thanks.
  8. Dick Montgomery

    First BIG Thank You

    Thanks to the photographers and especially to Mark for organizing the collection and posting of the pics.
  9. Hey, I missed you at the Phoenix show.

  10. Dick Montgomery

    Best clear flat you've ever used

    I use Tamiya Clear Flat with decent results.
  11. Dick Montgomery


    Sorry for the delay in responding.... The insulators are cut from tubing (.005 diameter I think). This tubing is actually found in fishing gear departments of your local outdoor store. Lots of hobby stores carry it also. One just needs to "thread" the EZ line or antenna material thru the tubing.
  12. Dick Montgomery

    Good Evening from Saratoga Springs, NY

    Welcome from a retired teacher who now enjoys a 12 month "summer' vacation.
  13. Dick Montgomery

    Classic airframes 1/48 P-12e

    That's a great job on the rigging and turnbuckles.
  14. Dick Montgomery

    Kit Bash Hover Car

    Wow! Excellent workmanship and fantastic idea!
  15. Dick Montgomery

    In Need Of Volunteer Photographers