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  1. I consider the price of the Raffle tickets to be a "contribution" to the financial success of the event. I don't expect the host club to take any action on my behalf. I enjoyed the event and plan on attending the event next year. Called Stevens Int., which is the importer for Trumpy kits. The staffer with whom I spoke said that Stevens did not have any replacement parts for this particular kit due to its age. She also asked where I bought the kit. I wasn't going to lie to her so I told her that it was a raffle item at a local show. She said that Stevens replaced parts, if supplies we
  2. I recently won a Raffle prize....the Trumpeter 32nd TBM-3 Avenger. Wow! Nice! When I returned home from the show where I won the kit I found that the windscreen was cracked into two pieces. If you happen to have this kit and, perhaps the part inventory is not complete, or there is damage to parts other than the windscreen, you might consider reaching out to me regarding your mint condition windscreen, or even the entire runner for the clear parts. I really, Really, REALLY don't want to attempt to vacuform a replacement.
  3. "Howdy" from Texas, Rudolfo! Hope you can make it to the Vegas show this summer.
  4. Thanks Dave. I'll give them a chance to wake up and get to work (or their workspace at home) and contact them.
  5. When will the list of candidates for all offices be posted on the IPMS Forum? That would allow members to ask questions of the candidates When will voting begin? When does voting close?
  6. I need to replace the windscreen, part #24 on the Trumpeter 32nd TBM-3 Avenger kit, kit # 2234. Any suggestions?
  7. This is the old Academy 32nd scale Nieuport 17. Not a very good kit, and certainly not one of my better efforts, but it was an enjoyable build.
  8. Can someone provide the name of the hotel/convention center which served as home base for the 2006 Convention in K.C.?
  9. Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep the website up and running!
  10. To quote Mr. Ed, "Time Flies", and so do all the great aircraft models pictured above! Well done!
  11. You've got SKILLS! The snow looks outstanding, face looks great and the eyes are very good. I particularly like the shadows on the jacket.
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