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  1. Dick Montgomery

    First BIG Thank You

    Thanks to the photographers and especially to Mark for organizing the collection and posting of the pics.
  2. Hey, I missed you at the Phoenix show.

  3. Dick Montgomery

    Best clear flat you've ever used

    I use Tamiya Clear Flat with decent results.
  4. Dick Montgomery


    Sorry for the delay in responding.... The insulators are cut from tubing (.005 diameter I think). This tubing is actually found in fishing gear departments of your local outdoor store. Lots of hobby stores carry it also. One just needs to "thread" the EZ line or antenna material thru the tubing.
  5. Dick Montgomery

    Good Evening from Saratoga Springs, NY

    Welcome from a retired teacher who now enjoys a 12 month "summer' vacation.
  6. Dick Montgomery

    Classic airframes 1/48 P-12e

    That's a great job on the rigging and turnbuckles.
  7. Dick Montgomery

    Kit Bash Hover Car

    Wow! Excellent workmanship and fantastic idea!
  8. Dick Montgomery

    In Need Of Volunteer Photographers

  9. Dick Montgomery

    In Need Of Volunteer Photographers

    Mark, Thanks for very for providing this photo coverage of the Nats. I look forward to seeing the pics very much!
  10. Dick Montgomery

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Thanks. It'll be in some of the local contests in our area over the next year so you'll get to see it in person. I'll be happy to explain how its easy to hide the flaws in the pics.
  11. Dick Montgomery

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Thanks Bill. I really like these Accu Mini kits.
  12. Dick Montgomery

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Thanks Doug. Issues- There are errors in part # identifications but they easy to work around. Cowl can be a problem as the fit to the fuselage is iffy, as is the fit of the engine into the cowl. Watch the installation of machine guns in the wings.....most likely the version you'll build will have only one wing mounted gun and that will be in the left wing. Be cautions when attaching the landing gear. The locating pins are small and easy to snap off, and the braces for the gear are difficult to place properly. Cockpit can be very difficult to assemble properly. "Fit" and placement of parts is difficult and instructions are of little help. "Fit" of the fuselage and wings is quite good with very little work on most of the seams. Pay attention to the back edge of the wing assembly where it fits on the fuselage. You're going to see a great deal of the interior after the project is finished so spend some extra time there. Placement of the instrument panel can be quite difficult. Kit masks and decals are excellent....at least in the kit I bought and built. Detail is excellent with lots of texture that is rather pleasing to the eye. Even with all the issues I thoroughly enjoyed the project. I have a couple of other Accu Mini kits that I'll put on the "To Do" list for later this year.
  13. Dick Montgomery

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Wing walks are painted as is the single white fuselage stripe.
  14. Dick Montgomery

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Just completed the SB2U-3 by Accurate Miniatures. Great detail, with a few "issues", but the end result is worth the small amount of trouble.
  15. Dick Montgomery

    Judging Question

    Mark said, "I will still build models to the best of my ability." Words to model by.