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  1. Who knows? I joined IPMS because there was a local chapter who welcomed me when I had just moved to Chattanooga and was newly back into the hobby. For me, the single biggest reason I joined was the sense of community. I don't know that I ever expected anything more from IPMS. Here's what I see IPMS offers me: The structure that supports local chapters. The organization that makes affordable (read free) insurance coverage to model shows. The structure and financing that makes the National Convention possible. For me, that's enough. What's it take to keep you interested?
  2. One big problem with sorting out who is and isn’t a member at general admission sales…members who don’t have cards with them…”but honest, I’m a member. Of course I’m a member. I have a FOUR DIGIT number, let me in. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION I’M A MEMBER, just look it up. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GO TO THE IPMS USA TABLE AND WAIT IN THAT LINE TO DO THAT.” Yes, it will happen. Unless and until we get the technology in place to have membership data bases available everywhere a member/non-member decision must be made, there will be issues. As far as tracking GA sales, as recently as 2019, all those sales, and tshirts, raffle tickets, etc sales were tracked, and lost track of with tick marks on yellow pads. I haven’t attended since I chaired 2019, but unless we’ve upped our point of purchase game, you can kiss that data collection and tracking goodbye. It ain’t gonna happen.
  3. After staying out of this for 9 pages, I'll throw a few thoughts out based on my experience running the 2019 Nats. First, Gil, I don't know of any vendors that are using 30-50 tables, even at the Nats. Eduard, Special Hobby, and Free Time Hobbies were our three whale type vendors if I remember right. Free Time took up space where we would have placed about 25 tables. I think Eduard and Special Hobby were more like 20 tables worth of space. But it does look impressive in the room. As for Ron's comments, the Chattanooga Convention Center actually cold called us. They had a saleswoman who was scouring convention records from around the country and had seen the IPMS USA Convention pop up several times, reached out to Marie, and Marie sent her to us. We had just started hosting our local show in the multi-use room of one of our club member's church, which we ended up out growing after 2 years. The convention center hooked us up with affordable space and the club has run its show there ever since. That did help build a great working relationship with the convention center (which I'll hit on later). We were also able to work closely with the Chattanooga Visitor's Bureau to secure good hotel contracts. The CVB was also able to get us within spitting distance of getting some serious Volkswagen sponsorship money. Unfortunately, after looking into what the convention was all about and the seeming emphasis on military models, the corporate honcho's put a halt on that sponsorship. Of course, our theme of "Was it Over When the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor?" may have played a part in that decision????? To Michael's point about the banquet. The need for a banquet is two fold. Many members like it and want it. And, in order to meet the food and beverage requirements of most facilities, a banquet is the best option. In Chattanooga we opted to pay the $5000 rental for the room and do the desert thing rather than do a banquet. We could have done a banquet and gotten the room for "free", but chose to try something new. Which many folks really appreciated, even thought the desert bar concept really tanked. As to requiring banquet for registration, I'd say that in almost all cases, that's a physical impossibility. You can't get that many people seated in the room, which is why people complain about feeling like second class citizens having to sit in the hallway listening to the awards presentation. There are other costs like banquets though. Audio-Visual can be one. We took a look at the AV vendor's pricing and decided to do much of it on our own. They were charging $600 a day for LCD projectors. 4 projectors (one for each seminar room) would have cost $2700 for 3 days. We spent $800 to buy one good one and borrowed several others. We also bought projection screens rather than renting them. Our AV budget would have been 75% higher than it ended up being if we'd have had to rent everything. But talking to the guys in Phoenix, they didn't have that option. They were required to rent everything from the facility AV vendor. There are just some costs that some hosts just can't avoid. To add to Ron's point about the difficulty of maintaining relationships, I'll attest it's hard. Again, the Chattanooga Chapter had a great working relationship through 8 years of local shows and the National Convention. Once the Nats came and went, that relationship has started to fray. I'm no longer in Chattanooga, but I keep in touch and attend the local show every January, and the new head guy running the show was telling me this year that the relationship is really strained. The price breaks the club used to enjoy are no longer on the table, and their responsiveness is dropping. This after more than 10 years working together and the same folks largely being involved. The other shocker was how quickly the relationship with the Marriott attached to the convention center fell apart. The hotel sold to new ownership during Covid, and when the club tried to get a reasonable rate for a small block of rooms for their January show they were given a rate of something on the order of $180 a night. When we tried to explain we had a 10 year relationship working with them and had sold out the hotel for a solid week, management shrugged an said that was then. And finally, to Nat's point about vendors. Yes, we do rely on them. At $100 per table for the nats, and nearly 400 vendor tables sold, they generated north of $30,000 in income for the convention after table rental costs. We couldn't hold a Nats without them without significant cost increases for the attendees. However, we can't discount what the vendors get from coming to the show. It's a two way street and it has to work for both sides.
  4. Not much to say that you didn’t already say Jeff. All you can do is put on the best convention you can and if folks aren’t willing to go the distance, as you say, it’s on them. Good luck with the preparation and I’m personally looking forward to making the trip! Mike
  5. I should remember better, but I think we set out GA price to where 4 days was more than convention registration. And we did not offer a 4 day pass. If some one wanted to attend all 4 days on GA tickets, they had to line up every day and pay up. I agree GA is abused.
  6. Thanks Mike. I don’t know if we’ll ever do it again, but it was an honor and a thrill to do it last year. I’m glad you enjoyed it. mike
  7. Duke, you are too kind. It was fantastic having you make the trip and display your collection. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas! mike
  8. Wow! Thanks for posting all the pictures guys. Every year it never fails that I see pictures of models that I never saw during the show. For some reason, last year's Nats were even worse in that regard. We in Chattanooga were thrilled to host all of you and are glad you all had a good time! Thanks Mike Moore
  9. Thanks Dave. We are definitely hoping that the display only concept takes root and grows. To a certain extent it is dependent on having facilities that are big enough to support it without impinging on the contest space, but if enough people demand it, who knows what will happen! Mike
  10. Thanks Andy. As for your plea for us to bid again, all I can say is, I'll entertain that conversation right after you get me in touch with a good divorce attorney who works pro bono! But I'll make sure the rest of the team knows you want us to go again! Mike
  11. Thanks Ian. I'll make sure the whole team see's your kind words. Mike
  12. Thanks for the kind words John! I’m glad you enjoyed the show, as that’s the whole point. I’ll make sure the whole team sees your post. Mike
  13. Thanks so much John. I’ll let the whole team know. Glad to know you enjoyed your trip! Mike
  14. Bob, the Banquet hall is 18,000 sf. Mike
  15. Thank you Bob. The success of the display only area is probably the part I'm personally most proud of. I had high hopes for it, but 1700 models out for display only far, far, far exceeded my wildest expectations! Hell, even if you take The Duke's 750 models out of the picture, we still had 950 models just out for display! Mike
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