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  1. It is a shame that you are doing this in 48th scale, as all of those planes are available in 72nd scale and VTANG markings are available for most, if not all of them. (I love ANG aircraft.)
  2. Looking forward to Phoenix again. (but it is a dry heat!) :smiley16:
  3. Yes, the vehicle was commandeered by the British during the ill-fated Norway campaign. Trying to figure out the make, year and type.
  4. Can anyone identify the make and model of the van in this photo? It was taken in Norway in April/May 1940
  5. The national might be able to help you with this. Contact the Director of Local Chapters. His contact into is on the IPMS/USA website.
  6. Very nice. I am amazed at work in this scale
  7. Fisher Model, which release a 32nd scale Rf-8 conversion told me in an email that they intend to release the same conversion in both 72nd and 48th scale.
  8. I love that real space is finally getting the attention it deserves. This looks really nice.
  9. Ok, that is just wrong. :smiley16:
  10. Very nice. I think it would look great with a torpedo.
  11. I will miss the Model Master line when/if it disappears. I've been transitioning over to Colourcoats and want to experiment with some of the newer paints as well. I HATE acrylics.
  12. Gil, What color did you paint the interior? Good to see you in Omaha.
  13. I don't seem to be able to find the link to actually register for the Nats. I can find banquet, tours and Tshirts, but not registering for the actual contest. Can someone provide the correct link? Help.
  14. Has a Dio ever won the Judge's Grand Award before?
  15. Gil, I admire you for getting back to this one.
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