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  1. Does anyone know what these are made of? They appear to be the type of gloves used in "clean rooms" in electronic assembly. There big advantage is that you perspire thru them. I'd like to find another source for them, if I can figure out what they are made of.
  2. Luckily the Eduard masks are pretty cheap, I just get another.
  3. Looks like a chemistry lab going on in the background. I don't think I've ever seen this kit built up at a contest.
  4. Here are a few of the photos I shot at Cinci. There is also a link to Jim Bates' blog with more photos as well. Photos here.
  5. Does anyone out there have a copy of Avions Magazine issues 118 and 119? If so can I get a copy or scan of the two part article on the CAMS 37? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Don, Thanks to you and your gang for a great show. Had a good time. Glad all went smoothly. Can't wait for next year.
  7. Gil, You just have to be quicker these days.
  8. I don''t think Sprue Bros charges your card for things not in stock, unless it is one of those special pre-order deals.
  9. I have high praise for the Starfighter decals. They were beautifully printed and incredibly thin. Almost too thin. The only other thing I'd have like to see is a little more opacity in the white on the wing stars. These are very minor complaints. I'd highly recommend using this manufacturer's decals.
  10. The Quickboost wings fit very well. One wingroot, the left I believe, had a little gap at the front that required some filling.
  11. Another photo. This was a fun kit. No perfect, but it went together pretty easily. Used Alclad II Dull Aluminum for the silver lacquer finish and I like the way it came out.
  12. Thanks guys. Here is another one. I used the True Details interior and wheels and Starfighter decals.
  13. Another one in the books for 2011. Hasegawa kit with Quickboost wings and rescribed cowl. One photo for now, more soon.
  14. I think verlinden did a USN aviator in a raft in 48th.
  15. Very nice to see this laid out step by step. I wish more folks would post this kind of stuff.
  16. It will be embarassing if she finishes hers and you don't. Get building!
  17. Yea!! Thanks for keeping us informed. I wonered what was happening.
  18. There is currently an SA-2 and an SA-3 in 72nd. I think there is an SA-6 and an SA-10 as well. The B-1 update would be great. I like the idea of the Soviet ICBMs.
  19. The firefly class ship Serenity. I'd pay for an injection kit of that.
  20. 1/72 C-17 Reasonably priced, injection molded 1/72 An-22 Reasonably priced, injection molded 1/72 IL-76 1/72 updated F-106 1/72 Updated Shorts Sterling 1/72 new mold DC-3/C-47 Give me time and I'll think of more......
  21. Looks good Gil. BTW, I here Fotocut is getting back to producing again.
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