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  1. Whose paints did you use. I really like the orange.
  2. I need another case myself. I've been looking at the ones at Ikea.
  3. Holy (beep)! Wow. Good luck. Post lots of photos.
  4. Ditto on most of what you put. In addition C-17 An-22 An-124 Il-76 C-141 C-5 P-43 U.S.S. Ward LST I-400
  5. Very nice. I wish I could rescue some of mine from the hall of shame.
  6. For all the Alclads except those that require a black base, I've been using Future. The effect of Alclad over the Future is amazing.
  7. Dick, This is a great kit for beating AMS. It is an easy, quick build. I did one several years ago.
  8. I have several project. I keep promising myself that I'll finish a MiG-21 or Me-262. This is the year. One of those two will be finished.
  9. Ed, Thanks for digging this one out. Great topic. I only finished two in 2011, one of which was one of my halfway started models.
  10. Very attractive. One question. What was the black triangle under the wing for? I assume for some sort of photo calibration.
  11. Pawel, Looking good. Looks like the fit of the kit is pretty good.
  12. Thanks Rob. I couldn't remember who did the book.
  13. I think there are photos of that in the book on the Dragon Wagon. I'll see if I can locate it. I know there was a diorama like that at AMPS a number of years ago.
  14. Modeling in God's one true scale. Good for you. Looks like a nice start.
  15. BTW, this is a good reason to use Future as your gloss coat before applying decals. If you use an enamel or lacquer dull coat and have this kind of error, then the Future should serve as a barrier for your paint job.
  16. Rob, Sounds like Badger ought to be paying us some endorsement money!
  17. I do mainly aircraft. I'll preshade along panel line. Then I'll apply a semi transparent base coat. I'll go back and fill in panel interiors with a much lightened base color. Then I'll go back with the base color thinned way down and mist a coat back over the highlights. In 72nd scale, you can imagine how small the panels are, but the control with the Velocity is amazing. With other brushes, sometimes I get a good spray, sometimes I don't. With the Velocity, I get a good spray every time.
  18. I got the Badger Renegade Velocity and I love it. I own 5 airbrushes, and it is by far the best for shading and detail work.
  19. Mike, I wasn't able to attend, but I know that 4 members of our club (MMCL) attended and brought a bunch of models down. They had very positive things to say about the show.
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