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  1. Office Manager running behind due to Nationals and moving. Mine was about 5 weeks old when I emailed her, got a response in day or so and my card a few days after that.
  2. Good job, Ron. Your extra effort really makes this old kit shine.
  3. Since we are on the survey, the voting form requires a selection of 123 or GSB else it will not let me vote for board candidates. Shouldn't there be an Abstain or Don't Care or Neither option on the survey ?
  4. I and one of my friends separately made reservations this morning at the Marriott from the links provided w/o problem from inside Hurricane Florence - how hard can it be ?
  5. Eric, I inserted replies at the >>> Yeah, I might have duplicated topics... been one of those weeks... >>> Know that one ... Email both of us, just in case... I don't think I've ever seen a Fact Sheet, so I don't know what info is on it. I've added more info to the Chapter web pages over the years and I doubt its on the sheet. >>> Thanks Eric, I will - I need to get clear of the week so I don't cause confusion because it's date sensitive, so it'll be next week, after the 21st. I have thought about providing access to the CC's to their Club pages... at the moment, I have a function that emails all the CC's to get them to update the page info. It's reasonably successful but I don't get replies from everyone. My concern is that instead of the DLC and I having to manage the pages, we'll end up managing the CC accounts and any Club pages where the CC does not want to do so.. >>> Yeah, I understand that, but we always keep working to the lowest common denominator - those that can't/won't/don't ... It is doable but it's not something I'm going to tackle without significant fraction of the parties involved on board... >>> If one takes our member voting record as an indicator, then it'll never happen -- and the ones who could/would are left with noting and you & DLC are stuck with it. I'm not sure why the Fact Sheet isn't online also -- then maybe we can make both systems work easier .... >> When I send you my corrections, I'll send you my chapter Fact Sheet from last year, as a sample ....
  6. I thought we had a thread on this under News & Announcements in late June - why not merge into one, ? I have updates to our info, but it won't happen for a week or so. I'll email who -- you, Eric, or the DLC ? If the Fact Sheet doesn't update this, then we need to sort it out. I am not sure why Chapter Contacts, who are generally responsible to communicate between national & the members cannot be given the tools/permissions to make the updates online and have that feed/inform the officers as necessary. We're doing this backwards, wasting the Webmaster's time and the DLC's time being secretaries, and our time also because we have to not only submit changes but then watch to see if made (correctly).
  7. I thought that our annual renewal was supposed to update this info - I can see that it plainly does not. We also need a FAQ on how to fill things out so the computer can understand them. For example, we meet 3rd Saturday every month - do I have to list each date?
  8. Thanks Kevin, got the Art Girona figures and I'll live with 54mm. I may also modify a few of the old Airfix Revoluitonary War figures.
  9. IMO, FWIW, this is an over-read of the Guidelines which appear to be far more concerned with speech than markings. The simple rule for nose-art/figures/scenes used to be, that if it didn't have to go behind the curtain, it would be OK -- it would after all be sitting on the contest table for all to view.
  10. Thanks, Ed, but I'm looking at 1776. Besides if I got them, then I'd HAVE TO get the Fighting Top. On the bright side, the books that were delayed by the nor-easter have arrived and I now have several clear drawings and some descriptive text. This should allow me to page back through AWI figures and see what might be close enough to modify. I think the basic design/construction was similar, only differing in details and colors. Still, any useful hints for base figures, etc, would be welcome.
  11. I got it in mind to build a US Marine figure from the Revolutionary War - none of this is my area of specialty. 54mm is the smallest and I would prefer bigger. I did find 2 Art Girona 54mm figures which I have ordered. I also found a 120mm of exactly what I wanted (round hat, brim up on side) from Minuteman Models but they appear to be out of business for several years. And that's it. I have a couple books here or due-in that may help me convert something else, but right now I know almost nothing about the era and subject. Any help would be appreciated -- I have been trolling the web with various searches then working my way down the results, with little luck -- so it may be there aren't many out there. Thanks in advance.
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