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  1. Good observation and response.
  2. Oh, no, not another. I worked with Clare on the Reviewer Corps for many years and chatted with him at many Conventions. This is tough to take, right after Jim Pearsall.
  3. OK, Gil, thanks - that clears it up.
  4. Look good, Gil. On the doors, are the 4 molding pcs (t,b,r,l) just glued to the plex and the hinges on the outside of them and the cabinet? Thanks, John R
  5. Office Manager running behind due to Nationals and moving. Mine was about 5 weeks old when I emailed her, got a response in day or so and my card a few days after that.
  6. Good job, Ron. Your extra effort really makes this old kit shine.
  7. Since we are on the survey, the voting form requires a selection of 123 or GSB else it will not let me vote for board candidates. Shouldn't there be an Abstain or Don't Care or Neither option on the survey ?
  8. I and one of my friends separately made reservations this morning at the Marriott from the links provided w/o problem from inside Hurricane Florence - how hard can it be ?
  9. Eric, I inserted replies at the >>> Yeah, I might have duplicated topics... been one of those weeks... >>> Know that one ... Email both of us, just in case... I don't think I've ever seen a Fact Sheet, so I don't know what info is on it. I've added more info to the Chapter web pages over the years and I doubt its on the sheet. >>> Thanks Eric, I will - I need to get clear of the week so I don't cause confusion because it's date sensitive, so it'll be next week, after the 21st. I have thought about providing access to the CC's to their Club
  10. I thought we had a thread on this under News & Announcements in late June - why not merge into one, ? I have updates to our info, but it won't happen for a week or so. I'll email who -- you, Eric, or the DLC ? If the Fact Sheet doesn't update this, then we need to sort it out. I am not sure why Chapter Contacts, who are generally responsible to communicate between national & the members cannot be given the tools/permissions to make the updates online and have that feed/inform the officers as necessary. We're doing this backwards, wasting the Webmaster's time and the D
  11. I thought that our annual renewal was supposed to update this info - I can see that it plainly does not. We also need a FAQ on how to fill things out so the computer can understand them. For example, we meet 3rd Saturday every month - do I have to list each date?
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