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    I am about to start building the Eduard Royal Class FW-190A early birds. What are the Pros and Cons with this kit, if any. I also have all the aftermarket items.
  2. File Size

    Thank-you Eric.
  3. File Size

    I see that I have only 1.4mb Max total size 1.4MB remaining to add photos. Looking at my past photos in the forum. A photo takes up about 3.0mb of space. Do I have to delete my posts to add more photos? Or how can I get more mbs? I am new to the forum and I would appreciate any help answering these questions. I have over 200 models and growing that I like to post pictures of my builds. Thank you in advance.
  4. More Old Builds

    This one I forgot the track marks on the ground, oops. I just realized I have this picture in the Aircraft forum.

    They are all 1/48 scale. The F3F is Accurate Miniature. The Corsair is Tamiya. The A20 is AMT. The Japanese aircraft is the Hasegawa Claude.
  6. Past Builds

    Some of my older builds:
  7. HELP!

    I need help in locating resin tires to replace those rubber tires that come with Trumpter's AD3 Skywarrior. I know Steel Beach made some but are OOP. Thanks.
  8. New to IPMS

    Jim, Thank you for your words of encourgement. Now back to building Eduarrd 's Royal Class Fw-190A early birds.
  9. New to IPMS

    Thank you for replying Mark. Sadly, Mark I must agree that Vermont does not have enough people to support a bricks and motor esablishment. Back in the late 60s and early 70s there was a small but good hobby shop in downtown Burligton called Russel`s hobby shop(anyone in the Burlington area remember?).

    This may have already been discussed. A great way to organize you paint is to use clear acryilic nail polish origanizer. that hang on the wall. Can get through Amazon. Holds about 100-120 bottles of paint such as AMMO, MIG, TAMIYA, VALLEJO, TESTORS. Also a great way to organize your paint sets is to purchase a peg board and peg board hooks.
  11. New to IPMS

    My name is Jim Pariseau. I am a new member. Been building models since I was 5 years old (54 years ago). I live in South Burlington, Vermont. Mostly I build 1/48 scale airplanes. My ever increasing stash is up to about 200 models. I have finally realized I will never build them all. But always in the market to purchase new kits and after market accessories. You can say I am a compulsive buyer. Looking to hear from other modelers. Does anyone know why Vermont does not have any good hobby shops?