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  1. Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki "Tojo"

    Nakajima Ki-44. Eduard Cockpit PE, Eduard canopy mask, True detail resin wheels, WEM colourcoat, Testor model master lacquer spray semi-gloss.
  2. Nakajima J1N1 Gekko "Irving"

    Nakajima Gekko. Eduard Cockpit PE, Eduard canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM colourcoat enamel, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testor model master lacquer spray semi-gloss.
  3. Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate "Frank"

    Ki 84 Frank of . i like my WW2 Japanese aircraft with a factory fresh finish versus the worn/scuffed looked. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard Canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM Colourcoats enamels, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testors lacquer spray Semi-gloss.
  4. Inside of F-16 exhaust nozzle

    Thanks for the tips.
  5. Long range Spitfire

    Awaiting for Eduard's IXc. Also, got some interesting KITS World decals for this bird. Will need to rob some bomb racks are tear drop drop tanks from Tamiya's P -51. Evidently, the US obtained 2 aircraft from the Brits for long range experiments that flew out of Wright field. I think the aircraft were only used for experiments. Hopefully, I will will have this model built in a month or two. the left tire looks a little flat to me. This is the plane without the nose art.
  6. Shapeways

    I have yet to use some 3D printer plastic that I purchased from Shapeways. So 1/48 details for aircraft and some 1/350 details for US aircraft carrier hanger bays. What type of glue would be recommended. I do not thick the plastic is styrene? So, CA glue should probably be used. To those who are not aware of this site, Shapeways sells items produced on 3D printers. The sites has all kinds of items for sale. For example, when in the site, type 1/48 for the search. Just bought this tonight.
  7. Inside of F-16 exhaust nozzle

    I have a question. I have a 1/48 scale F-16 that I plan on someday to build. I noticed that F-16s and other jets have a whitish color on the inside of the nozzle. How should I paint the inside of the nozzle to reproduce this color? Dry brush with white paint?
  8. Wings Pallet

    Thank-you for the heads up.
  9. Wings Pallet

    This may be old news. I was surfing the web the other day looking for some interesting aircraft camoflauge schemes. Came across a web site called "Wings Palette". The site says it has 1,000s of aircraft from every nation / era One drawback is only the profiles are shown(akin to the old MPC profile box tops). The URL looks like the site is from Russia. I am typing on my smart TV, so I cannot copy/paste the link. Just type wings palette for the google search.
  10. 1/48 Academy F-4B

    Nice cockpit.
  11. PACTRA

    The good old days of 15 cents /bottle.
  12. PACTRA

    Have you had a chance to use those Pactra paints? Just wondering if the paints are still good after all these years?
  13. AutoWorld

    Surprised the decals are still good. I have some aircraft decals from about 10 years ago and it hit or miss if the decals shatter.
  14. Vermont Aiir Natiional Guard

    I have Draw decals in 1/48th scale for the F102. Never used Draw decals before. Have you used them before? You already have been to the Vermont National guard museum(mostly Army national guard stuff on display but some airguard stuff also(here is a picture on the missile on display the F-102 used). Haven't been there for awhile but there may still be amour and aircraft models on display. Here is the link to the museum http://www.williammaloney.com/Aviation/VermontMilitaryMuseum/index.htm
  15. Hobby Boss BV 141

    Nice scratch build. Excuse me for asking. Is the "Roman candle" a what if?