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  1. Vendor list

    Looking forward to Phoenix again. (but it is a dry heat!) :smiley16:
  2. 1/72 Roden 8 inch howitzer with FWD Model B ammo truck

    Very nice Ron. Hope to see this in Columbus.
  3. Tru-Color Paint at Nationals for First Time

    Good to hear. Can't wait to see y'all there.
  4. Can anyone identify the type of vehicle in this photo?

    Great idea Ron. Didn't know they had a forum.
  5. Can anyone identify the type of vehicle in this photo?

    Yes, the vehicle was commandeered by the British during the ill-fated Norway campaign. Trying to figure out the make, year and type.
  6. Can anyone identify the make and model of the van in this photo? It was taken in Norway in April/May 1940
  7. Recruitment and Retention Secretary-Hello there

  8. Hi, my name is David Knights. I am the new Recruitment and Retention Secretary for IPMS/USA. My job is to concentrate on maintaining the members we have as well as finding ways to effectively recruit new members. I have been a member of IPMS/USA since about 1982, and am a big believer in the organization. I also believe that we have a huge potential for new members. I am hoping that you'll contact me with any ideas you have. I am also hoping that each one of you will go out and recruit a new member. Pleaase make the effort for this great organization.
  9. Any members in the Monadnock NH - Southern VT area?

    The national might be able to help you with this. Contact the Director of Local Chapters. His contact into is on the IPMS/USA website.
  10. Small Tiger

    Very nice. I am amazed at work in this scale
  11. I Wish for an RF-8 Crusader in 1/48th Scale

    Fisher Model, which release a 32nd scale Rf-8 conversion told me in an email that they intend to release the same conversion in both 72nd and 48th scale.
  12. Space Cadet Huygens Lander

    I love that real space is finally getting the attention it deserves. This looks really nice.
  13. 1/72 Handley-Page 115

    Ok, that is just wrong. :smiley16:
  14. Helicopter wish list

    Wrong scale. :smiley16:
  15. 1/48 G3M Nell- DONE!

    Very nice. I think it would look great with a torpedo.