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  1. Yes, it works well as a mask, though it can be a bit finicky to cut. I used it to mask off the camo on this 1/144 MIG-29:
  2. Already pre-ordered, with the light kit. Have TOS Enterprise as well, with all the Tena Controls lighting stuff. It's on my top-10 to start next. Main issue with these are where to display them. My preference would be the mantle in the family room, but for some reason my wife doesn't care for that idea . . .
  3. The last one - Tom Cruise movie - had some decent effects; the ferry scene in particular was great. But the never-ending, shrill screaming by the girl was really grating. At about 1/4 way in, I was ready to let the aliens have her. Both of the kids were really, really unlikeable.
  4. We partner with the local military museum to offer make 'n take programs, and get very good turnout. It means someone in the club has to take the lead, and we fortunately have a couple people that are willing to help out with it. So that might be something we can look at in areas with museums. It promotes the hobby as well as history. And I also noticed a LOT of dinosaurs on the tables at this year's nationals, so it doesn't have to be military stuff, it can be natural history, or maybe automobiles.
  5. All the models, and the category 'best of' winners can be found here: www.pelikanclub.org Enjoy!
  6. For those who are unable to attend, there's a running commentary blog at www.pelikanclub.org. Expect lots of photos this evening. :-)
  7. Hanson

    USS Ward question

    There's some info in Squadron's Flush Deck Destroyers in Action. One photo, but I think it's from the late 'teens in WWI camo. There are some photos here, also not great, but maybe helpful: http://www.navsource.org/archives/05/139.htm http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-w/dd139.htm Here's a pretty good line drawing: http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ships/ships-us/53315/view/uss_dd-139_ward_(destroyer)/ Which kit do you have? I recently found an older resin kit at a pretty good price, complete with a jap mini-sub. :-)
  8. Does anyone know of a good source for rigging plans? I have the Trumpeter 1/200 Arizona, but I've been looking around and can't seem to find a source.
  9. I really wish somebody would come out with a good early US battleship in plastic. I like the new HMS Dreadnought, but an American ship would be great. I know there's plenty of stuff in 1/700 resin, but I'd like something in 1/350. I've got two projects to finish, and then I'm going to start on the USS Olympia. I'd love to see more 'old steel' navy kits, too.
  10. I did a count of the tables on Saturday afternoon, but I haven't had a chance to sum all the totals How soon do you need it?
  11. i have a similar interest. I've not been able to find anything specific so far, but this has helped a little - http://thomo.coldie.net/wargaming/colour-schemes-of-ww1-warships "Mid-gray" is sort of vague, but at least it gives an idea between light and dark. I've also seen it as "#5 Standard Navy Gray."
  12. 453 model entrants - there were actually more registrations, but I'm not sure how many. 2711 entries.
  13. We've set up a "Live Feed" from the 2012 Convention. Visit the IPMS 2012 web site for the link - www.ipms2012.org (or get there directly at www.ipms2012.org/lb2012 ) Please feel free to pass it along on other forums or groups. Maybe if folks see what a Nationals is like, it would encourage them to join! Thanks.
  14. i believe it was originally intended to be the "Black Pearl" from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So that might be a good reference.
  15. I build (collect?) a bit of everything (I guess that makes me a 'generic' modeler), but I have built more cars than other subjects so far. The threads referenced above e.g. new categories are a great start, and I do wish I could implement them at Disney. But there's a process to be followed; meantime bring your models to Lake Buena Vista and lets fill the tables up with car models!
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