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  1. Hasegawa did a couple of boxings of the Beau. The availability varies, but they can be found online.
  2. I think sterolith 3d printing is the only way to produce these items. Like a lot of stuff, photoetch can't accurately reproduce the item.
  3. #6? OMG. Well, at least I managed to stay out of the top 5.
  4. I love WEM paints. I thin with Model Master Airbrush thinnner, about 60% paint to 40% thinner. WEM is my first choice in paints.
  5. A little background first. I am building the Airfix P-40B in 72nd scale in Pearl Harbor markings. I am doing it in Lt. Taylor’s markings. Both Starfighter and AML make decals for this aircraft. I am using the main markings from Starfighter and the data stencils from AML. Now, here is what is interesting. On the Starfighter sheet, the wing star in a circle and the fuselage star in a circle are the same diameter. On the AML sheet, the fuselage star in a circle is larger, On the tail of the aircraft, Starfighter has you put a tail number of either 23 or 27 (they admit they don’t know which is correct) on the tail, above another set of letters and numbers (15P) AML simply has the number 36, with no (15P) below it. On the Starfighter sheet they admit that the information on the markings of this aircraft aren’t certain. Apparently a lot of conclusions on the markings of this aircraft are based on photos of other aircraft from the same unit. So, I am soliciting opinions. Should the wing and fuselage roundels be the same size? Any input on the tail numbers?
  6. May I suggest KY ANG markings. In 68 they were deployed to Japan in response to the Pueblo incident.
  7. Just finished this one. A great model The engineering is amazing. and here it is compared to a Hasegawa A6M2 I built 20 years ago.
  8. Ron, Thanks for the memories. I remember building that kit many, many years ago.
  9. Too bad you aren't building in "God's one true scale" :lol: The new 72nd Tamiya A6M5 is simply the best 72nd kits I've ever seen or built.
  10. No rush. Just trying to confirm some impressions I got for an after action report for our club newsletter. Thanks.
  11. Can anyone involved tell me the total number of entries in 48th single engine prop and the number in 72nd since engine prop? Not looking for split details, just the total number of entries in each
  12. Very nice. I agree about the changes in model technology. The models we have today are light years ahead of those from even 10 or 12 years ago.
  13. I shoot Future straight. It has much the same consistency as water, so it really doesn't need to be thinned.
  14. Can someone supply the dates for 2013 in Colorado?
  15. John, I thought only my wife had a spreadsheet for the trip!! 2007 was much the same, with the nearby Disney park featuring heavily in all plans. In fact, for this year we are coming into Disney 4 days early so that we can do all the family stuff and I won't be missed by the time the convention starts.
  16. Ok, now that sounds like there is a story there.
  17. Wow, I had not see that one built up before. I'll have to look out for it.
  18. Garth, I think someone is scheduled to release some of the Italian MAS boats in 72nd soon. Don't remember who.
  19. Gil, You are the MAN!!! Even though you are building in "the devil's scale"
  20. Gil, you have {blanks} the size of church bells! What a mountain to climb!
  21. Hope you are documenting all this for the Journal as well.
  22. I'll go you one better. I've been, ever so slowly scanning them, issue by issue into PDFs.
  23. What he said. I've got a bunch of spare Journals.
  24. I buy SAM and MAM. I recently gave up SAMI as I think it went down hill. I also think that, value for the dollar, there isn't a better magazine than the Journal and IPMS/Canada's RT.
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