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  1. The swiss guy I am thinking about used it for photoetch. He did some amazing stuff.
  2. There is a Swiss modeler who uses one. He built a Felixstowe and a Stringbag dio. They are both beautiful. I forget his name. (BTW, I use to remember the names of builders of really great models, but with the internet, I see so many I can't remember the names anymore.)
  3. We don't have a problem if we give it away, either to members or everyone.
  4. Jim, first, thanks for having done this. However, I'd like to see more. I'd like to see IPMS USA put all these online and downloadable for any member. As for DRM, frankly I don't see it being worth trying to prevent it being "stolen". It is information we aren't using and I don't think we are going to sell it. Let's give it away and it may end up attracting some folks back to IPMS. In any event, we'd being doing something "For Modelers"
  5. I've scanned and PDF'd a number of older issues. It takes time, but not as much as you'd think. While I've provided individual members with copies of select articles from old magazines, you can't make them available or distribute them widely without IPMS/USA permission. They hold the copyright. I wasn't suggesting anything other than IPMS/USA making them available to current members.
  6. Sadly Richard, I have been advocating for this for 10 plus years. I've even scanned some of the back issues. I don't know why we don't make this available. Its not doing anyone any good locked up in a few old members basements. FREE THE INFORMATION!!!!
  7. Robert, I think we will eventually go there, but unless you make a near complete transition to electronic production, the cost savings wouldn't be as great as you think. (of course, the postage cost would go lower.) The cost of producing a printed magazine is all in the first copy printed. The paper and ink for subsequent copies is in the scheme of things, pretty low. On another point you raise, back issues, I am all in favor of making the back issues of the Journal and previous publications available digitally. Heck, I'd even give them away, but if we could sell them and close the current budget gap, that would be great too. I have a lot of the old publications, and there is a ton of useful info in them that is lost to current members. FREE THE INFORMATION!!!
  8. For some weird reason this aircraft and the XF8B are two of my favorite aircraft.
  9. There was a great seminar at the Nats on this. It was put on by the guy who runs The Last Cavalry. He has free videos online on Youtube.
  10. Add to what Gil said above, Judges are human. They sometimes miss things. At any show, including the Nats, the awards are what those judges saw and liked on that day. Different day, different judges, possibly a different result.
  11. Welcome new chapter. How many total current chapters is that now?
  12. If you are a member of IPMS/Canada, you'll notice that they've gone to having 4 printed magazine issues (RT) a year and they distribute an e-zine (BeaveRTales) emailed to all members 4-6 times a year. This seems to be a great way to get more content to the members and still have a printed magazine for the Luddites or those who just prefer a hard copy magazine. Is this something IPMS/USA should consider?
  13. Gloss Sea Blue. It is a dark gloss blue used on late war navy aircraft.
  14. The high fuel prices are causing ticket prices to spike.
  15. Ralph, Once you get into Hampton I can run you around. Wish I was coming thru that way.
  16. I remember building this kit. I fell in love with the weird looking Sterling. Can't wait for the Italeri kit.
  17. Nice. Whose paint did you use? I like the color.
  18. Very nice. I have one of these started. A great little model.
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