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  1. Another handful, all Rareplanes Polikarpov I-153 Seversky P-35 Curtis A-8 Shrike F-86 D Henschel Hs 126 DH Dragon Rapide Stinson L-5 Sentinel More to follow as time permits Wayne
  2. Hi Guys, Got a bit of time to first find the box holding the vac-forms and grabbed a handful to get started. All are Rareplanes in 1/72nd PV-1 Ventura L-4 Grasshopper Republic Lancer LA-5 FN Vought Vindicator Fokker G-1 Reaper Lots more to come as I unearth them and get some time to list them. Wayne
  3. Many thanks for the kind words to all. It has been a while and there will always be "tweaks" needed as the hobby evolves but what we did in the "early days" has largely stood the test of time due to the cooperation and assists from the judging corps. My rock solid foundation was always the judges have only one thing to stand upon-integrety. Now to the subject. This was engendered by running across the Nova Vulcan on my shelves and while it has been superseded by the Airfix kit it got me thinking. I will make an inventory shortly and post it here. All 1/72nd but there may be some items of interest to some. Thanks for the input. Wayne
  4. Getting ready to downsize into a retirement community and have a number of old vac form kits (Rare Plane, Nova, ect.) and am wondering if there is any market for them since they for the most part have been superseded by an injection kit.
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