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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Those look fantastic Kevin. I'm especially eager to see the Princess Leia.


Here's what I just got in from Hannants recently:



The second one is the one I wanted but the amount was too small for international shipping so I got the ACE kit. That is still a good thing; it was on my list as well, just lower down.

The Terminator has already been started. Once I can upload pics again, I'll show my latest progress.

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Well the postman brought this a few hours ago. Thank you to the gentleman from another site who found this at a local shop for a great price and offered to pick it up and send it to me! I love the “pa

Good documentation is essential to the completion of an accurate model. After ordering the model, I bought the documentation. The model arrived today. The plan is to make an in-depth study of the p

This technically qualifies as a Christmas gift--from me to me. 1/48 Hasegawa Lockheed TF-104G company-owned demonstrator "Free World Defender" flown for speed records and sales purposes. The Dutch e

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I clicked on Dragon USA's Labor Day sale and saw their M60A2 at a deep discount. After 38% discount, it was under $20 and just under $28 delivered. There have been a lot of gripes with the kit, but the price was right.

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Well, after a successful Orangecon and a fun Mini Wars convention, I managed to pic up a few new kits.

First off at Mini Wars, I picked up these two helicopters:


I plan on making one German and then making the other one a US army troop carrier. I might even try to add door guns to this if I can find the M-60 machine guns I have somewhere....

At Orangecon, someone left this behind and since I found it, they gave it to me:


Now to figure out what to display on it....

I also found this to purchase:


Finally, these are the two raffle prizes I picked up at Orangecon:


This was one of seven Grand Prizes:


That's all I have for now. Time to head back to the manufacturing plant....

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Well, I'm about a week or so late but I haven't had time to log in and post these earlier. These are my latest acquisitions from about a week or two ago.

First off are a bunch of paints, thinner and filler I got. There was a sale, and I did need a lot of green for my latest eight-wheeled Russian trucks:


Next are two models that I had on my list to get. First was Zvezda's T-15 Armata, the APC version of the T-14 Armata tank:


Once that is built; I'll have both Armatas in my Russian Army.

Next is a T-55 from Revell; this one with the cheek armor. I want to research this to see if these tanks were still in service in the East German Army during the reunification. If so, I want to make it with west German markings. Otherwise, it'll be Russian:


Finally this last one was bought from a friend. No, it is not in my preferred scale, but I got it to build for my SoCal AMPS club's Patton Group Build. Everyone is building Pattons for the next west coast Nationals and since the M-48 is my favorite tank, I'm gonna join the group build with this model:


Oh, I also got a Gotha Go-242 transport from another friend who was selling it but I didn't shoot any pic of it. Maybe I'll post that one later.

Thanks for looking in, I've been pretty busy in the Hobby Room so feel free to check out my Maddog Manufacturing.

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Christmas done came for me!

Last night was our IPMS club's Distressed Kit Auction. Among some knick-knacks, books and vids that weren't worth photographing, I picked up the following kit:

Italeri AW-101 Merlin TTI:


And yes, it did include the Me-262A1 inside.

Meanwhile, one friend brought a Christmas present from another AMPS member for me, as well as a present from him. The AMPS member gave me this:

Condor V-2 Rocket:


My friend in IPMS meanwhile; gave me this:

Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer:


That is the new tool kit.

The day before all this, I had a knock on the door and opened it to find the postman dropping off this massive box:


This is what was inside of it, in no particular order:

S-Model M274 Mule:


From Fujimi and Aoshima I'm nearly doubling my Japanese forces with these.

Fujimi JGSDF 1/2-ton truck:


Fujimi JASDF Light Armored Vehicle:


FujimiJGSDF Light Armored Vehicle:


Fujimi Type 87 AA Gun System:


Aoshima AAVC7-A1 'Phib:


Fujimi Type 99 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer:


Aoshima Type 12 Anti-ship missile system:


Trumpeter BTR-70 Late:


Modelcollect T-72B2 Rogatka:


Modelcollect SCUD 😄


Modelcollect SCUD 😧


Trumpeter M-1117 Guardian:


Tiger Models M1A2 Abrams SEP TUSK I:


Revell M-109:


Riich Model M-109 A6:


And finally, the Takom M-1070, M-1000 Trailer and the D9R Dozer:


That will keep me busy for the next few weeks.....

Thanks all for looking in!


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At Spruefest last weekend, I was able to pick these up from Brookhurst during their show sale:





I also got a bunch of glue, paint, filler and Solvaset but didn't shoot pics of it. 

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Finally the last of my Christmas presents came in. This is several sets of 1/72 scale resin tracks for a few different tanks. I got these to replace the tracks on several of my older models that lost them for whatever reason. I also got the AMX-30 tracks to replace the horrible ones on my French AMX-30 from Heller:


That's it until my birthday....


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Happy Birthday to me!

It was a grand day that went exceptionally well at the Pasadena Valleycon. These are what I picked up as birthday presents during Valleycon...

I'll start with the things I bought for myself.

I needed glue so I bought some with the Vallejo filler:


After that I saw a friend selling his Iwata Neo double action airbrush. I had to have that:


He had even made some improvements on the brush to simplify use and make it more efficient.

Now for the models. I found this and thought I'd be able to make it Syrian:


I may be wrong about being able to use that. I'll have to look it up.

This also caught my eye since it had a base to it:


I saw these and liked them very much. The price was right and there are two models in that kit:


I have a friend in a convalescent hospital who asked me to pick something up for him, so I got him this model since he wanted a car or truck:


Finally, I had a lot of extra birthday money available so I got these two models that I've been wanting to get for quite some time:



Yeah, I am gonna need a lot of ceiling space!

Now for my raffle prizes. I managed to win five of them, most of which I'll be offering for sale:






Now, I'll probably build the Hoods and Crooks car just for fun. I want to sell the rest.

Note: the Academy frigate has been claimed

The Pilatus, the Bronco and the Type 16 are all up for grabs now. Highest offer will be honored.

Finally, the host club offered me a kit of my choosing from the unclaimed raffle prizes! So, I chose this one:



Yep! It was a glorious day!


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Happy B-Day Mark.

Nice haul.  I had several of those Entex dio kits when I was a teen including the 105mm.

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Thanks Phil! I would love to get the rest of those Entex kits, but I don't see it happening. No worries; I sure scored big regardless! It was quite the happy birthday!

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I reacquainted myself with an old kit I haven’t seen since around 1955. The 1/184” scale Revell B-36 rereleased under the Atlantis label. It was an nostalgic trip to yesteryear.




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I've mostly been buying glues and other supplies, but a while ago, Brookhurst had a sale on select model kits. So, in addition to the paints and glues I bought, I got these three German destroyers:








The first two were six bucks each, the last one was eight. I couldn't pass that up! 


Then I got a PM from a fellow Forum member on another Forums, offering me some 1/72 scale aircraft that he knew he would never build. I accepted; not knowing how many he would send. I was quite surprised at the size of the box and the number of kits he packed inside:




Wow! How very generous! Thank you my good man, these are most appreciated. I already started one of them: the Val, which is one Japanese aircraft I haven't ever had in my collection. You can see the start of that in my Maddog Manufacturing Thread. Now I have even more to do during this stay-at-home time. 


Thanks for looking in. Now to go update my manufacturing thread.

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Some time back, someone came asking for help in disposing of a family member's stash of models, tools and supplies after he passed. Long story short, I got the following:


Paint brushes, tweezers, and Exacto knives:




I also got three boxes of Testors Model Master paints; mostly blacks, whites and greys, along with some red, blue and a scattering of greens:




Each box is as full as that top one. Thank you Gil for helping both myself and our fellow modeler.


Finally, after getting paid for a job; I was able to finally pick up two models that are on my "must get" list:


Aoshima 1/72 scale OH-1 Ninja:




Aoshima 1/72 scale Type 73 Heavy Tank Transporter:




This is gonna be fun!

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WOW, that was a really nice score.  Terrific choice on the models too. Looking fwd to seeing what you can do with the truck! 🙂

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Hey Duke! Guess what I JUST ran out of yesterday......MM gloss black enamel.....:blush:

Guess I should have hung onto a couple of those "classic black" bottles....Oh well!


Gil :smiley16:

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Thanks Kevin! As I'm already building two other tank transporters, I should be starting that Japanese one soon.


Hey Gil! Do you want me to send a couple back? I don't often use Gloss Black, so let me know.

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I'm a bit late posting these, seeing as how I got these at least a week ago. 


First is the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale 2S19-M1 self propelled howitzer for my Russian Army:




Next is my two Chieftains from Takom in 1/72 scale:




I hope to start on these soon. Just trying to finish up what I have one the bench first. Who knows? One of these might be Finished Armor Model Number 800! LOL!

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8 hours ago, Roktman said:

Nice pick ups, Duke!  How soon before you reach 1K?  😉

Thanks Kevin! With the kits I have in the stash yet to build; I'd say I'm pretty close to 900. However, when I finish the three tank transporters and the two Churchills, I'll have finally broken 800 finished armor models.


Stay tuned!

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Here's my latest haul. 


One of my friends from SoCal AMPS was selling off some of his collection and so I decided to help him out by picking up these little deals:


First is this Dragon  M-4A3E8 Sherman:




I picked it up only because I need only one of these stupid parts to finish my M-51 Isherman:




Next I got these kits from Airfix, First and aircraft, the EE Lightning F.2A:




And then more of these Japanese soldiers from Airfix as well. I need to keep replacing the ones lost in Banzai charges...




Next is a German vehicle, the Sd Kfz 251/9; although I can't remember why I got this one:




Next I got four more vehicles to beef up my already substantial Russian Army...


Two tanks: The Modelcollect T-64 AV and the T-64BV Mod 85:






I'm not sure but I think I built the second one already, although it might be an earlier Mod. We'll see...


Followed by two Trumpeter BTR-70's, one early and another late:






I love it. I'd been waiting for someone to finally release a BTR-70 and I get to have two versions! 


After that, someone else turned me on to where I could find the Takom FV-432/Chieftain MkV Dual kit. So, I went on and ordered it and it is now here:




Finally! Now I think that once I finish up my most complete five models, I'll start on all three Chieftains and the FV-432...


While shopping for the above dual kit, these two caught my eye. I picked up this Stuart Mk5 since I have never had one ever in my collection. That is finally going to be rectified:




And last, I saw this Australian M-113 with the T-50 turret and had to have it:




Now if I can get the mojo to finally kick back in; I'll have a lot of fun with all these!  



Thanks all for looking in.

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