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  1. So I neglected to add my last few updates here… Firts up, I built the kit crew figures. I love the poses on these guys, very natural then I started priming… not realizing that I had forgotten to add stowage. So I stopped the priming, let it dry, selected some stowage items from my spares collections and epoxied it all in place then the next day I finished up the priming next up, base colors…
  2. Well I’ve been adding more to the stash since my last update… Since Hobby Lobby was doing their 40% off a few weeks ago, and I had a bit of cash on me, and I’ve been wanting one for awhile now… then I had a $25 gift certificate that I’d won at IPMS for Andy’s Hobby HQ, so another one falls off the wish list and into my stash… and then the seller of this little piece on eBay sent me a reduced price special offer… how could I say no? that’s all for now…
  3. I’m with you Noel. I’d rather spend a little more to maintain the privilege of having a local shop to shop at, as opposed to getting the cheapest price possible online.
  4. Paul and Kevin, thank you for looking in and your kind feedback.
  5. Excellent finish! Both the build and the base are top notch!
  6. Truth be told, between the two clubs, I miss OC IPMS and the way it’s run by comparison. They run a tighter ship.
  7. A great way to have two different variant builds of the same vehicle type in one scene!
  8. Yeah I’m a bit late to the party here. But nice job in getting these past the finish line before the end of the year for these builds Mark
  9. Well, that one is not gonna be a tail sitter… 😉 Thats a sharp looking rare bird! Very nicely done!
  10. You finished this in October?! How did I miss this beauty? That looks excellent!
  11. I thought that 2007 was a great show. Who has all the heartburn about it?
  12. Amazing work! I almost feel like I’m in Palmdale at the factory seeing the real thing being built.
  13. Don’t forget that they also appeared in The Empire Strikes Back during the Battle of Hoth. Nice work and thank you for showing the interior!
  14. Great looking build of Endevour Pete! Especially with all the details and upgrades that you have added!
  15. That’s a great diorama Pete! Again, your attention to detail is fabulous. Everywhere you look is a mini tale of that moment in time.
  16. Pure excellence in modeling! The scratchbuilt Agena is beautiful! I remember seeing the big glossy photos of that in Life way back when, and too young to quite comprehend what I was looking at. Seeing your build brings back those memories, but gives a far better vantage of the events.
  17. Baby steps in space. I didn’t know that the backpack maneuvering unit was being developed during Gemini. Your models continue to both inspire and educate.
  18. Bravo Pete! Nice resurrection of somebody else’s handiwork.
  19. Flippin’ awesome cutaway build!
  20. That’s a lot of spiders in the family group photo! Very inspiring work! I absolutely love the LRV, and you LM is a wealth of detail for reference. Any chance that you can explain more on how your built the Rover?
  21. What were they chanting? Grok? LOL! That is a great build and scene!
  22. Man you sure have done some superb work on all of these US Space program builds. Every one of them captures an idea or moment in time so completely and authentically. Bravo!
  23. Another great build Pete! I love how Cernan and the Apollo 17 mission was portrayed on “From the Earth to the Moon”. Your work captures that spirit perfectly!
  24. Outstanding work! I’ve been enamored with this kit since my old best friend had one when we were both kids back then. I tried for many years to get one on eBay bay, but there was a guy who seems to buy them all up for a high price then re all them for a lot more. I was overjoyed when Revell re issued this kit and knocked the bottom out of his market. I bought one at my old LHS with my rewards points and a small bit of cash for a far more reasonable price. I’ll definitely be using your build here for reference to upgrade mine when I build it one day. I took photos at Kennedy of the Apollo on display there, but your build has many details in the shroud area that I could not get. Thanks for sharing this!
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