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  1. Thanks Mark. My 1/48 Red Air Force commanders are quite happy. It looks like Star Decals is starting to make their stuff in 1/72 now, as well as 1/35 and 1/48. So perhaps in the not too distant future they’ll scale down their 1/35 Pershing & Patton sheets to 1/72.
  2. Hey Mark, since you had said earlier here that you don’t have any builds for the decals I’ve agreed to sell them to the guy on another site. And yes, you do need some USMC Pershing’s & Pattons. So, over the past week or so, the mailman has brought me goodies for my 1/48 wingy thingies… first up, some decals for that FJ-2 Fury I picked up last month. I like the VMF-235 markings then I picked up a good deal on this Eduard PE set for the Revell Foxbat in my stash… there are actually four frets of PE in the package, and they fix many of the kits external shortfalls Then I made a couple of Mig kit scores… This one will need some help, but I’ve seen it built up nicely online, so it can be done and then this one… Now I just need my building muse to return…
  3. Here is a P-40 in production in late 1941… original color from Life Magazine archives…looks like interior green in the wheel wells.
  4. Ok then Mark. I’ll negotiate a price for those decals. And man, did you bring home a serious amount of stuff there from the Nats! Good for you my friend! As for me and not being able to make it to Nats, I’ve had to settle for online shopping… Over the past week or so several 1/35 armor decal sets that I’ve ordered came in… For OIF1 M1A1s… I’ll be using the NATO camo 2/70 Armor markings for 5th ID 4/12 Cav M113 & M551 in Vietnam and lastly, for USMC M26 & M26A1 Pershing’s in Korea
  5. Seeing how it’s a Curtiss product, as was the P-40, I’d suggest using a P-40 of the same era for a reference.
  6. Wow! That is one big beauty Mark! I am happy to see that you finally whipped this one into shape and completion! Well done! now…. where are you going to put the beast? 🤔
  7. The Squadron Walkaround book on the Cobra is a good starting point for photo reference.
  8. Let’s start with the basics, as defined by the US Flag Code. From the US Flag Code, section 1 §1. Flag; stripes and stars on The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars representing the fifty states, white in a blue field §2. Same; additional stars On the admission of a new State into the Union one star shall be added to the union of the flag; and such addition shall take effect on the fourth day of July then next succeeding such admission no mention is made in the code of previous obsolete versions of the flag. Here is the rest of the code if anyone cares to look. The one in the VA link is not as comprehensive. We can debate all sorts of things, but if something is not covered in code, it does not apply. I spoke with Sean about this yesterday, and some folks apparent heartburn. It was not meant in disrespect. Period. US Flag Code
  9. Well done Mark! You’ve got some serious bragging rights now with those two! And don’t forget to mention your Patton in the group collection that won 1st place in that category. Bravo!
  10. I don’t doubt that the Airfix kits would be a fine way to introduce a new builder to the hobby. But I think the bigger thing will be your coaching regarding expectations. No matter what kit he starts out on, it will almost certainly not be a masterpiece. There is the learning curve, and no matter what tools we have, what kits we choose, and however many hours of instructional how to videos may be watched, mistakes are going to be made. And that is where we learn how to do it better next time. It is both the journey and the destination that provide the enjoyment in this hobby, not one or the other. Except for the hobby shop. I always love the destination, but the journey there is rarely enjoyable. 😉
  11. If that is Sean Fallesen’s winning entry for the ship collection category, US Navy Battle Line 1941, I can assure you, knowing the man personally for many years, it is not meant as disrespect. Sean is very articulate, intelligent, and extremely well versed in naval history. He is also quite a restrained individual, and never in all my years of knowing him has he ever voiced any disrespect for this nation in many evenings of conversations. I will venture that Sean was not up to speed on US flag code, or as mentioned above that he thought the code no longer applies to that now obsolete version, the 48 star field, of Old Glory.
  12. Without detailed close up multiple angle views of each build, it’s really hard to pick out any flaws. They all look great in the photos that you posted. But from those photos, you can’t spot any alignment, seam, or other potential build & finish issues. And even if none of those issues apply, how does one build stack up against a competing build? What possible extra bit of detailing or effort lifted one over the other?
  13. The eBay shopping binge continues… First I found this ice little item which comes with two of these tractor tugs. Then I got this Blackhawk kit to fill out my 1/48 collection of family
  14. Mark, I’ve had one offer already, but it’s overseas. I’ll think about your wish as well. And the way that new kits are coming out lately in 1/72, I’m sure you’ll have a 1/72 SA-4 kit available in the not too distant future. And for the latest addition, I’ve had a little run on eBay lately. Picked up this decal set, which came in the mail yesterday.
  15. Good looking Fury Gil! I really like the additions behind the seat to fill the “black hole”.
  16. Who’d have thought that the day would come when folks at a bank would get mad at you for coming inside and not wearing a mask… Some days I’m tempted to put on my old shemagh that I wore overseas years ago in full face wrap mode while out in public , but then that would likely put people into full panic mode…
  17. Beautiful Kingfisher! The pre war colors & markings are gorgeous!
  18. If Tamiya ever did do a 1/32 B, that would provide all the basic airframes in that scale. Anything else could be done by conversions. So the past 48 hours has been good to my stash… Yesterday this eBay purchase arrived in the mail It’s slightly started, but very nicely so I must say. Then at Phoenix IPMS, it was swap meet time. My first score was awesome… This baby usually sell for way over $100, the seller was asking substantially less… Then I open it up later on and what do I find inside? This lovely batch of decals! With markings in 1/72 and 1/48 for multiple types: F-105, F-4, A-4, A-6, and A-7! Seeing as how I don’t build in 1/72, I’ll be getting rid of those markings… Then I found this dinosaur… seeing as how Kitty Hawk just went flat line, this is probably the only way that I’ll be able to get myself a 1/48 RF-101A/C. Modeling skills required. I haven’t done a vacuform in about 40 years… Then I also picked up a partial Hasegawa 1/48 US Bombs set. I always need more Rockeyes and Napalm, which it did have. Along with the Mk. 83’s and Mk.84’s…. too bad the Snakeyes were gone… not worth taking a photo though… That’s all for now…
  19. Yes, that one is 1/48. I would not mind doing one of the experimental green camo USN F-4Gs. Nice to know that there is a conversion part out there. That would be a more extensive conversion I imagine- thin wing, slotted stabs, burner cans, under nose IR sensor… not to mention the rear cockpit. I wonder if Tamiya will come out with a 1/32 B just to keep pace with their 1/48 kit… At least the burner cans, nose, and stabs would match their C/D kit
  20. The Revell 1/32 USAF F-4G. I don’t think that anyone makes a kit of a 1/32 USN F-4G, or the F-4B that it evolved from. The only sea going 1/32 Phantom kits that I’ve come across are F-4Js.
  21. Beautiful build there David! The old Revell 1/32 P-38, however lacking, is an old favorite of mine. And you have shown how much of a beauty it can be built up into. Especially with all the color you have added to this one! Bravo!
  22. That’s quite a diverse haul Mark! For the desk lamp, perhaps a layer of duct tape wrapped around the flex arm section will restore some rigidity and function there. Nice to hear that the guys saved the Long Tom for you! They really are a good group! Hello friend! (says I to) Our mailman brought my two latest purchases over the past couple of days. First up, an Eduard La-7 to replace my old one that did not make the move from CA to AZ. second up, a set of decals for the Hobbyboss M706 in my stash. I love the Snoopy “nose art”. That’s all for now…
  23. I have no dog in this fight, as I’m not likely going to the Nationals this year. But as of this weekend, the regional health officials are recommending masks be worn again due to rising COVID case numbers. No mask mandates have been issued yet, but be prepared. So any folks planning to go had best add a mask to their packing list. AP Article on Vegas masks
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