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  1. I'm IN on this project. I'll check my files and shoot you anything I think might help, Glad to see this project developing and you have my full support, NOW is the time to geting us Od Guy's info, There, I've played my "Old Guy's Card" for today. TAKE CARE
  2. Unfortunately I didn't get to Nooga' (due to last minute problems). 😷 Sigh.... Not meant to be. But I want to add my deep appreciation to Lynn and Milk for their doing everything they could to assist me in getting there. Another example of their exemplary efforts for us.
  3. Reservation made at Marriott!😀 BTW - July/August Journal received and 2018 Convention Coverage will be in Sept/Oct Journal.
  4. Always enjoyed seeing Jim and Lindy at our National Conventions. Jim was a credit to his chapter and IPMS/USA and an exemplary member. Jim will be sorely missed by those of us privileged to have known him. My sincere Condolences to Lindy and Jim's family.
  5. Bookmarked and Very Much Appreciated. 👍 Looking forward to seeing everyone again.😀
  6. These are major national awards. They certainly should be recognized in the awards reporting on the web page to members and chapters missing the convention. This oversight needs correction.
  7. Mark, How about the 2018 IPMS/USA National Achievement Awards - e.g. Dick Montgomery's Life Membership, etc.❓
  8. Dave, Thank You for the update 👍- but think you meant 2020. Missed seeing you all this year TAKE CARE,
  9. Hear, Hear, From all all us that couldn't make it, and those that did, A BIG THANK YOU for a great memory Photo Album on-line we can treasure for a long time. Safe Trip Home to all,😀
  10. Mark, Thanks for your quick response. The first photo you, or one your helpers, posted in response to my request was of Dick Montgomery- one of my favorite IPMS friends.😀 On 2nd look also seeJim Pearsall, another IPMS Buddy, hard at work. Well Done.👍 ENJOY.
  11. Mark, I'm delighted to see the excellent photo postings (Quantity, Coverage and Quality) this early in the Convention. It's a real gift to those of us that didn't make it this year. I would like to see more People (visiting tables, viewing models, visiting each other, etc.) as it makes me feel like I'm there seeing old friends. Enjoyed working with you at previous conventions and feel your being there this year is helping the response significantly. Hope to see you in Nooga' next year. THANK YOU,
  12. How about a work-around? Something like treating such a chapter's listing as two chapter names - for example : IPMS/SheldonCooper_a and IPMS/Sheldon Cooper_b. Or otherwise "doctoring" their Calendar database selection/sorting IDs. In this case I'd consider "." and ":", less noticeable than "_a" and "_b". just a though Ralph
  13. Eric, I think your Chapter Meeting Calendar will be very useful to our members. Your design is excellent with flexible options and very user friendly. Kudos to you.😀 TAKE CARE,
  14. I have always enjoyed the Bid presentations, making my selection, and then hearing the winner announced at the Banquet. 😀 The suspense is fun!
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