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  1. ralph4hand

    Chapter Meeting Calendar?

    How about a work-around? Something like treating such a chapter's listing as two chapter names - for example : IPMS/SheldonCooper_a and IPMS/Sheldon Cooper_b. Or otherwise "doctoring" their Calendar database selection/sorting IDs. In this case I'd consider "." and ":", less noticeable than "_a" and "_b". just a though Ralph
  2. ralph4hand

    Chapter Meeting Calendar?

    Eric, I think your Chapter Meeting Calendar will be very useful to our members. Your design is excellent with flexible options and very user friendly. Kudos to you.😀 TAKE CARE,
  3. ralph4hand

    2020 and beyond

    I have always enjoyed the Bid presentations, making my selection, and then hearing the winner announced at the Banquet. 😀 The suspense is fun!
  4. Hi

    I have tried to contact via email ref pin badges  but it is not working can you drop me a line david@sampublications.com



    1. ralph4hand


      On it's way...

    2. WarthoMKL


      All recived safe and sound , many thanks


  5. ralph4hand

    Can anyone help PIN Badges

    David, Happy to see you are enjoying our Conventions. I went to yours in Y2K and it was GREAT. You guys really Welcomed me royally I can contribute my Norfolk 14 and Columbia 16 Pins, Sorry, I didn't go to Omaha 17 so don't have that Pin. I am not going to Phoenix this year but I can snail-mail you the 14 and 17 Convention Pins. Could you send your Postal address vie ralf7@verion.net? Happy to Help and TKE CARE, Ralph
  6. ralph4hand


    Dick, Really great build and an eye-catching beautiful color scheme to behold. Envy.. Envy.. Envy....... :-) Hope to see you, and this Vindicator - maybe(?), in Nooga' next year. Can't make Phoenix but will be thinking of you all with fond memories. Thanks for sharing and TAKE CARE, Ralph
  7. Marie, Thank You very much for your timely and very helpful heads-up. :smiley20: I'm really looking forward to the Convention coverage. TAKE CARE.
  8. ralph4hand

    Good eats in Omaha?

    Agree with Pete - Johnny's = GREAT Steaks!!! ​One of the Best I've ever had. They even offer a Bar Stool that Clint Eastwood once occupied there.
  9. ralph4hand

    Convention Banquet Attire?

    I would like to resurrect this topic as some new Convention attendees might be interested. This discussion got pretty lively last year!! :o Please consider this discussion as a guideline - NOT a rule.
  10. ralph4hand

    Nov/Dec Journal?

    Neil, Thanks for your quick reply and welcomed news - Now I''ll be looking for my issue's arrival. I'm sure others are glad to hear "it's in the mail". Thanks Again and TAKE CARE,
  11. ralph4hand

    Nov/Dec Journal?

    The Nov/Dec Journal is due any time now. :smiley4: Has anyone received it yet :smiley25: Happy Holidays to All and TAKE CARE, UPDATE -Received my copy here in eastern Maryland in today's (12/21/2016) mail. Looks like another great issue. :smiley20:
  12. ralph4hand

    New model reference topic area for this site

    Great idea Gil , and Follow-up implementation Eric Big Thank You,
  13. ralph4hand

    September/October 2016 IPMS Journal issue

    Received mine in todays snail-mail. Another EXCELLENT issue covering the GREAT Convention.. My APPLAUSE to the staff and contributors. TAKE CARE,
  14. ralph4hand

    Convention Banquet Attire?

    Thank you all for your input and well-stated views on this Topic - including a woman's opinion (Thanks Jodie) and even a "1 picture is worth a 1,000 words" view point (Thanks Pete). We now have many other's views to consider. It was very gratifying to see over 775 views of this topic reflecting a high interest. The objective was never to propose a Required Dress Code for the banquet; but rather to; 1. hold a discussion to raise our awareness of how others felt about the subject and 2. perhaps offer a suggested Banquet attire. I think we accomplished these goals. Thank You all again.
  15. ralph4hand

    Convention Banquet Attire?

    Jodie First - Thank You for your "Superb Work" on the Convention Staff. I enjoyed talking with you after the Banquet in the Model Room. You said - "I tell my students while preparing them for the workforce: how you present yourself not only influences how seriously people will take you, but also indicates the respect you have for where you are, who you're with, and why you're there.' VERY WELL PUT and another excellent guideline for one's life. My wife was a 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher for 43 years and you Teachers do a wonderful, and grossly under appreciated, job for us all (children, parents, and society). Living with a teacher I saw the dedication and hard work you devote to both your classwork preparation and preparing your children for their life ahead. I'm a retired Engineer and my wife worked harder than I ever did - I kid you not!