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  1. Italeri has the same truck for considerably less money take a look at Ebay RONBO
  2. Just about a year ago we as a society gathered in Chattanooga TN. The world has turned upside down since then. With all the modeling shows being cancelled. I would like to suggest that we take a look back and share some stories and pictures. It would be a great feeling to remember the fun and models. Looking forward till we meet again. RONBO. Head Bottle Washer.
  3. They are still there as I type. Don't understand it. After each new event contest whatever. The date is the last line. All of the upcoming contests have a date December 31 1969. Go figure. Ronbo
  4. On the main page it seems that December 31 1969 is a popular date for contests. How can I get on the time machine. I could change all the mistakes I made in my life. Just kidding. But the dates are wrong. RONBO Head bottle washer.
  5. Good Golly Ned, I don't envy being a judge at JAXCON. That is a lot of fine work on the tables. Gil it looks like another great show. RONBO.
  6. The only thing I can think of now is Bob Segar's Turn The Page. Damn Paine,Verlinden my heroes are dying and or retiring I will miss them all. The clock it sure ticking fast these days. Ronbo.
  7. Chattanooga 2019 I think is the correct dates. A month of National conventions that would be a kick butt fun. But at my age I am not sure I could handle all that excitement. Tho I am willing to give it a shot. Just like France take the whole month of August off. Model stuff all day and night for 30 days. Just kidding here. Ronbo.
  8. I am 99.9% sure the the shop was liquidated.The last I was aware of he was selling Grex air brushes. The last time I was vending in Tennessee he sold his whole inventory to one man that was at 2 yrs ago. Ronbo.
  9. As a vendor and model builder I would never sign such a contract. As a contest participant when I am ready to leave after the judging is completed.I retrieve my models pack them up then take my leave. My models my decision. As to the vending issue everyone thinks this is a new problem vendors buy out other vendors at shows for decades right at the venue. Nothing new here.The only thing now is the E-bay sellers are more blatant and and undercut the actual worth of the vendor table. The whole reason the are there in the first place. Most that I see at contests cherry pick the table and move on. But some vendors just want to get rid of kits at almost any price. The clubs has made some money by selling the tables in the first place and I have never seen these buyer ever buy out a vendor room. It's not like you have a lot of hobby shops vending anymore you have what I like to call privateers modelers emptying out their collections. Let's face it most of us have more models than we can ever build. So rather than let someone else in my family or friends deal with it. If someone is willing to give me the proper number to buy my kits I will sell them. The last time I looked I was in America part of this is free and fair trade. So if one wants to compete in the vendor room one has to be there early and compete . The early bird gets the worm? Most of the privateers have enough models to keep buying vendor tables for years to come. RONBO.
  10. Gil, Trumpeter has produced a 1/24 P-51 D. The kit was released about 6-8 yrs ago. Also included two resin pilots. Missed you in Chattanooga it was a great show. Ronbo.
  11. RONBO

    Mark V*

    Gil, that is exactly what the paddles are semaphore to signal other tank when to turn without exposure to a lead filled environment. Mr. Bell your tank is very nice. Takom has a Mk IV & a MkV also. Ronbo.
  12. Smooth like Coolwhip! Great work James Ronbo.
  13. I am member in 5 I.P.M.S. clubs an officer in one. I know my number is used to make the the required national member quota in at least one of the clubs. I have no problem with any club using my IPMS number that I am a paying member of. I consider it a service to the club that I can do to help. I also belong to 3 other modeling clubs. Needless to say I have a model meeting every week and twice a month two in one week. It's good to be retired. Add to that 33 models shows a year vending,entering contests,and looking at a lot of models. Ronbo.
  14. I have always found it easier to buy direct from the manufacturer. Costs are lower and shipping times 10 days or less. Ronbo.
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