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  1. I am going to be driving a hire car as traveling from UK to Austin on the Monday (Or that is plan) any idea how the toll works for hire cars? Ta
  2. Nooga did good, well organised and great venue. Loved the city, friendliest by far of all the ones I have visited in the states. Hope I get to come back someday.
  3. Just to let you know theses two companies will be sharing the SAM Publications stand at Chatanooga This from Hypersonic Hi all, its the first time for me making the trip to the US and attending the IPMS Nats there. I'm really looking forward to this event and I've now opened the option for placing a show pre-order. I highly recommend doing this as I'm of course limited in the merchandise quantities I can bring. Please select the option "personal pickup/show" in the delivery tab and after placing your order I will give you a 10% refund on your purchase. Any items currently listed out of stock can be added if you contact me by email, web contact form, Facebook or here. The only items exempt from pre-ordering are the clear resin canopy sets. I will bring a fixed amount of sets, which will include the brand new A-3 Skywarrior Version canopies, and sell on a first-come-first-served basis. Place your pre-order at hypersonicmodels.com and check facebook.com/hypersonicmodels for updates. I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you at the show. Cheers, Jeffrey
  4. From the UK perspective LV would be great as a tourist with Nellis near by and a direct flight from London but i can see the vendor room taking a big hit like it did in Florida with so many other things to spend money on.. Omaha however has a good record every time they do the show and i really enjoyed going downtown and would love to go back. Hopefully we will get a two year announcement? But every year I do wonder as trader if it is time to address the length of the show, nowhere else does a show for so long with its high room costs to add to your travel. At Telford we do a show that has twice as many traders and two to three times as many customers through the doors on a Saturday and Sunday and our take can be as much as four time higher than we manage at the US Nationals. Now I know the scale of the US is slightly different but surely it is easier for people to attend a short show rather than have to take four to six days off work in the middle of summer? Every year we find it harder to justify coming over the pond and we need just one poor show now for us to have to seriously consider if we can afford to carry on which is a shame as this year will be our 22nd US Nationals. Ans i would like to thank all the chapters and who have made me so welcome over the last 6 years I have travelled across the pond representing SAM Publications. D Francis Editor SAMi
  5. Looks like a goer into Austin direct flight from Heathrow and cheaper than getting to Chattanooga Will catch you guys at Chatt now a happy bunny
  6. As an international visitor, what is the easiest international airport and how do you get to the San Marco without a car? This will be our 22nd year as a company at the show and my sixth but I am trying to work out how to do it without going over a very tight budget.
  7. Sadly I am not a collector so was only after the pins for the shows I attended . D
  8. Last call for any orders from Hannants in the UK cut off is Monday 23rd July please no HK B-17s : )
  9. First two orders are in and i have them here, the Wellington is working out at $40 each if anyone wants one or anything else from the UK cut off is the 23rd of July as Hannants need a couple of days to get things to me. D
  10. Hi All When i travel to the US Nationals I normally bring an empty case for my purchases to come home in. For that last few years I have offered to bring the latest Airfix release's with me as a service to other modellers. In the next three weeks Airfix should be releasing the new 1/72 scale Wellington here in the UK. Cost should be in the region of $40 dollars would there be any interest in this or any other Airfix kits for collection at Phoenix? If you want to post your requirements I will see if i can source. But as this could get expensive and I only have one empty case, please only ask if you are 100% sure you can collect at Phoenix? David Francis Editor SAMi
  11. And full house thanks to all who helped or offered to help I am so pleased that I now have the full set roll on 2018 in a few weeks
  12. Thanks to all who have helped I now have the 2014 and 2015 pin. Still in need of Columbia S Carolina in 2016 and Omaha Nebraska last year if anyone has them in the back of draw unwanted
  13. Hi

    I have tried to contact via email ref pin badges  but it is not working can you drop me a line david@sampublications.com



    1. ralph4hand
    2. WarthoMKL


      All recived safe and sound , many thanks


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