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  1. Really hope you do, as others have said one of the best US Nats for organisation and love Chattanooga as a city and would love to come back.
  2. Few more and a few other memories the evacuation of The Reid House, the Cake at the diner over the road, and finally the incline up lookout mountain. Let's hope Chattanoga goes for it again in a few years.
  3. So many good memory's from my last trip to the USA before the wipeout of 2020. Only show this year was to Nuremberg for the Toy Fair way back in JAN.
  4. Having helped organise the ModelKraft show here in the UK and having to deal with the Arena when we had to cancel the show in May I fully appreciate all the hard work Team Teaxs have put in over the last few years and what a blow this cancelation must have been for them Ever since I met the organisers at Chattanooga last year and booked our trade space I knew they were going to organise a great show. But all that hard work has not been in vane, as not many US groups get to run a second nationals so closely and with the experience they now have I am sure 2023 will be a lot easier fo
  5. But sadly MA Publications publishers of Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Aircraft Monthly , Scale Military Modeller international and the Datafile range of books, will not be able to attend the Nationals in San Marcos. Breaking our 24 year record of supporting the IPMS US Nationals . Last week British Airways cancelled our flights to Austin and with the US border still closed and a 14 day quarantine on our return to the UK the odds have just been stacked to heavily against us. I hope that the boys and girls from Texas can make it work or as a minimum stay viable so they c
  6. I have so many variables in play with this event but Scale Aviation Modeller will do out best to support our 22nd US Nationals in San Marcos. 1. The obvious one is will it go ahead and at this time no one can say what the situation will be in two and a half months.I wonder if there is a cut off date for a decision? 2. Can I get there, I was booked in to fly from Heathrow to Austin but that flight has been cancelled till at least the end of June and will probably will be longer as Austin is not an entry point for Europeans under current rules. 3. Can I get into the country at all
  7. I am going to be driving a hire car as traveling from UK to Austin on the Monday (Or that is plan) any idea how the toll works for hire cars? Ta
  8. Nooga did good, well organised and great venue. Loved the city, friendliest by far of all the ones I have visited in the states. Hope I get to come back someday.
  9. Just to let you know theses two companies will be sharing the SAM Publications stand at Chatanooga This from Hypersonic Hi all, its the first time for me making the trip to the US and attending the IPMS Nats there. I'm really looking forward to this event and I've now opened the option for placing a show pre-order. I highly recommend doing this as I'm of course limited in the merchandise quantities I can bring. Please select the option "personal pickup/show" in the delivery tab and after placing your order I will give you a 10% refund on your purchase. Any items currently listed
  10. From the UK perspective LV would be great as a tourist with Nellis near by and a direct flight from London but i can see the vendor room taking a big hit like it did in Florida with so many other things to spend money on.. Omaha however has a good record every time they do the show and i really enjoyed going downtown and would love to go back. Hopefully we will get a two year announcement? But every year I do wonder as trader if it is time to address the length of the show, nowhere else does a show for so long with its high room costs to add to your travel. At Telford we do a show that h
  11. Looks like a goer into Austin direct flight from Heathrow and cheaper than getting to Chattanooga Will catch you guys at Chatt now a happy bunny
  12. As an international visitor, what is the easiest international airport and how do you get to the San Marco without a car? This will be our 22nd year as a company at the show and my sixth but I am trying to work out how to do it without going over a very tight budget.
  13. Sadly I am not a collector so was only after the pins for the shows I attended . D
  14. Last call for any orders from Hannants in the UK cut off is Monday 23rd July please no HK B-17s : )
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