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  1. Hi

    I have tried to contact via email ref pin badges  but it is not working can you drop me a line david@sampublications.com



  2. Hi Guys I am travelling from the UK for my Fourth US Nationals this year and I am hoping some members may be able to help me. My wife accidentally threw away the lanyard that had my pin badges on from Omaha 2017, Columbia 2016 and Norfolk 2014. If anyone has a spare pin badge from any of these shows I would love to swap a SAM Publications datafile of your choice for it at Phoenix next month. David
  3. WarthoMKL

    Vendor list

    I can say that SAM Publications will be making the trip from UK for sure, Hotel and flight booked. Last year we were the only UK trader to make it across to Omaha.
  4. You have air con in a stadium!!!! In the UK we are lucky if we have Air Con in a car or at least one that works. Mind you it is cooler and wetter here in August this may be my only chance to see the sun all summer :smiley16:
  5. Luckily I fly in Sunday before so am planning on going Monday or Tuesday to see them against Texas and visit Pima. Never been to a game before