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  1. I know someone who said that he was guaranteed he had received a convention rate, and said he even spoke to convention staff who stated that the room block sales had actually been opened for a short period of time. The hotel shows zero open rooms now. Not condemning anyone, it just seems odd.
  2. I know several who have called and hotel staff has said there are actual people booked in those rooms. I also know someone who was able to book a room in the NATS block. I was supportive, but I heard enough stuff that made me want to ask.
  3. So I am hearing all the rooms are booked at the Embassy Suites already, how is that?
  4. When can we expect to see a website or more info regarding 2020? Thanks in advance.
  5. So Vegas it is! Preliminary dates seem a little late though, Aug 18-21st I believe mid August. We shall see! A lot of kids are back in school then so it may affect youth categories and trying to get that family draw in a place with so much to do.
  6. Amen, I mean you don't have to go the entire four days. I show up on Tuesday to make sure I get the maximum amount of shenanigans in as possible. I do have to say there is stuff I buy in vendors rooms on Saturday that I would not have on the first couple days.
  7. Vegas will be great! Lot's of plane spotting to be had at Nellis!
  8. Cool, thank you gentlemen. I just have something large I am planning to build that would not travel well on an airplane.
  9. I just wasn't sure if they had been given the nod last year or not. If they take bids for two years out and someone else bids, they could, theoretically award 2021 to someone else and Omaha 2022 given Omaha was two years ago.
  10. So in Phoenix there was some campaigning for the 2021 Nats and Omaha. Is this a for sure thing or will there be some decisions made this year?
  11. It just says Italian Buffet. It would be nice to have an idea of some of the items on the menu. I am a Food Service Manager and 53 bucks is ALOT for Italian.
  12. We have had knowledge of who was bidding before hand in the past have we not?
  13. Yes I know, but their involvement and sponsorship was very visible both before and at the show last year. I believe there was an actual Sprue Bros wing of the vendors area or something to that effect.
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