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  1. Omaha just announced they were going to bid, didn't actually have one put together. Don't know who is gonna want to go up against them after last years returns.
  2. It just says Italian Buffet. It would be nice to have an idea of some of the items on the menu. I am a Food Service Manager and 53 bucks is ALOT for Italian.
  3. We have had knowledge of who was bidding before hand in the past have we not?
  4. Yes I know, but their involvement and sponsorship was very visible both before and at the show last year. I believe there was an actual Sprue Bros wing of the vendors area or something to that effect.
  5. I know I saw a similar topic somewhere before, but anyways, are there bidders and will 2020 and 2021 be chosen this year or will that be in Chattanooga? Thanks!
  6. Guess no one wants to give you an update on why no updates. Getting a little frustrating.
  7. Well I came here and was told no later than new years, so I went there thinking perhaps they might be actually in the process of posting them. So a hosting chapter doesn't decide on what the special categories are for it's own show?
  8. Emailed the folks over there in the convention contacts days ago and they did not answer me. Only 200 more days or so
  9. Well special categories I would like to know, but what I am wondering is if OOB Aircraft will be divided into separate categories or all lumped together as one(I understand this varies from year to year).
  10. Anybody have any idea how long before we will see them posted? The website says December however the Holiday break is almost upon us.
  11. Mi Where at on you website can I leave my address, I can't seem to locate where I can do this? Thanks!
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