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  1. Oh sure. I was just taking my turn, and was just hoping that my opinion would matter just as much as anyone else's. 😃 The fact you put out a ballot seems like now was the time.
  2. Whoa, I dont have any issues. I dont see any name calling or the like. Just having a discussion.
  3. Perhaps, but a vast majority of the membership, I imagine, have not been judges at the National level. So if this is the attitude going forward how does our opinion not take a back seat to those who have done judging or are on the board perhaps that are more in the know than us who go once a year to compete. We are the consumers here in the end.
  4. No. Is this only of interest to judges? Does that affect the way you might view my opinion?
  5. Nope, bad timing. Nats and my nieces leave from West Point this summer were at the same time.
  6. Nope I have not, and would not. My idea of a competition is going to compete against others, not turning my build in for a grade. I can see the merits in such a format, though. It is simply not what I would pack my models up, jump on a plane, fly across the country, and spend hundreds of dollars to do if my build could be "graded" on that same standard at a regional or local show. Gold, silver or bronze at a regional has exactly the same meaning as that of one at the Nationals. Maybe the medals would be a little fancier. At the Nats under 1,2,3 your competing against the best in the country, and it is not something you can get at a regional.
  7. Could be a little humility.... I will say this, a show under the GSB format is not a competition.
  8. I realize that, and stated something about that in the first part of my post. Just seems like a lot of the folks from the "inside" here have their minds made up.
  9. SO I know that when this thread was started it stated nothing was imminent, however that was 6 months and one national contest ago. Does this have a chance of happening before Texas?
  10. . If it were divided on skill level there would have to be criteria to be followed. I think I suck, yet a lot of my friends think I build excellent models. I would never enter expert, but there are some who think I am. So I dont' see how that makes anyone happy in the end or how it can be any more fair than the current judging. C'mon, you know some guys who really want to win will just enter down below their skill level.
  11. Well, give everyone an award and all the best modelers will stay home.
  12. Two categories, Master Class and a regular participant class. Master class you win your way in by placing at a regional or club contest. Have first, second and third for Masters, and GSB for the rest.
  13. When can we expect to see a website or more info regarding 2020? Thanks in advance.
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