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  1. I did an article for the Journal, volume 18 #2, pages 29-32. It's how to make a useable and CHEAP vacuum chamber. I can send any IPMS member a copy of this article, a part of my job as Historian. Just email me at IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org. Include your IPMS membership number, please, as this service is for members only. Jim
  2. OK, more news. Dave Lockhart is getting the inputs from the Regions, and when it's all ironed out, there will be an announcement in the Journal.
  3. Ed, I brought your post to the attention of the E Board. They are working on the awards, and the awards will probably be announced in the near future. The plan is to also recognize them at the Vegas Convention. I'm not speaking for the E Board, just passing on news.
  4. Plenty of great aircraft ideas. How about some Fort Hood M-1 Abrams and M2A2 Bradleys. Myself, I build 1/72 armor, so don't just do 1/35. Please?? Jim
  5. I built the "original" PJProduction F-84F back in 2004. Here's the link to my review. http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/PJ_72_F-84/PJ_72_F-84.htm It was a good kit then, and I suspect that there have been improvements. I also did the RF-84F, in French Suez markings. Glad to see there's still a decent kit of the Hog. Jim
  6. Dave, Yes, they['d like that. I've not been able to because of family health issues. You can email me at IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org and send the info there. Jim
  7. Gil, Most of these pics are scans from older Journals. Thanks for the offer, but I think I've covered the pictures pretty well, and all we really need is an idea of what the model looked like. So I'm happy to leave it as is. BUT I will be adding another in mid to late August, after Chattanooga. 😀 Jim
  8. A couple of months ago there was a suggestion that "Someone" ought to post the winners of the George Lee Judge's Grand Award, for the best model at a National Convention. Well, here I am, finally with the info. I was able to find all of the winners fairly easily. It was getting photos of the winning models that slowed me down. Thanks to Eric Aitala for setting up the web page. https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/1163 Jim Pearsall IPMS USA Historian
  9. Thom, Welcome to IPMS USA! If you want to find a "local" group, you can go to the IPMS USA Home page. At the top is a blue bar. Click on "ABOUT". A menu should appear Click on "Chapter Map". Enter Region 5 and Illinois. There's also a meeting listing for the current month. I could also send you a copy (PDF) of a couple of the Chicago area chapters. If you're interested, email me at IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org Jim Pearsall
  10. Be advised that the Convention Pima tour leaves Phoenix at about 8AM on Thursday, and returns at about 3PM. This is NOT the tour provided by the Pima Air Museum. For one thing, they don't provide transportation from Phoenix to Tucson and back. If you're interested in the IPMS Pima tour, there are still seats left. You can contact Marie Von Schoonhoven ( manager@ipmsusa.org ) and she can take your ofder. You may pay with Pay Pal or credit card. Aat some point we're going to have to cut off registration for this trip, in order to give Pima a heads up on how many are coming. Jim Pearsall Convention Registration
  11. The Orbital ATK tour registration will end on June 15. This is at the request of Northrop Grumman, the parent company. The early closing is to allow the registered tour members to have a security check. The company is a defense contractor, and they have to follow the rules. Jim Pearsall 2018 Convention Registration
  12. Kevin, Got your registration, including guests. Jim
  13. David, your guest was in there. Kevin, send me an email to registrar@ipmsusanationals2018.org PLEASE include your IPMS number, as finding a name in the database is a real chore. Your registration hasn't arrived here yet. It has to come through the main office. Jim Pearsall Registrar, 2018 Convention
  14. An additional Hospitality item is the Arizona Culinary Institute gourmet luncheon on Thursday. The price is $20, including the bus trip. The registration logo is up on the "trips and tours" page on registration, and you CAN mail it in. Jim Pearsall Registrar.
  15. Pete, The receipt is your confirmation of registration. I get a copy of your registration, minus the credit card info, and that's what I use to enter the member in the system. Since I have to manually enter the information for the Registration System, I'm not going to send the 300+ emails for confirmation that you've already received. If there's a problem, I do contact the member, such as the one who registered for the ATK tour, but didn't register for the convention. Jim Pearsall Regsitrar, 2018 Convention
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