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  1. wenwsaew1977

    new member

    Welcome Joe, glad to have you join us. What do you build? I would love to see your work and please share your photos with us.
  2. wenwsaew1977

    Greetings from Marietta, Georgia!

    Hello, And welcome from Port Wentworth, Ga. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the convention.
  3. wenwsaew1977

    New from Region5 -- Columbia, Missouri, USA

    Welcome aboard from Port Wentworth, Ga. Always glad to have new members. I'm looking forward to seeing your work and any other club members.
  4. wenwsaew1977

    Completed - 1/48 UH-1D

    Good build. How long did it take?
  5. wenwsaew1977

    Potential Scam and Vendors

    Thank you for the warning and let's get the word out so no one gets ripped off.
  6. wenwsaew1977

    The Duke's First Models in 2018

    Great build, now all we need is a B-17 with the bomb bay doors open. I can see a dio in the future.
  7. wenwsaew1977

    Oshkosh M-978 Heavy Fuel Tanker

    Nice job and the camo looks great.I have one that I need to build.
  8. Great show!! This was my first, but it won"t be the last. I'm already looking forward to the next.
  9. I,m looking forward to meeting you and seeing your products
  10. A kit I would love to see is the USS Alaska or USS Guam. In 1/200 or 1/350 scale. I've never seen either one in kit form.
  11. wenwsaew1977

    F-102 NORAD Markings Question

    The Day-glo was for visability and during training flights. It varied depending on the unit. The red was mostlyfor operational units.
  12. I really hope that a 1/32 F-106 Delta Dart is out there somewhere and also the 2 seater version. I would get both of them the day they arrived.
  13. wenwsaew1977

    RENWAL/REVELL 1/32 Nike Ajax

    A well built kit. I was a radar operator at a Nike-Hercules missile battery,out in California. Revell made a model of the Nike-Hercules, and I brought it, but the instructions are in italian. But I figured it out.