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  1. Hi everyone. This is a longshot at best. Back in the 80's Testors Military models were issued with paint mixing information on the instruction sheets. An example would be something like this: 2 parts 1149 Flat Black and 6 parts 1169 Flat yellow give you this color. I have compiled what I think is all the RLM colors off old instruction sheets but were there any others like British etc.? Did anyone archive this rather trivial piece of information? I have emailed Testors but no information has come forth yet.
  2. JeffS

    1/48 FJ-3 Fury

    Really nice work, Gil. A real beautiful airframe.
  3. Hey Clare. Still planning on attending so we will see you there.
  4. Would be nice to have some Military Hummer wheels.
  5. Great news Clare. Hope to see you guys again this year. Hopefully I will bring a few from my Band of Pirates along.
  6. Hey Gil. We can really date ourselves with this. I first saw the "Sub Sandwich, the Hero of the Soviet Union" in 1985 at the Nats in Indy. As I recall the builder used a vinyl type lunch meat food found in a child's play kitchen set. @Seadog: You could check around the dollar stores or Goodwill and maybe score.
  7. Very nice, Gil. A real Aurora classic that tripe is.
  8. Hi Richard. Check Hyperscale January 22 at 11:04AM as there is question with answers and mixing charts posted. Cheers
  9. JeffS

    Spitfire MK1

    If you can find any, Polly Scale is good and brushes very well. You would need RAF Dark Green, RAF Dark Earth, Sky and Interior Green. Good luck with your build and lets see some piccies when done.
  10. Welcome, Chris, from the U.P. of Michigan. Have a good friend in Beaverton.
  11. Beautiful, Gil. A terrific build article also. Well Done
  12. This build lanquished in the "to be finished" pile for to long. Finally got it done. I thought it made up great for such an old kit. Kit decals used for the 11ACR
  13. Already have everything lined up Rod. Looking to have a great time as usual. Staying in 2Paw about 20 minutes away with family. Gee, I better get something built to enter
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