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  1. Yes we have a FB account. used mostly for posting of builds and quick information blasts. Can be effective if used wisely.
  2. Great build, well done. Still waiting to finish my first one for the year.
  3. My Gremlin never looked that good...it was two-tone brown....yest two-tone brown!!! What do you expect for a $200 car. BTW, very nice work to all the Juniors.
  4. Once again a fantastic effort to get all the awards and slides and model photos to us polystyrene junkies. Bravo Vlad!!
  5. Need a dio of the opening scene to Goodfellas....Four guys and a Impala...well one is in the trunk begging for his life, still a great movie.
  6. A European vacation of modelling. Does that mean we can lay on a beach in a Speedo and model while working on a tan....I'm in.
  7. Already planning my OCD based building for 2019. Aiming to enter three, but if I get one actually completed, mission accomplished.
  8. from the the facebook feed. 2018 went to Arizona i.e. Phoenix is assume 2019 Chattanooga
  9. To all the photographers and to the technician behind the keyboards....thank you for all of your efforts. Now go enjoy the show.
  10. Chattanooga could be interesting. Great area of the Country. Vegas would be a good one, but we would have to not take pictures and pretend nothing happened.
  11. pmhayward

    Water taxi

    Very nice build!! Water looks terrific.
  12. In theory...if I copyrighted the flag of Japan...cha-ching!!!!
  13. Very nice build. The old Hasegawa kit, with a little help does build into a very nice kit. Don't dismiss the hybrid aspects, towards then end, there were all kinds of parts from various models placed on reworked Tigers. When you tackle the 1/35 Tiger, just remember that it is just a model and how you build it is just fine.
  14. Hate to be the wet blanket in the group, but, I take it there are NO licensing agreements with the loosers of WW2
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