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  1. Has there ever been a set to add the forward/cockpit gunners position to the Monogram 1/48 Ju-52? Love to do one for a Norwegian campaign aircraft.
  2. Sometimes the old dogs are the best dogs.
  3. Awesome, great start and they tell me nuke bomb trolleys are planned.
  4. Has anyone ever made post war ground equipment, like nuclear weapons trolleys, Blue Steel carrier, etc? Or are there good drawings available?
  5. Never be too concerned about an exact match, unless you're modeling an aircraft fresh from the factory. Get as close as you can, and err slightly on the light side, as real paint fades. Especially in snowy Europe.
  6. Has anyone used these? They have a set I'm interested in, but reviews of the products are up and down the scale.
  7. I remember Fotocut so well. He did some stuff for IPMS that I loved. RIP Fred.
  8. 1/144 is smaller than 1/72 The higher the second number is, the smaller the kit.
  9. Try eBay. There's some phenomenal deals if you look carefully.
  10. Picked this up recently on eBay, perfect condition. Don't ask me what it cost. Seriously. Don't ask. You'll hate me.
  11. I completely agree that not only should the scale be mentioned, but mentioned first. When you hear modelers talking, they'll say something like, "What did you think about the 1/48 Tamiya P-51?" Never "What did you think about the P-51 by Tamiya in 1/48 scale?" We don't talk like Yoda, and likely don't want to read like Yoda.
  12. I've ordered from Hannants, and am batting .500 with them.
  13. Then the Internet as being decidedly unfriendly when I was looking.
  14. I'm working on an old Airfix 1/72 Vulcan, converting it to a Mk.1. The only anti flash markings I can find are for a Victor. Might be some useability there, but I'd be lacking a version of the squadron insignia. Anyone know of a Vulcan anti flash decal sheet?
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