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  1. Hey Mike - I've never seen one. Seems like JoHan made some 4-door kits, but I'm not sure if Nova was one of them. There's probably a database somewhere of all kits manufactured --
  2. Joe - 7 to 10 months? Is that working on one project exclusively?
  3. Hey Joe - I'm not a big fan of group builds - for one thing, my attention span is much too short. I currently have 8 projects in the works simultaneously. I'm constantly moving to a different subassembly on one subject or another, just so I don't lose interest and start cutting corners. Even if I did try to participate, I imagine I would miss the deadline. Adding a group build to the soup at this point would probably take me close to a year to complete.
  4. Gary, your work belongs in a museum for all to see. OUTSTANDING!
  5. I just may do that - I've got lots of subassemblies goin right now - this would be the right time to snap some pics...
  6. Hey Joe - thank you brother!....I got 2 of these kits --- workin on the 2nd version right now - that one's also gonna be a gasser, but a highly-finished version, and I've got some real nice Slixx decals to use along with the kit decals..........I've also found some jewels in my parts box for this build too...just have to make the stuff fit first-----you know what I mean.
  7. Hey Gary - thank you, man. Ya know, when I found those headers in my parts box, I knew I had to make them fit this car, no matter what...
  8. This was my first time to try hand-painting letters and artwork directly on the body of a model car, which turns out, is a whole lot harder than drawing on a piece of paper laying flat on the table, but it was a fun experiment! I’m gonna be trying more of this on more projects soon! This is my tribute to those crazy fellas from the 50’s and 60’s who lived to drag race with whatever they could get their hands on….probably built in their Dad’s garage…the big blown souped-up motor was the most important thing. Winning on Saturday night was all they could think about all week long. And maybe sa
  9. Yeah Gary - I love Model Roundup too. Jack has what I need in stock every time I order!
  10. Yeah Dave - I had to shore up the wheel connections a bit, but I don't mind, since AMT went to the trouble of giving us poseable wheels --- which I really like.
  11. Thank you, Ed. You know, the same could be said for many cars of the 60's, including those old Ferraris. They were hot, loud, and really didn't handle very well - not by today's standards. At least back then, not every car looked like an electric razor -- the autos from the sixties had style!
  12. Thank you Gary. Those small bodied-big engine cars of those years really appeal to me... I've got a few Mustangs "in the oven" right now.
  13. Hey James - thank you sir!
  14. Hey thanks Joe - The air cleaner is made by Parts by Parks, but I bought it from Model Roundup - those guys are very friendly to buy from!
  15. This is the excellent AMT kit of the 66 Nova that can be built up one of three ways.... as Grumpy's Toy drag car, or a street custom, or just factory stock. I chose the street custom route and modified the engine slightly by using a P/E air cleaner from Parts by Parks. I also wired it up and added fuel and electrical lines. The paint is rattle-can Tamiya Metallic Red over a base coat of Silver Leaf. The interior is Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black, the carpet is flocking from Detail Master. The fantastic tires are pad printed tires from the AMT 68 Camaro kit (which came w/ 2 sets of tires!). I'd love
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