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  1. Hello, I inherited this figure kit from a fellow clubmember who passed away last year. I'm not familiar at all with military kit makers aside from Verlinden and Andrea. Can anyone identify the maker of the kit or era the soldier is from (I'm thinking WWII, Korean). I spoke to the local VA and plan to finish it and give it to them for display. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. MikeH

    Deadpool bust

    As I've been educated by my 13 year old son. He is "The Merc with the mouth". He's an assassin/mercinary/anti-hero in the Marvel world with a warped sense of humor and a love for chimichangas.
  3. MikeH

    Deadpool bust

    Thanks. And yes it is. But it keeps the riff-raff out. We are going to be a balmy 9 degrees tomorrow.
  4. MikeH

    Deadpool bust

    Finished full scaled hollow cast Deadpool bust.
  5. Thanks all. This was a grail kit and finally got the time to work on it and finish it.
  6. My only model finished this year between too many other things, but this is a grail kit that took me a long time to get. 4 years later I've finally finished it. I have a few details that I will pick away at but calling it done.
  7. MikeH

    The Munsters

    Just finished Herman and Grandpa Munster. Full review will be coming shortly. Fun kits and project.
  8. Here's a new and better video to follow up my original turning plastic in to wood. I hope you find it useful. http://youtu.be/k4I1SHJSveU
  9. The UMM scriber is the one I highly recommend as well.
  10. 99% of the problems I've ever had with an airbrush are at the nozzle. Large squirts may be due to moisture in the line that builds up and then comes flying out of the nozzle. I always use a water separator. The other part is that either your air cap/nozzle isn't on tight enough causing back pressure, or your seal is bad as you asked. That's what's causing you to get back pressure and bubbles. A bit of bee's wax around the nozzle threads will help too. Here's a link to a tutorial I did about airbrush maintainence if it helps you. Any other questions feel free to ask or send me a message. http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/11946-cleaning-and-maintaining-an-airbrush/
  11. You can try Purple Power too. It's a generic all-purpose cleaner/degreaser that I've also used for regular kits. I've never tried it on resin before.
  12. I've never used or owned one, but the guy that runs the airbrush forum I am on just bought one and he's making little poseable multi=piece figures. Kind of like Lego's.
  13. I'm of the school Mark is and wash all of my kits - plastic or resin - in luke warm water with Dawn dish soap. I've never had a problem.
  14. I would be very intrigued to see one in person. They have some cool subjects, but the kit prices are unreal. Of course they pump out new kits all the time, so paying for those moulds is a pretty penny.
  15. Thanks guys and you are welcome. If you have airbrush questions, I'll be happy to answer and help out. If you have ideas for an airbrush topic you'd want me to do, send them my way and I'll do what I can. Or if you want to private message me, with questions I'm open to that as well. Dick - you very likely will not find the Createx Restorer at a hobby store. Maybe a Hobby Lobby if you are lucky. If not a good art store that sells Createx should have it or if you look at Chicago Airbrush Supply that's where I get most of my products from.
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