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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the comments. I have a fairly successful way that I transport models to contests that I am going to have to modify to get to the Nats. Here is what I do now; My Model Box I will check out under-seat space and find the correct size of box. I know that I can not use pins to hold the supports in place so I will glue them in place and use rubber bands to hold the top pieces. I feel better about the project now. Thanks again.
  2. The Phoenix Nats will be the first one that I have not driven to. I would like to bring a couple of models to enter but I am concerned about how to get them there. I am sure that people here have some experience. How do you get a model onto an airliner? Can they be in a box and stored under the seat? Can a box be shipped as luggage? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Welcome Tom. I am hoping to attend the upcoming contest that you guys at Lakes Regions will be hosting. I'm looking forward to saying hi to lots of people there.
  4. Welcome to the group Baris. I have always been fascinated by the great color schemes carried by aircraft of the Turk Hava Kuvvetieri. I hope to add the Kara Sahin Phantom to my collection this year. I hope that mine is half as good as the one shown in the Galeri of the Turkish Modelers web site. This is a very knowledgeable group. If you want some information on building tips etc. just ask. Regards,
  5. Some of us Plane Modelers already knew about this material. I use it all the time for small filling. It seems to work well for me. Nice thing about Spackling Compound is that it can be cleaned up with a wet q-tip. I usually cover it with a coat of Mr. Surfacer to strengthen the material.
  6. Again, a nice work-around is to type your message with errors and all, post it and then edit it. The quick edit function seems to work fine.
  7. I agree with Lee. The Williams Brothers kit of the C-46 can be built to look very good. Being a Williams Brothers kit, it will have to be modified to build the version that you want but it is worth the work.
  8. BLUE!!!!! :D The Draken looks good but very bright. Well done. Love the C-75. An impressive airplane. Looks like a big brother to the C-46. Looks good. Finally, the Bananza in a great private airplane. A friend of mine owned one in Venezuela. He would fly it to Miami regularly. Lots of water on one engine.
  9. Great job JT. I like the subtle weathering that you did on the model. With the side door open, it looks to be much bigger than a 1/72 model.
  10. A display of AVG P-40s could be fun. I have a couple that I need to repair. The neat thing about them is that they have autographs of a few of the AVG pilots. :D
  11. I know that we are all pack rat type collectors, but this is just another reason to keep doing it. If you think that something is neat and helpful, get it when you see it. It will only get more expensive. Having said that, I deserve my pack rat stripes well. I have my FS 595a when the GSA. was still including updates plus I have the Klaus book (very helpful) as well as a book on the Methuen system. At $158, I too would pause on getting the FS chips.
  12. Hi J T. Haven't talked to you in a while. This is a great looking model. What kit and decals did you use? Love the turquoise color. That had to have taken nerve. Great job.
  13. Glad to have you guys on board. Welcome Kevin and Scott. Show us some of your models.
  14. It sure looks good David. How was the kit for detail and assembly. Is it time to get rid of our Frog, Hobby Boss and Pavla kits?
  15. I agree completely. When I look at the photos, the scene looks real and life-like. So what if some of the models are die cast. I have a few of them in my collection. The photos are fantastic.
  16. Really great looking models Jeff!! I love them. Are you going to bring them to Kalamazoo next September?
  17. They look great Paul. Show us some of the cockpit build. To me, that is the main reason that I don't build too many old kits.
  18. Mark, I have noticed the same problem this morning. I solved it by typing my post which is above the quote. Once I add my reply, I go back and edit the reply using the Edit button. I can then move it around easily.
  19. I'm not sure which Testors flat coat you use. I use the Model Master Acryl Clear Flat. This is the only acrylic paint that I use but it is the flattest that I have found.
  20. Thank you Bruce. I had not been aware that Iwata now offers the preset handle. I too have the two Paasches and then I bought an Iwata HP-SB to handle some really fine work. I liked the fine control but my ham-handedness gave me fits. I was used to being able to set the stop on the VL or even a simple Testors brush that I had. At the Chicago Nats, I purchased a Sotar 20-20 just to get the fineness along with a positive stop feature. I have used the Sotar ever since for everything (except for Future which I only spray through the Testors brush). As an aside, my Sotar is not as fine as it was. I need a new nozzle but with the high price of parts, I may just add the preset handle to my Iwata and use both as needed.
  21. I tend to agree with Ralph. I never put thinned paint back into the bottle. I don't even put a brush that may have thinner on it into the bottle. My paints seem to last pretty well. Don't know if this helps or not but I am not taking any choices. I do, however, pour any excess Metalizers back into the bottle but they are never thinned. Clare
  22. Looks good Paul. Sorry to hear that Airfix have not gotten rid of the "Sopwith Camel hump". I remember how much an improvement the past model was over the blob that preceded it but this third edition should have been better. I know that you are building the model for an Airfix build but if you wanted a good F, why didn't you just build a FineMolds version. :D
  23. Hint - there will be a show in Kalamazoo in September if you want to take a really long trip.
  24. Welcome back Lee. Hope to see you at some of the R-4 contests.
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