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  1. David, Things are looking great so far. Will be following this build with interest. Chris GraeteR
  2. Superb work. Just the right amount of weathering. Base is simple and well done. Whole model and sence goes together perfectly. Well done Dennis! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  3. HI Bill, Thanks for the great comments. The barrel is and aftermarket one from RB models. The kit barrel was two halves that you glued together. Big upgrade there. Other things that were done is I replaced the antenna mounts with brass ones from RB model. The tow cable on the back is from Eureka and I had to add with scrap PE the holding brackets on the side of the turret for it as the kit ones are molded onto the tow cable and meant to be in the stowed position. The Satellite antenna was scratch built as were the front fender springs. The kit fender springs were lacking in detail big time. Also I used lead foil ton the right front fender and mushed it up a bit to simulate damage. The commanders MG gun I replaced the barrel with a brass set and added the locking pin chains to it. The tow bar on the front was added also. The tracks will be replaced with a workable set from DEF models. Chris
  4. My photoes did not post will try to upload later with photobucket.. for some reason my phone does not want to post then sorry for the delay.
  5. WIP photos of my latest build. Base kit is Meng with scratch built items and some aftermarket items.
  6. I'm thankful that Jeff mentioned the track pads. That is one step I forgot to include in my brief. Chris Graeter
  7. Tim, Here are the steps I use. Prime with Tamiya Grey primer (spray can), Airbrush Tamiya Flat Earth, Seal tracks with flat or semi-flat clear coat (Spray can) Testers works fine for this, Give tracks a wash with AMMO or AK Track wash, Now comes the fun part. Using either a pigment fixer or Tamiya thinner apply the color or your choice pigment, next using steel pigments with a makeup applicater brush on over the guide teeth and down the sides of the teeth where the road wheels will touch, finally some dry brushing and other high lights with pigments. DONE Hope this helps, Chris Graeter
  8. Impressive work especially in Brille scale.
  9. The build is great , but the camo puts it over the top. Fantastic. Chris G.
  10. Ray M, They are talking about Future floor polish. The name has change in recent years and for the life of me I forgot what it is called now. The reason modelers love this stuff is for several reasons. One is it is an acrylic and therefor is very easy to work with. Your can spray it thru and airbrush or paint it on. Makes clear parts like new if there is a scratch in it. Shines up a model with a good clear coat, and used a lot as an underlayment for decals to prevent silvering. many more reasons but those are the top ones. Chris G.
  11. Interesting that you have complete dominence over the modeling world with the volume of kits you complete and now you are starting your own animal kingdom. what next the known universe. Your killing me. LOL Chris G.
  12. Haven't checked in on your stuff in awhile. great progress and nice selection of models as usual. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
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