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  1. One of the WWI group guys has just finished his build of "Black Flight". It was an interesting build to watch. Sopwith Triplane Build
  2. Welcome Charles. All of the southern folks seem to think that snow is a problem up north. We are used to it. It is the rest of the country that seems to be shocked. Having said that, you can keep all of your snow on your side of the lake. Glad to have a new member of the forum.
  3. Welcome to the forum Bob. Glad to have another 1/72 modeler around. Here is an optivisor salute.
  4. Since I live in Michigan in the "Lake Effect" area, I can really appreciate the diorama. Great job.
  5. I love the camo scheme. Looks like tree trunk shadows. It really looks like the vehicle would disappear in the forest.
  6. Hi Alex, Aeromaster sheet no. 72-027 contains decals for a dragon marked P-38. It is claimed to be named Haleakala II and flown by Lt. H. H. Sealy. It has 12 on the tail. An early Microscale sheet, 72-172 also covered the same airplane. Decals for the mouth are given but the modeler must paint the dragon and the dotted outline himself. The mouth is shown in red by Microscale and black in Aeromaster. Based on your photo, Aeromaster would be more accurate. As complicated as the dragon was, I would guess that not many, if more than one, was painted that way. EDIT!!! I just checked an old Squadron Book, Aces of the SW Pacific. They show photos of Walter Duke, Maxwell Glenn, Harry Seely and Willard Webb, all from the 459th. They all have Dragons painted on their aircraft. Duke's airplane was named "Miss V" in the photo. Obviously, several airplanes of the squadron had the dragon. HTH.
  7. Good job Ron. Here is your photobucket file so others can see all of the photos. Ron's Images
  8. Great work Patti and welcome to the forum. I particularly love the first model. Those red, yellow and blue scales must have driven you crazy.
  9. I have a small diameter, about 1/8th inch., nylon rod. I think that it came from some old filing cover. It is stiff enough to stir the stuff at the bottom of the bottle and easily wipes clean.
  10. Well done Arkut. Great attention to detail and weathering. I like the paint chipping, it looks like it is truly worn down. The "Gear Down" indicators are a nice touch. The cockpit interior looks very realistic also. What kit did you use?
  11. Welcome Patti, Glad to hear another voice. Show us some of your work.
  12. That sounds great!! How about posting some photos of the display. I stay away from 1/32 because of the size.
  13. Great job on the Baka Mike!!! I wonder how many of us tossed this kit together when we were kids, complete with the orange rocket exhausts. You really win the "Silk Purse out of a Sows Ear" award.
  14. Will, I have tried just using the circle template. It will work but you have to be VERY careful. Don't let the paint build up at the edges. You need to just mist it on slowly until it builds up. Having said that, I use tape and mark it off using a circle template.
  15. Good idea Gil but I would do it in two steps. There is no way to the tape to cover most spinners without wrinkling. Do the back one first then the point.
  16. One of the guys on the World War One site is building the complete Jasta 11.
  17. Did you mention something about "great minds" awhile back?
  18. Generally, I try to build different models but I found that I have; P-51 Mustang - 4 Bf-109 - 4 ( E, F, G-6 and G-10) Polikarpov I-16 - 3 Mirage III - 3 (including one Kafir) F-4 Phantom - 3 F-16 - 3 Nothing like Duke's output. I can understand Duke's fascination with the MiG. Lots of great color schemes.
  19. Generally I believe that the Amarillo USAF font will fill the bill. It is a modern font but I believe that it is the same or similar to the WW II font. One place to check the font is; Amarillo USAF Font For other sources, Google Amarillo font.
  20. David, the Detail and Scale book has some color photos but they really don't show the inside of the wheel well doors or the wheel wells. They do, however have some very good B&W photos of the areas. It looks like the wheel well doors are silver. They are a very light color. The book does show the inside of the nose wheel well. It looks pretty dark. I would call it zinc chromate or interior green. (same color?)
  21. Adam, if you want to do the blue first, I would suggest spraying the nose silver instead of white. Silver really covers the base color without a heavy build-up.
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