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  1. A long time ago, when I was at FSM, Paul Boyer and I talked about doing an IPMS band... How many Nats attendees are actually musicians, and would anyone be interested in perhaps doing an IPMS Open Jam one of the nights of the 2024 National Convention in Madison, WI? As a full-time musician, I'd provide everything, guitars, bass, amps, PA, drums, all you'd have to do is show up and pick up an instrument. We'd just mix-and-match musicians and see where it goes. Absolute worst-case scenario, we plug an Ipod into the PA and we've got music. 😉 Thinking of combining this with one of the after-show hospitality events at the convention site. This gives us two full years to put our heads together and come up with a bunch of 3-chord songs to entertain our fellow modelers. Anyone interested?? JH
  2. Would the Contest Chair for San Marcos reach out to me please? Nothing dramatic, nothing urgent. info@scalecolors.com or through good 'ole Facebook. Thanks! Jeff Herne RC5 Guy 2024 Nats Dude
  3. Welcome to IPMS/USA. Whether you are a new recruit or a returning member, welcome aboard. For you new guys coming in, IPMS/USA is broken up into regions, and each region has an RC, or Regional Coordinator. It is our job to act as a liaison between local chapters and IPMS/USA National. If you're new to the organization, please reach out to your RC, as they can guide you to whatever local chapter is closest to you and introduce you, either in-person or online, to fellow IPMS members and chapter contacts in your area. It is a great way to hit the ground running. Again, on behalf of my fellow Regional Coordinators around the country, welcome aboard. Jeff Herne RC5 - Midwest 2024 IPMS National Convention Chairman
  4. Its an amazing trip. Pricey, but in August its about as close as you can get to being on the ocean. November on the other hand, well...
  5. Here's everything y'all need to know pertaining to Madison's 2024 Nats at this point. We are still a long way off, although there's much work to be done between now and then. This is, of course, Mad City's first National Convention. The clubs in the region are excited, and the team is enthusiastic and full of great ideas to make the attendee experience memorable and enjoyable. We'll do our utmost to implement whatever additional amenities we can without losing our mission focus of accomplishing all of the boiler-plated tasks required of every national convention. That being said, we're already getting negative feedback from people..."It's too far", "I hate the Wisconsin Badgers", "I got a DWI up there in 1987, so I'm never going back to Wisconsin", (yes, these are real) etc... Please keep in mind, we have a job to do, and its not an easy one. If you choose not to attend because you hate the Wisconsin Badgers (and I'm a NY transplant, so enough of that) or it's too far for you to travel, that's on YOU, not on US. We're sorry that we're way up here in the frozen tundra of the Midwest. Regardless, no matter where the National Convention happens, it inevitably becomes a very long drive for someone. If you choose to make that LONG journey from where ever you are, we will do our best to make it a wonderful experience for you and your families. Now...back to work... Jeff Herne 2024 IPMS National Convention Chairman Region 5 Coordinator IPMS 2024 Madison_Final_Ver.pptx
  6. Sir Dog of Madness, come find me at the Nats. We need to catch up old friend.

  7. Thinking I might fly over this time and park next to the hangar. Will certainly make the commute shorter! Jeff
  8. Now if we could only get some of these big corporate types to listen to us, we'd be in hog heaven. Floyd catching an error and Judy correcting it is about a best-case scenario as you can get. Both are great people who are tops in this business. Jeff
  9. I will see what I have in seconds or sets that I've portions of, otherwise, a full sheet is about $13.00 J
  10. Tony, I have them in paint masks, what size (actual) do you need? Jeff
  11. I'm interested in a Connie and DC-6 if you find any. Been wanting to do a EC-121 from the Connie kit, and a C-54 from the DC-6 (I know, lots of cutting, windows, props, etc). J
  12. He raked me over the coals a few years back on some Revell Japan Japanese bombers. I knew what they were worth, he offered me dirt, but I needed the money. Next show, he's got the models marked up to 500% over what he paid. J
  13. If RoG were closing, why would they be releasing a 1/32 He-111 and Ar-196? Seems to me they'd be circling the wagons. J
  14. Look at this way gents - a new facility is coming, combined with another quality museum nearby. As a former museum director, I would rather see these artifacts consolidated and properly maintained, than see them rotting away outside. Let's hope that someone with half a brain decides to start saving the APG open-air exhibits. If this new facility has space for 150 pieces of armor, then its not outside the realm of possibility. J
  15. Its a B model, and I've yet to find any references for a shark-mouthed B. However, the 486th Bomb Squadron, 340th Bomb Group, 57th Bomb Wing, 12th Air Force had glass nosed J models with shark mouths on them. HTH, J
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