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  1. Esteemed forum members ; TANMODEL; of Istanbul/TURKEY origin, is a business which is equipped with state-of-art machine park used all over the World and a strong engineering infrastructure, with a huge investment, and our preparations for 1/48 scaled "Northrop F-5A" model, our first kit, are about to finish now, and I feel honored to give this good news to you. I want you to know that TANMODEL will not become a boutique model kit manufacturer and will turn, as time goes on, into a successful manufacturer which keeps growing in a stable way developing new model kits, in
  2. Hi everyone ; I found the file with its own possibilities are sought. did not need help. Thanks. Regards. Baris.
  3. Hello friends ; I need reference images profiles and even decal samples of stencils used in F-5A and same period's American aircrafts (only F-5A if possible) with English content in 1/48 or 1/32 scale. It will be perfect if it is Decal because we will have a study on it. I will be very glad if you scan and mail to me if you have it. See you soon Regards. Baris.
  4. Hi Mr. Ratzenberger ; Been excellent. Was done by some skilled hands. Congratulations. Regards. Baris CAN
  5. Thanks Mr. BRADLEY ; and glad to see you. :) Best Regards. Baris.
  6. ClareWentzel, ghodges, TimHortman, adfogel, JohnRatzenberger. All respected members. Gentle and motivating individual, thank you for your message(s) ? . "ClareWentzel" : I'm so glad you like. "JohnRatzenberger" : Glad to see you. You honored me like my model. Best Regards. Baris.
  7. Greetings respectable forum members. My name is Baris CAN. 36 years old and i live in Turkey as a modern European country. Unfortunately I do not know english and english to translate a web page I'm using. To read messages and reply to you on this web page will use. I apologize for my grammatical errors messages. I've just begun to model. I've been a member of the forum to develop. I'm happy to be together with you. I am interested in model aviation. I now paint with a brush. According to the plan would make the model. (Out of Box) Best Regards. Ba
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