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  1. Esteemed forum members ; TANMODEL; of Istanbul/TURKEY origin, is a business which is equipped with state-of-art machine park used all over the World and a strong engineering infrastructure, with a huge investment, and our preparations for 1/48 scaled "Northrop F-5A" model, our first kit, are about to finish now, and I feel honored to give this good news to you. I want you to know that TANMODEL will not become a boutique model kit manufacturer and will turn, as time goes on, into a successful manufacturer which keeps growing in a stable way developing new model kits, in a successive way, shortly after one another, as well as such model-making products as paint, adhesive, paste and tape under the same trademark. TANMODEL's primary objective is to occupy a place in the market always with highest-quality and affordable products resting on your ideas and recommendations. I am your friend and whole infrastructure is already installed for having access to me through our website which now goes online with beta version for search engine optimization (SEO). This website, conceptually designed by myself, has an ideal design thanks to its plain and understandable menues, and will be available to you as continuously updated and you can thus write directly to me for your kit recommendations. Let me give some information about our model kit : CAD-CAM phase of our kit consisting of 75 pieces has been completed by expert engineers of Turkey and it is currently in the mold-manufacturing process on "High Speed" CNC and System 3R EDM workbenches capable of making very delicate processing. Our kit will have been boxed and be ready for distribution in the last quarter of August, 2011. It will have great features with air vents over the body, not seen on any 1/48 scaled Northrop F-5A to date, and with specific gap which we prepared for transparent component available additionally on vertical stabilizer, very detailed, tue to life canopy mechanism, true to life indicator panels, true to life "early phase" pilot ejection seat, true to life landing housings and hydaulic tubing details, as well as with its exact true to life scale (from ground to its height). Modellers who like to do something different will now be able to find inside the box such additional details as staircase and canopy step. And decals have the most detailed stencils ever found on a F-5A kit to date, apart from 4 different patterns of 3 different countries, and would be printed by Cartograf which is World's best decal printing company. Instruction sheets for our model kit are now prepared with such 3D visuals as we gathered all along the design phases for the sake of providing you with easiest and understandable information. In other words, TANMODEL our Northrop F-5A model kit box will offer what "an excellent modeller" wants. Box cover design has been made by myself based on historical truth that this airplane was flying at Turkish Air Forces at a time when the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge was in the making and has been drawn by Mr. Lou DRENDEL, a famous aviation illustrator who is known for the book he wrote about this airplane. TANMODEL has already given a start to distribution negotiations and is open to your recommendations about reliable firms which are working in your country as a customer-focused business and which have a good distribution network. You can write to me in this respect any time. TANMODEL's philosophy is put in a clean-cut way: it will keep on growing "THINKING LIKE A CUSTOMER, not despite the customer". I wish all the best for all of us. Sincerely, Mr. Baris TANSOY Ceo / TANMODEL www.tanmodel.com info@tanmodel.com
  2. Hi everyone ; I found the file with its own possibilities are sought. did not need help. Thanks. Regards. Baris.
  3. Hello friends ; I need reference images profiles and even decal samples of stencils used in F-5A and same period's American aircrafts (only F-5A if possible) with English content in 1/48 or 1/32 scale. It will be perfect if it is Decal because we will have a study on it. I will be very glad if you scan and mail to me if you have it. See you soon Regards. Baris.
  4. Hi Mr. Ratzenberger ; Been excellent. Was done by some skilled hands. Congratulations. Regards. Baris CAN
  5. Thanks Mr. BRADLEY ; and glad to see you. :) Best Regards. Baris.
  6. ClareWentzel, ghodges, TimHortman, adfogel, JohnRatzenberger. All respected members. Gentle and motivating individual, thank you for your message(s) ? . "ClareWentzel" : I'm so glad you like. "JohnRatzenberger" : Glad to see you. You honored me like my model. Best Regards. Baris.
  7. Greetings respectable forum members. My name is Baris CAN. 36 years old and i live in Turkey as a modern European country. Unfortunately I do not know english and english to translate a web page I'm using. To read messages and reply to you on this web page will use. I apologize for my grammatical errors messages. I've just begun to model. I've been a member of the forum to develop. I'm happy to be together with you. I am interested in model aviation. I now paint with a brush. According to the plan would make the model. (Out of Box) Best Regards. Baris. * In my country are very good modelers. But very few number of advanced capabilities. Give you ideas for a web page address I give below. : Turkish Model Masters Web Page * The official presentation page of my country. : Turkey Note : Only this word has been corrected : ( Out of Box )
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